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I sincerely apologize, but I just dont understand what I am supposed to be doing here.  I preseleceted a path, and hoped it followed it to the green zone.  Other than that, it was a little difficult to follow.  You aesthetic was very well done, but the gameplay itself was strange.

So I was a little skeptical at first of this mechanic, but then I got to the level where you need to use the coin to block the bullet and open the doors and i became convinced that it has a lot of serious potential.  There are a couple quality of life things I would recommend, like adding a little air control, and making the coin flight path a little more predictable, but this is some really nice work.  Well done!

Im glad you think so.  Thank you for playing!

thank you and thanks for playing!

This game is immensely impressive and original.  Theres just something about typing into a commad line that just makes you feel super smart, and this succeeds at making you feel like the 'guy in the chair'.  Very well done.

First, this game was incredibly polished, so well done there!  This was also a unique take on a tower defense that I could really get behind.  Not having to think about the towers or their placement really put a bigger focus on the action, which is a nice change of pace for such a genre.  I think my only critique would be that there is really no reason to save up on gold, as each tower costs 5 each time.  Maybe a system where different towers cost different amounts, and triggering a tower with that amount of gold would place that kind of tower?  Just a suggestion.  That and upgrades to the ships gun itself would be fun, since thats where most of the gameplay is.  Seriously though, well done!

Thank you for the compliment!  I'd hoped it would provide an adequate challenge, though hopefully not frustratingly so.  Thanks for playing!

I absolutely intend to, thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for playing, I'll be sure to check yours out as well!

This was legitimately one of the funnest games I've played so far this jam.  This was a great fast paced arcade game that I really enjoyed.  Great job!

Thanks so much!  I'm glad you liked it!

So I gotta be honest, it took me awhile to figure this one out.  I almost gave up on it, especially since restarting the first level re-triggered the tutorial, which took awhile each time to sit through and really didnt help me get it.  After it did finally click, it was definitely an interesting puzzle game that I think was hindered by your fire spread mechanic, since that pretty much just makes the level impossible to complete and you need to restart, which can lead to more frustration if its a tutorial level.  But all in all I think its a good foundation for a unique puzzle game with a great look.  Good work!

Took me a second to grasp how the blue zones worked, but after I figured it out it was really great.  Nice work!

Your art and story concept were very ambitious for this project.  Unfortunately, I think making it a web game kind of hindered it, as it was really laggy at points.  Also the game didnt capture my mouse focus, making it difficult to turn and look around since the mouse kept leaving the game view and it wouldnt let me fullscreen for some reason.  Other than that good work!

Very challenging, but interesting concept.  I think people who like very challenging puzzles would really enjoy this.  

It was brave of you to do something this heavy hitting for a jam.  I wouldnt call this fun, but it was definitely deep and emotionally driven.  Good work. 

I think that the 'program the character' type games can be really difficult to balance and get right, so I commend you for even attempting it in a jam.  There a number of quality of life improvements that could be implemented to really polish it out, but the core is all there and I think its a great effort.  Well done!

You dont give yourself enough credit in your description.  Jams are hard, especially while your early on in your learning process and just finishing is a much bigger accomplishment than people realize.  Keep making and keep learning, good work!

I like the intent of what you were going for, though the rng of it left me a little frustrated.  I also wish there were more use cases for the dash and teleport.  More often than not I found myself trying to frantically get rid of them to get to the more useful laser and jump.  Good work though!

Thanks!  Some early feedback from friends actually led me to incorporating that.  I started to fall into that mindset trap of just cause I think something is obvious, it doesnt mean it actually is.  Thanks for playing!

I think my only issue with this is there simply isnt enough of it.  I think thats one of the difficulties with heavy story games for jams, is trying to add enough story.  All in all though I can see how this could evolve into a complete story with a nice game twist.  And I love the work you put into the characters, art, and music.  Good job!

The voice acting and sfx really made this game.  That and I am super grateful for the ever increasing aim projection thing.  Lol great work.  

Is this inspired by Computerphile by chance?  That was where I first heard the thought experiment of the AI stamp collector.  Nicely done!

That was pretty much exactly the feeling I was hoping to convey, so I'm glad it came across.  Thanks for playing!

I tried to make the buttons as obvious as possible, so I'm glad that came across.  Thanks for playing!

I've actually gotten mixed feedback about not having the control switching on a timer, some people have liked it and others thought it wasnt chaotic enough.  My initial thought was pretty much exactly what you stated, I didnt want to punish the player with randomness, but either way, I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Thanks for playing!

I definitely agree.  If there was one thing I would do different it would probably be to make those buttons larger.  My initial thought was that it would contribute to a more chaotic feel to have different sized buttons, but after playing it I realized I actually ended up ignoring the smaller ones more often than not, because of their size.  Anyway thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Im glad you liked it, thanks for playing!

oh I’m glad you responded with a workaround!  I’ll be sure to play and leave it a rating.  Thanks!

This game was delightfully wacky with a great look.  Nice job!

Took awhile to figure out that space made you change directions and move.  I'd recommend telling players the controls, even if there is only one.  At the very least, write it in your description.  After I figured that it, it took awhile longer to figure out that the black hole took me to another level.  Once I got there, I never figured out if there was another black whole and more levels, as controlling the flight was very difficult.  I'd recommend making it a tad slower to be slightly more forgiving.  Or, if you circle one of the asteroids, maybe in addition to giving the player points, you award them with a heart too, especially since theyre so easy to lose.  The bee character was adorable though.  

Simple and clean.  Well done.  

First, you can tell you guys put a lot of effort into this, so kudos to you for that.  Unfortunately, there seems to be some bugs that bring the game to a halt in the third level.  The arcade level seemed to work as intended, but the roulette level for me ended after just a couple of seconds, bringing me to the maze level, which had two enemies in it, and no more ever responded, leaving me to just kind of wonder around changing guns until I quit.  You guys get some serious style points for the look and aesthetic though, and you could tell what you were going for would have been a good arcade shooter experience had it worked as intended.  all in all good effort.  

So there is some really good stuff here that isnt apparent right off the bat.  Like I did not know at first that you could wall jump, and I actually thought that the second jump was next to impossible for awhile until I actually stumbled across the fact that you could.  Also jumping on the enemies is a little random, sometimes it killed me and other times it didnt.  I do like the minimal style of the game though.  its simple and clean.  Well done!

Little cuphead vibe with your character.  Ran into some issues that made it difficult to progress, like the character would slide on platforms when he couldnt walk or jump waaay to high when jumping into a corner of a ledge, but it was a good effort.  nicely done.

My only feedback might be to have added a score tracker or something.  Nice work!

First, the art in this game is incredible.  I wish I could make pixel art at this level.  The game itself was a little confusing at first.  I wasnt aware right off the bat that things would need changing, so perhaps some more obvious cues would help?  I also think I encountered a bug, cause I tried playing through twice and both times I ended up stuck next to the console without any ability to move.  Good job though!

Well thought out mechanic.  Nicely done.

I love your aesthetic, and the idea is actually really unique.  I had some issues with the cursor moving off screen that really made it a bit frustrating at times.  Also the game ended with a giant empty level, is that why we cant escape, or was I supposed to go back or something?

I think this was actually a unique and original mechanic, I just think it was hindered by how long it takes my controller to reconnect after plugging it back in.  Way to think outside the box though.  Well done!