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Concept is neat, but the game is hard to understand. It takes a lot of trial and error to even know what to do. It would probably be better if mechanics were slowly introduced, a tutorial was made on what can be done, or just slow down the game so the player can try to react. Adding one of those would make this a really interesting game to play.

Clever concept. Got stuck as wing ball behind the upper right bumper, but other than that it's a fun game. Wish you could select weapons easier and see their specific gimick as an instruction.

I loved this. The designs are amazing. The concept is cool. The birb is kinda slippery at first but you get used to it.  Also the birb gets stuck in place sometimes when the boy travels with the block underneath. One thing I wish you did was make a segment where you make the boy jump on the rat, then make a rat jump while the boy is in midair and make the boy jump even higher jumping off the rat. Overall great game. Well done.

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I like the idea. No idea what I was doing at first and didn't even know when the game actually started, but got it eventually. I think it's a bit too strict  with the timing of hitting a note. Maybe do what other rhythm games do and award less points for less accurate timings and take hp when they do a far enough miss. Also can't see hp when animals mock me. But I love how it looks and sounds and the game is very fun.  (Highscore (without mashing a single letter) is 22X. There's a bug where the highscore doesn't display the last digit of your score if it's more than 2 digits)

Neat concept. Controls are kinda finicky but it's not too difficult to handle. I love the aesthetic of the game. Main problem I have is just reading what's written. Light text on light background is hard to read. Also ending makes me sad.

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Very clever concept, but the game is very difficult to play. The ships fire way too much to be able to ricochet and dodge at the same time.

Cool concept. Rooms can sometimes be janky so you kinda have to guess how high/hard you have to drop a box or how hard you have to touch a switch, but it's a really good game.

Nice meme. Rhythm games without rhythm just turns into a reaction and prediction game. But nice meme.

Interesting concept, but it kinda just feels like I'm doing a normal maze with inverted controls rather than actually moving the maze. Also camera + maze moving at the same time makes it hard to keep the maze in the frame while trying to maneuver the ball. Maybe keeping the ball in the middle at all times will help?

Cool concept. Camera makes it hard to see where to go next.

Cute concept, although kind of buggy. I sometimes go forward when I shoot forward, when I'm supposed to go the other way. Also use of arrow keys isn't disabled so I can just airstrafe through the whole game and even leave the boundaries causing me to fall though the map. Still a neat concept, just buggy.

Very clever concept. Was very confusing at first and took awhile to even start, but it got easier to do as the game progresses. Some levels can be done by just quickly removing and reinserting the commands (insert walk, remove when about to hit spike, jump+walk over spike, repeat) when needed which kind of feels like cheating the puzzle aspect a bit. Kinda weird platformer + puzzle game but it's a very nice game, albeit confusing at first.