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Gramp in the Shell: The Second GigView game page

A short platfomer where you have to GET YOUR GRANDKIDS BACK....AGAIN
Submitted by Shoehead (@shoehead_art) — 1 day, 7 hours before the deadline
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Gramp in the Shell: The Second Gig's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Best 2D Art#1n/an/a
Community Choice#124.1004.100

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Elevator pitch
Kind of a mix of NES Mega Man and... Yohi's Island? With a lot of hidden items

Describe how your game adheres to the theme
I figured aesthetically it would be like how Kid Dracula was a cuter, goofier version of Castlevania. But in execution I mainly wanted it to be a version of Gramp in the Shell which was improved on in every way. Which... Well the boss in GITS 1 is probably better, but I wanted it to feel iterative. I mean it's been 2 years since I finished my first awful jam and I wanted to show off, and also I couldn't make Dum III

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Submitted (2 edits)
  • Beautiful sprite-work and audio
  • Juicy numbers flying out and colourful explosions
  • Revisiting GitS is great and the intro sequence is nicely done
  • Handful of bugs
  • Balancing is a bit wonky
Here & There:

You've got wonderful style in this game, as usual, and it was cool to revisit GitS who now has a cape which is cute. The mechanics are pretty solid though sometimes the jump doesn't register when you're near enough to an edge like on the stage with all the steps and the red Hopper. I really wish levelling would give you HP because having at least one limited, rare-ish way to get HP would still seem fair to me. I ran into a bug where upon going to a previous room I ended up in the wall and had to restart. Luckily you had the forethought to not clear everything on a New Game so I still had all my saved babies, but it also didn't reset my HP so I was starting off with ~½. I died in the room with the earth sharks, and when I respawned at lvl 1 the distance to the purple slimes on the ceiling was too far to hit from the ground. Some little tweaks to balancing could help make this feel more robust. Dropping on top of the boss which takes HP and also down-levels you feels unfair. The debug info during that fight is confusing, I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a part of the game or if you ran out of time to remove it. I do really like the boss design and idea, it's funny and well made, though confusing. Nice work!

gramps in the wall haw haw haw im sorry


Art and sound are on point. Gameplay generally also felt good; the yoshi jump helped correct some mistakes I made which felt fantastic. 

Couple of minor issues;

Early on theres a part where you can bump into an enemy the instant you warp into the area. That felt pretty awful, so you might want to make sure that enemies can't wander too close to warp points. 

It wasn't really terribly clear what levelling up did? The first level added more range and damage and then it didn't feel like the second level-up did anything. 

Game is a little short right now and the final boss while silly is pretty much just a dummy (who for some reason never finishes dying). Not sure why the debug text is in there, either. 


Shoehead games always have incredible art and you absolutely nail the NES aesthetic.

Really liked the gamefeel of the player's movement and shooting (especially being able to slow your fall by shooting downwards). Walljumping/sliding was great too

I didn't get all the secrets but it was cool finding one for the first time and then backtracking to discover more. I only wish the game was longer/had more content! 


Wonderful art all around, the main character is especially expressive. I found some of the platforming a bit difficult for my tastes, but then again, I'm not really into platformers, so maybe I just suck. A couple of the kids I knew where they were but I couldn't figure out how to execute reaching them.
The boss was a wonderful unexpected surprise!

A really nice game all around!


Another great jam game from you chock-full of great art, satisfying animation, and good sound design! Really enjoyed the level up for increased damage  mechanic (the experience balls felt satisfying to collect too). Keeping the debug stats on for the final boss fight was an very avant-garde design choice ;) Felt like i should've used a bit more angles to fire on the gun. Sometimes I got frustrated trying to hit enemies on slightly weird slopes and be completely unable to hit them. Overall, another solid entry from you! 


This game is really nice. it's a pretty nice combination of Mega Man, Cave Story and Yoshi's Island. I did encounter a bug where if you jumped before entering another area, you could get stuck in a wall, but it didn't matter because I got back to that point really quick. Also, the ending was very confusing, as someone who hasn't played GITS 1. Also, very nice pixel art and music, overall solid entry!