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A platformer where you can't control the platforming character!
Submitted by Alex Rosetti (@albatrosssoup) — 3 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline
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This game is an excellent representation of the jam's theme. I've seen other games that remove the direct control mechanic, but this one has something that caught me: you have to bear in mind the distance between the PC and some targets to kill enemies and make the NPC jump. Maybe I'm wrong, but for some reason, every time you remove something from a platformer, it acquires puzzle-like features (and this game is not the exception). I liked the visual style but not the music.

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Super cute, it gave me a couple of very neat "aha!" moments when new mechanics were introduced. The chicken is very slidey but was fun to corral. I definitely starred the sleepwalker a lot by accident... ^_^;;

Well-polished platformer with lots of puzzler and reflex elements involved. Could totally see this turn into a full game with more challenging levels, and more verticality. There were small issues with how 'slippery' the chicken felt but imo that really stems from how the camera centers on the sleepwalker more than the chicken itself. When the camera slides ahead of you while you move, it can prove a little difficult to even gauge the accuracy of where you're stopping. My eyes can't cope with the weird almost double-vision effect. A really good vertical slice of a game with lots of potential.


Very cute and simple gameplay! Some things could be streamlined or more explained, like how the sandwich is the only object you can make go up. My only complaint is how the chicken is so slippery.

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Great execution and great art style and the fact that I encountered no technical bugs along with this impresses me. For a 48 hour game jam game this is fantastic.


OMG this game is so well crafted. The art style is cute, the music fits the theme of the game completely and the gameplay is really clever. Great job!

Very well designed game. Clear concept and impressive execution. Great job!


Very slick, lots of great concepts and smooth difficulty curve! 


Aside from the slipperiness of movement, and some annoying sections (if the boy goes backwards after the mice) this is amazing. Music reminded me of chrono trigger. That's a solid 5.

I loved this. The designs are amazing. The concept is cool. The birb is kinda slippery at first but you get used to it.  Also the birb gets stuck in place sometimes when the boy travels with the block underneath. One thing I wish you did was make a segment where you make the boy jump on the rat, then make a rat jump while the boy is in midair and make the boy jump even higher jumping off the rat. Overall great game. Well done.


Great concept, great execution, great mechanics
it absolutely keeps the platformer feel with well designed obsolesces
also the graphics and sound design are neat

Good job!


Fantastic game! A great spin on the platform genre with creative and challenging obstacles.


Wow, this is incredibly well done and polished! Excellent work!


10/10, you get to play as Murphy from Rayman Legends. Seriously though, great job, this is a good one

AWESOME graphics, and the game is pretty fun :)  5 stars


I love the aesthetic! It was a fun game experience :)

Really fun game! The presentation is fantastic and the premise has a ton of potential.


God this is so well done! The  amazing cute art, the sleepy music, the learning gameplay, it's all spot on!


Good level design that plays well with the mechanics.


Lovely. There was some small mechanics that use the shooting well. But the regular jumping sections were not the mos exciting, you still jsut had to press space but if messed up somehow, instead of giving it another quick try, you had to wait for the boy to turn around. The art is cool!

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