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I know this comment is old, but I just saw it.  Sorry about that, just saw someone else had a similar issue and I found a thread that might have a solution, but I dont know for sure if itll work.

Hey sorry youre having that issue.  I looked into it a little and it looks like it could be a timeout issue with your gpu?  I found this link that has some instructions that may be able to help you fix it, but I dont know for sure that itll work.  Hope it does though.

well done man!

Just watched, thanks for including it!

Thanks I appreciate it!  Sure I wouldnt mind participating.  Let me know a date and time and I'll see if I can make it work.  Thanks!

Dang I'm sorry about that, I have no clue why thats happening to some people.  I'm gonna have to research it to see if I can figure it out for future reference.  Thanks for letting me know though!

Thats really weird, I honestly have no idea what would be causing that.  Maybe deleting it and trying a fresh download of the project?  Either way I'm sorry about that, but thanks for trying anyway.

Yeah that was one bug that I had to push off, just ran out of time to work out a solution, sorry about that.  

I wanted to see what you were talking about and went and tried it.  That was a debug key to test the death state that I forgot to take out.  Its kinda funny that it helps to pass the intro phase.  Wasnt intentional, but hey I mean it works lol.  

what issue are you running into?

I've never played papers please, but I do enjoy the idea of giving little logic puzzles that the player has to figure out in order to enter the correct information.  I do think that there should be a little bit more of a learning curve though, rather than jumping straight from simple math to binary math lol.  Love the style and atmosphere.  nice work.

It took me a second to figure out exactly how things worked, but once I did it provided a really interesting challenge.  The look of everything is really nice and it looks like a lot of effort went into getting the tentacle movement just right.  Well done!

yeah I tried to put in some thought as to risk vs reward stuff, I'm glad some of that came through.  Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment!

Thanks a ton!  

Its too bad you guys ran out of time to make it really functional.  The way it looks is really nice though, and I wouldnt even know where to start with making a game in vanilla javascript lol.  Hopefully you guys get a chance to come back and finish it, would be great to see what it looks like in a finished state.  

There are a surprising amount of layers to this game!  I did not expect the levels to be randomized, but that was such a nice surprise.  The ability to upgrade between rounds really added to the replayabiity and honestly made me play a lot longer than I really expected to lol.  When I discovered you could collect tiles by removing them, it changed everything.  Suddenly it was this frantic balancing act of trying to collect tiles, watch out for enemies, guide the character to power-ups, and pay attention to where you needed to place tiles.  The slower movement speed kept it from being overwhelming while also making it feel super fast paced. 

Really well done!

oh my goodness what a fantastic little game!  This really did feel like helping my mom type, but in a good way lol.  You guys nailed everything from the simple but effective game play loop, difficulty scaling, and aesthetic.  The characters are all unique and hilarious in their own right (I lost it at the cat) and I really appreciate the attention to detail, like the spacebar having a different sound than the other buttons.  My only real suggestion would be to have a randomized list of phrases to go through for each character so they arent the same each time.  But thats nit-picky really.  Awesome work!

I honestly know pretty much nothing about poker, so I was a little worried going into it that I wouldnt know whats going on, but this felt like a fun little mini game that I really did enjoy.  Sorry you had to cut things to make the jam deadline, but I know how that feels.  It would be cool to see what else you had planned for this.  Well done!

Very cool.  You came up with a fair number of levels in the time frame that all were clearly made with the mechanics in mind, but you also didnt shoehorn the player into only one possible solution.  Also the aesthetic is clearly great.  Really well done!

This felt mighty ambitious, but I love when teams run with these ideas that we otherwise arent really used to seeing.  I think there could be some really interesting mechanics here that might work well in a multiplayer setting, with one dm picking the options that the crawler has to choose from.  Either way, great work!


Simple yet effective.  I like how at first you just rush through things but then at the end of each day your forced to really slow down and think things through lol.  I tried to be cheeky and sit in a corner pushing into the wall until I realized the enemies were moving but it wasnt counting towards my score.  Great aesthetic and well polished.  Nicely done!

lol I appreciate it!  Yeah I agree on the explanation stuff, if I did it again I would try to make that a ton more obvious, good learning experience.  Thanks a ton for playing it and taking the time to comment

its really impressive you made this in under two hours, and I know the feeling about all the scrapped projects lol.  Congrats on finishing and well done

I'm not sure I really understood the controls as far as air strafing goes, I thought it was like 'a/d + moving the mouse sideways' but doing that just made me spin wildly lol.  I did enjoy it though as a fast paced arcade shooter, well done!

yeah something like that would have been cool to add, but I appreciate the compliment, and thanks for playing!

With no information on the game page and no screenshots or anything, I honestly had no idea what to expect, but that was actually a pretty entertaining experience lol.  I wish there was a little more feedback as to what exactly is going on, I think it was a turnbased thing?  Though I wasnt exactly sure what the hero was doing since he didnt have many animations.  But the story was fun and the dialog and models were really entertaining. Nicely done to the whole team!

This is a pretty unique concept that is quite different than most of the other stuff I've seen in the jam so far.  I think there are probably some ways to expand upon the idea if you choose to continue it.  Congrats on finishing and good luck in the jam!

This is a unique concept.  Unfortunately my guy got stuck in a corner and I couldnt finish lol.  Well done though and congrats on finishing!

I love when people really go all out an idea that is just completely different than what were used to seeing.   Nicely done!

Always enjoy a good shoot to move concept.  One small suggestion, I dont know if godot has a way of capturing the mouse, but it is definitely something worth looking into.  With all the frantic clicking I kept accidentally changing windows lol. Nicely done and congrats on finishing the jam!

I really appreciate you taking the time to leave all that feedback lol.  I do agree with you that the enemy balls are too similar to the shield cubes, they were easier to differentiate before I added the post processing stuff and I think at that point I was too tired and used to it to notice lol.  And yeah after watching a few people play there are things I would definitely strive to make more obvious, the player mechanics being one of them.  But yeah, thanks a ton for the compliments, and for playing!

I appreciate the compliment, thanks for playing!

This was a really original concept.  The abstract art was fantastic.  Took a second to get used to the controls but it wasnt that big a deal.  Really well done!

I really enjoy this concept, it was just super difficult lol.   I think theres some good stuff going on here that can be expanded upon though if you choose to continue it.

This was awesome!

This was great!  Felt like plants vs zombies in space lol

lol super hard, but also super fun, and very creative

Love the concept, Just would have liked some volume controls lol

So I love this concept.  I think it could benefit from some ai tweaks though, making the player not so powerful and the team members a little more useful.  I love the aesthetic though and congrats on finishing!