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Hi - not sure why, the engine is Clickteam Fusion 2.5. I just tried compiling a blank project file as an EXE (no code or assets at all), as well as another with a few of the plugins I used, and virustotal still registered both as false positives

Very cool idea! Cute art, great music and a nice forgiving swing that feels pretty good to use.  Enemies having friendly fire was a great touch too!

The only bit of feedback I can think of is maybe give the player an incentive to sometimes *not* be swinging the bat (I found myself sometimes constantly mashing it) - maybe they move slower for a short period of time while/after swinging?  A little bit of telegraphing on enemy attacks would be nice too. Great stuff overall!

(I had a weird issue though where sometimes my keys got stuck and the character kept on moving without me pressing anything until I hit a bunch of buttons - might just be my browser though!)

Interesting concept! It's kind of hard to see/steer the plane into obstacles though with the limited viewspace. The skip intro button was a nice touch! 

Very slick, lots of great concepts and smooth difficulty curve! 

Damn, this is good! Very neat concept

Very challenging! It broke my brain at first but once you get into the groove it's pretty slick! Solid effort for under three hours

Ooof yeah it's definitely optimised for mouse rather than trackpad - I tried it with the trackpad on my Mac and it was a lot more difficult! 

My favourite Internet Explorer addon! 

Thanks for the feedback! I toyed around with the idea of a "fast forward" button to speed up time... but funnily enough ran out of time trying to get it right!

Thanks for the feedback! Initially the windows had no cooldown and could be moved immediately, but that led to being able to just carry the file to the end, which was funny but seemed like cheating! I just wish there was more time to make more levels!

Thanks for the kind words! I realised halfway through that it was inadvertantly inspired by Mario Maker (which I haven't actually played), but then immediately after that realised it was probably closer to Lemmings

Thanks for the feedback! There's a rewind button in the bottom left which will move the the file back to it's original position so you can make a plan, move the windows into place and rewind if needed to get the file back in place - it's tricky balancing between a fast movement speed for the file (so you don't have to wait) and a fair movement speed so you don't have to manage moving windows too quickly!

Thanks! Yeah the windows can't get moved while they're touching the file, but you should still be able to close them by clicking on the top right corner! 

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A MacOS version of this game is now available - Check the links above!

It works mostly the same way as the Windows build - you can use 8 and 9 on the keyboard to resize the window

Sure! I only have the main theme though and not the title theme uploaded (which is only like 30 seconds anyway)

Shoehead games always have incredible art and you absolutely nail the NES aesthetic.

Really liked the gamefeel of the player's movement and shooting (especially being able to slow your fall by shooting downwards). Walljumping/sliding was great too

I didn't get all the secrets but it was cool finding one for the first time and then backtracking to discover more. I only wish the game was longer/had more content!