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A racing game in which you can't hit the brakes.
Submitted by zlsinger (@Magician_Arcana) — 12 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Simple, efficient. A bit frustrating sometimes, but otherwise it's feels nice to gain speed. Well done!


This could be a lot of fun with some more polish! I think the core idea would be the risk/reward of going faster than other players. If you add some other mechanics that effect the way the player moves, then your skill ceiling could be very high! I would consider:

  • Having cars partially slow down overtime from air drag, so players can use it when timing turns.
  • Going faster than other players when you're right next to them could give you a speed boost, which could be weaponized by other players driving slower via air-drag to get people to launch off the road, but timed incorrectly would send the faster ones in the lead. (Or faster cars can just get boosts normally, obviously :P )
  • Hills could be another way for players to control speed! A large downward hill could force all players to go very fast, or a series of small hills could slow players down as an obstacle when they need speed.

That's what I think could make this game really fun! I would also consider making it clearer at some point that going off the road has penalties (maybe make out-of-bounds ground have a certain pattern to it? Like a checkerboard or some stripes?) and make sure the windows don't Z-Fight with the buildings :)

Thank you for your game, and good luck in the Jam!


Thanks for the feedback! Those are all things I considered, though I didn't have much time during the weekend to make the game as polished as I would've liked. The windows and buildings Z-fighting when viewed at a distance only happens in the WebGL build for some reason. It looks fine in Unity editor and in the downloadable builds. It's something I didn't have time to fix but if I were to update this game that would be probably the first thing I'd fix.


I really like the art style, but the gameplay is not that great. Maybe make it more clear, when your out of bounds, and make turning faster as you speed up

Its alright


It doesn't really do anything interesting with the concept

It's alright. Not very creative but it wasn't particularly boring.

Not super creative, using a prompt that can be quoted from the video. But interesting execution.