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I didn't really understand what I was supposed to be doing. I just picked the best movie for each day based on if one of the genres matched and bought skills with points if I had any.. Were there any decisions to make beyond that, really? I won pretty quick with this strategy, maybe I missed something. 

Seems broken? Game crashes during first cutscene? 

I thought it was funny, you were right

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I thought it would be janky and terrible from the screenshots, but I actually really liked this. Just moving fast across the US is fun, speeding up and picking up bottles to the chill music. And the map with the red line really gives you an unironic sense of progression. I'm into it. 

I'm trying to think of ways to signal "This isn't a glitch, you're stopped for narrative reasons". Maybe letterboxing? Like if the game starts and then you letterbox the camera, play the audio, and then unletterbox it when you want the player to start? I think that's a signpost people recognize. Maybe. I could swear I've seen this in games but I can't think of any examples to find on youtube. 

I can't tell if I'm just dumb, but I can't find anyone to fight with! The only way I can find to progress is to talk to the guys from the beginning? But then they put you against people who seem to be really out of your league at the beginning. 

Tom Hanks Metroidvania, I'm into it. I really liked switching between costumes a lot during the last boss. (I just wish it was easier to tell the difference between his film reel attack and lightning attack during their warmup periods, maybe I missed something). I think you did yourself a disservice by having the platforming part be the first part of the game. Some people are gonna get frustrated by those mechanics. Every other part of the game was awesome.

Awesome! I liked the puzzle idea. And I'm a big fan of open ended puzzle games where you're looking for A solution it doesn't have to be the "best" solution. Then you can compare what you got with the average or others or whatever. It would be neat to see other players' scores, but I understand that's tough on a game jam time frame, ha. The graphics were amazing. Loved the music as well. Awesome job. 

I'm sorry, I tried but I had to duck out because of the music, such a short loop haha.. 

Haha, this was so hard I couldn't get more than one person. I think the idea is good, but the dashboard switches are just a touch too fiddly. Like, I would carefully line up the L/R switch and then gently press the U/D switch and wham suddenly I'm going forward and to the left. Maybe if it was more clear when they were zeroed? That may have been my problem. But course correcting is so hard it makes any amount of errant motion incredibly difficult to deal with. Funny idea, though! 

You start the game barely being able to move, it should really be a move of 0, I assumed the game was glitched and I couldn't move. In games like dishonored enemies have conversations while the player can still move around. You could just script it to end if one is attacked, potentially. 

I was having a lot of trouble picking up the ball and coconut off the ground after I threw them. And then I couldn't put up anything else, seemingly and had to restart. 

I wasn't able to get very far due to the above issue, but I also worry finding the last guy would be difficult since they all more or less spread out. Maybe some kind of compass feature would be cool? I think the idea of hunting guys through the jungle is neat, though. Like Far Cry base attacking thing.

I like the concept, the way the different pieces interact give you interesting ways to arrange things. I like the art, like how Tom Hanks explodes apart into blood when he dies. Very fun. 

That said, I am having trouble clicking to place stuff. I'm guessing I'm putting things down and then instantly picking them up again? Maybe the camera should should start zoomed out, it's basically a requirement for any level and having to click that button between tries is a little annoying. Speaking of trying again, I wish stuff stayed on the field between tries. Especially for the harder levels it seems like you only need to tweak locations, not the general concepts.  Lastly, I wish the rules were laid out a little better, like "makes you slip 4 blocks" for banana, it's hard to keep track of the quantities. And then when your guess is a little off, you have to replace eeevverryyyttthiinngg. 

Cool concept and effort, though!

Hm, thanks for the feedback. I've never played the Mac build. One of our developers kind of made it on a whim. I wonder if there was some weirdness there. 

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Hey, thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

I agree with your comment on the AI difficulty. I think I may have over-tuned it to the level 1 stage. It's essentially applying the same tactics no matter what stage it's on, but the impassable terrain on stages 2 and 3 definitely mess with their plans. It feels kind of weird, but I wonder if I should have swapped level 1 and 3. At one point I considered making the AI a little less aggressive on offense in level 1 because you have to make basically no errors or they will dunk on you (literally). 

