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Nice game! Do you have an algorithm to determine if the objective can be reached by the player?

I really like the idea, but it doesn't react to my input as I'd expact. Maybe I just lack the rythm.

And not necessarily a classic tutorial where you explain stuff. I think it should be enough to slow it down a lot in the beginning and clear up the description boxes of each building (maybe less text and more icons, wherever possible; and more spaced out visually).

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It's really cool that you recorded voice for this.

In terms of gameplay, I think it would be great feedback if enemies made sounds (because you're so often not facing them) - could be different sounds for idle, engaging, etc. Also it is missing combat feedback - I can't tell what the range of my attack is and wether or not I've really hit an enemy.

Cool idea though and it was interesting to play.

I had to read the game description after beating the game to realize it the ball needed speed to do damage. I kept thinking it had something to do with hitting the walls.

I belive the player should be able to visually distinguish between doors that need keys and doors that don't.

Nice one! Maybe limit the use objects while holding them, seems OP now.