The player move indicator was a struggle for us in development. You weren't seeing a bug; you were seeing an edge case. Essentially players can move and "attack" once per turn, so we turn off the highlight once they've done both. However... technically you can move and have no options to attack right now. But if another teammate pushes an opponent into you, you can then take a push attack action (or a pass if you're passed the ball). So we can't really turn off their highlight after just moving. Or, rather, we could, but we lose some strategy and potentially frustrate players the other way. It's an annoying issue. We talked about adding color coding or icons, but I didn't like the increased complexity of adding weird iconography.

Good point on pressing Esc to cancel out of movement options. Definitely it could make sense to include the text "Press Esc to Cancel" in the bottom left when you're choosing. I agree with your opinion on Undo as well. It's annoying to make a bad move by accident or whatever. Since there's no RNG, it should technically be allowed to just totally go back to the beginning of your turn if you want to play it differently as well as going back player actions. This feature idea crossed my mind during development, but it was a touch too annoying to code so I didn't get around to it. RIP.

Thanks again for your time and feedback!

I don't want to give the wrong impression; I quite liked your game. I only criticize because I care. <3

That makes sense for fuel. I like that idea for a status effect. 

I sort of got roguelike vibes. That would have been a really cool direction, sorry you couldn't get to it. Saving is for suckers, I don't personally think I've ever save/loaded a jam game. Not where I spend my time, personally. But maybe the way to do it for a (someday) roguelike like this is to just save the seed you use to generate the level? And then stuff about the player itself. Remind me, was this Unity? I have some experience with serializing/deserializing json in Unity if you want some code. 

Balancing jam games is the bane of my existence. I can relate.... 

Thanks, Tom.

This was really good, I thought! Mechanically, it's actually a game. Interesting ideas for mechanics. Orbital mechanics! Your tutorial was superb. I know how hard those are to get right on a jam timeline. Yours communicated everything it had to. The music in the game was so soothing and awesome. 

I'll mirror a few of Giggs' comments in that I wish it was easier to retry. If I fail, slam me back at my zoom level and focus area with the old trajectory line already drawn on and the power and angle still locked in. That would make the finer adjustments a little easier. I also really wish the dotted line trajectory drew a LOT faster. Like, instantaneous would be great. It would be tough to enter in values and.. then.. wait.. to.. see.. how.. close.. it.. ah, no too far to the left, let me try again.

Writing was great in general. The ending was hilarious. The fail state text about the dead frenchmen was hilarious.

Really nicely done. 

Surprisingly good! I think the stealth section was handled really well from a game design standpoint. You teach the player how to pick up items, and all the locations that you need to go to are clearly visible or detectable from the hill. I appreciated the fact that I was told to go to the river and I knew where it was by SOUND, what a concept! 

For the fighting section, I wish I had the will to power through all the troops. I think some small things I would change would be making so that the player could move and attack at the same time. That way you could just charge through swaths of the enemies. That could be fun. Also, space seems to reset the section when you press it. Ha. 

Opening animation is stupendous, love it. Great animations. 

I love leaderboards, and this one seems pretty good! It's fun to see your name on there... But I think a leaderboard is best paired with the ability to replay a level really quickly. And as far as I can tell, you have to go back to the main menu between every play of a level? And then you have to watch the opening animation again (hm, sporadically? It seems like it's not making me view the animation again every time)

The cops are really strong, seems like. I can hold them off for a hot second, but then all my juice is used up! And I was already laying on the juice to make as much chocolate as possible! 

I think you should make it so the kick animation finishes if the player presses the kick button while the animation is already in progress. Especially with a beat-em-up people are going to be mashing buttons. Seeing the character just wind up a few times is a little confusing! 

Nice graphics and music, but the game was a little hard to play. I had a tough time judging where my bullets were hitting, and where the enemy projectiles were on the screen. I would fire a shot that looked lined up, more or less, and then it would sail past the enemy. 

I think this game needs a lot of work in the signposting department. It was very unclear what I was supposed to be doing. I saw movies were coming out, and then I could go to the movie DB tab and click make sequel.. But that took me to the projects page and I wasn't really sure where to go from there. That's a lot of pushing the user from tab to tab even if that's what I was actually supposed to be doing (I'm not sure that's the case..)

That said, the music was really nice. 

I think pressing space displaying the ending and ending the game was a.. confusing choice. Especially when things are unclear as it is. It's natural people are going to be pressing buttons. 

That's a fair point about selecting a player. I think the tutorial should probably explicitly have a line like "Hover the cursor over xyz and press space to select". I saw a tester or two struggle with that for a moment, but I was maybe too quick to write it off like "Well, people have played Fire Emblem and know how to handle these types of controls, hopefully.." But I think it's an actual point of friction that could be smoothed away fairly easily. 

A few people have said that about a mobile device, but I don't see it. Part of that is because originally we had mouse controls and you would click on the character then click the space to select it or what have you, and it was actually kind of visually weird to be trying to click on a tile behind players' sprites. That's part of why we ended up going with cursor control at the end of the day. I've said it to other commenters, but, ugh, I feel very burned by the isometric perspective in a lot of ways. 

Thanks a lot for giving our game a shot, though! 

Finally, the hottest mess, as was prophesied. Terrifically silly. 

Neat little thing. The music is very visual novel-y. And I thought the story was a nice compact thing. 

When I get an ending, I wanted to see how many other endings there are, which ones have I gotten, etc. That's what I thought when I got the ending deleting Diamond's information. But then I also had to sit through the opening again. It would be cool if there was a "skip text you've already seen" feature like some VNs have. 

The ending was a little abrupt, though! Square won the contest and then less than a minute later they've left the apprenticeship and are a failure again? Oof. Ha. 

Cool effort! I liked a lot of what you did with this one. 

For one, I thought the writing was funny. The walk animations were so hilariously bad (this was intentional, right? hah). Give your composer a pat on the back, the music is very solid. I really like the main menu theme especially. 

My biggest issue is that I wish there was a little more hit feedback/ways to avoid damage (like maybe if the enemy bullets were slower?) The turret was the worst offender. The sound effect the turret makes when it is firing is not at all obvious, and I would find my health would just be silently dropping. You could do the classic red screen and SFX hit direction indicator or something. 

I agree with the other commenter that the railgun seemed strictly worse than the pistol. If the pistol wasn't so good, this game would be hard to play. Fortunately you can snipe from two football fields away with that baby. 

This game seems hard as butts. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing if that's what you're going for. Conceptually, I like it. A sort of turn-based airplane RPG. I had some issues, though.

I felt pretty lost early on. The terrain all looks kind of similar. It could be cool if you had a map with a bunch of fog of war which slowly revealed as you explored around. It could even mark things like enemy airfields, captured airfields, all that good stuff. Because I would go through situations where I might feel equiped to take on the next "tier" of airfields and not really remember where to go. Especially since it seems like the progression is wide (explore a little here, go around, explore a little there), I feel like this would be a good feature. 

On the topic of exploration, I almost felt like fuel was your answer to hunger in roguelikes, but I think it might have detracted more than it added. Functionally, HP and repair kits tie you to airfields just as much as fuel, so fuel almost feels like this redundant thing you have to babysit. Was there some degenerate player strategy that required you to put fuel in? I wasn't seeing it. 

Seems like the jump from "green tier" to "red tier" is really large. I could smash green enemies to a pulp, but red enemies absolutely wrecked me. I had to carefully fight them one on one. And I had a pretty upgraded plane! I could kill a red anti-air if I was really careful... But then one killed me from full health with (I think?) some lucky crits. But it was a real bummer to be kicked back to the beginning of the game after that! I gave up at that point. It would be cool if friendly airfields acted like "checkpoints" where you could respawn after you died. 

Ultimate, really solid game that I liked quite a lot but it had some issues in my eyes. 

I think the idea is cool, but this is really rough, ha. 

The UI elements are kind of a mess, clipping all over each other and changing their appearance and location all the time. More crucially, in the game itself, the strokes and score blocked the field and there's no way to shift the camera. Just had to take leaps of faith. 

I thought it was funny that you could smack the goal out of the way, but the score detection seemed a little wonky if I tried to, say, beam the ball into the net. 

Good first effort! Nowhere to go from here but up! 

Solid idea, I really think you did a great job on the graphics. 

I wish the rules were explained a bit more. I popped into the first race and was pressing buttons to see what everything did. I don't think it hurts to leave "Press X to accelerate!\nPress Z to boost!" in something like a jam game, especially. 

I was hoping for a little more feedback. I saw there was a "Third place" time in the bottom right, but that didn't seem to do anything when I finished the race? What was the second place time? It would be cool to see a results screen after the race with your time (and your medal), the gold medal time, the silver medal time, and the bronze medal time. And then an option to replay! I think that would be a much bigger incentive for the user to replay stages. 

It's pretty tricky to change lanes. I'm not sure you get a lot from being the user y position be a float. It might work better if the user snapped between lanes? It was just hard to judge when I was in or out of mud or grass, and stuff like the barriers that blocked two lanes seemed almost impossible to dodge. 

You know this comment is coming, but sound! This really needs sound! The rev of the engine, different SFX for if you're in mud or grass, the cheer of the crowd! 

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Wow, dude, this thing is incredibly good. It feels like a real honest to goodness game, not a jam game. I expect to be reading about the Steam release on IGN in six months. I was playing this for an hour and having a legitimately great time. The mechanics are just so solid. I love this sort of twist that you've put on FTL-esque mechanics while, at the same time, being nothing like FTL mechanically. My girlfriend walked in while I was playing and asked if this was the sequel to FTL, so you should feel some pride, there.

That said, I think your tutorial needs work. This isn't really a complex game at the end of the day (or, at least, mechanics are introduced so incrementally that it's totally palatable). But as I flipped through your tutorial I was like oh god oh god oh god. One of the issues is that it's hard, visually, to differentiate between tututorial text and normal UI text. So that would be my first change since that's pretty easy. Ultimately, though, I think you could easily have a playable tutorial. Like, you just play using the base ship against a stock level 1 enemy and explain the buttons and mechanics with pop up text as that happens. Then the player unlocks a block as a reward and you walk them through adding it to their ship, ba da boom. 

Some quality of life things I would like: 

I wish I could replace blocks with other blocks instead of removing the module, (trying to remember what module I had there), removing the block, placing the new block, replacing the module. On top of that, it's hard to parse where you should be upgrading. I wish when I hovered over blocks on the ship, the left would show information on the module, and then also information on the block (weight, HP). I got a bunch of new blocks and I would say "Okay, now what should I remove to add you..." And that question is kind of hard to answer, visually, especially with so many blocks looking so similar. And the game is 80% incremental upgrades, so the user goes through this process a lot!

I wish I could get lives back. I lost both of my lives in world 1 when I was trying to learn the mechanics. Ultimately, I got really far (world 5 or 6 maybe? I lost track), but the lack of lives was a bummer. I think it might even be fair if the end world bosses always offered you one life as a loot option. So it's recoverable a bit. I would settle for a chance at a life, even. 

The treasures seemed abnormally bad. I'm not sure if there was a bug and you can only get world 1 treasures, but I would be in world 4 getting sand and 6 gold. Maybe that's intended? But it didn't feel good. 

I'm not sure what the solution to this is.. But the AI ships outclass your ship pretty quickly. And I see why that is, I think. I wasn't particularly struggling against their better ships using my human brain, but it was kind of a bummer to see them with 60 missiles and shields when I had pea shooters. Even if it turns out that's pretty balanced. Shrug, just an observation. 

Overall, definitely my game of the jam so far. Extremely well done. 

I expected, going into this, to hate it because this isn't really my genre, the Terraria-likes, or whatever you want to call them. Buuuut, this game is very awesome. Great job. I love the atmosphere, the music is cool and the way it fades the deeper you go. Sick effect. That's a classic effect for a reason. Solid story, just enough to keep it interesting and motivate the player without it bogging anything down. 

I wish the hotkey setup was a little better. I think you did a good job giving the player enough food and water without that aspect of the game feeling frustrating (Thank you for the urine bottles, lol. That was a colorful bit of flavor as well!) However, in the mid-late game my hotbar setup was knife, throwing spears, explosive spears, fish meat. So every time I had to drink water I had to set water to my hotbar, unpause, drink the water, re-pause, and then click meat, explosive spear, spear, knife in that order. Oof. I think a click-n-drag setup could work, but, especially with consumables, it would be cool if you could just eat them FROM the menu. Like, left click is add to hotbar, right click is consume. Just a thought. 

Small thing, but maybe you could call out negatives stat effects in the inventory differently? Like, maybe the human meat can have red text for "-5 Thirst" instead of the normal white text? I was chomping this stuff down for a bit without realizing i was making it harder for myself. Especially early game where water is a little scarcer. 

I would love tooltips in the crafting menu. Even if it's just tooltips for items you can currently craft (to preserve the mystery or whatever). I'm a big wimp so I was scared to waste resources seeing what stuff did. 

Lastly, this might just be me but I kept trying to press Esc to exit the item menus which paused the game and did not, in fact, exit the menus. 

Great job overall! Impressive for a jam game, for sure. 

Super. The presentation is off the wall amazing, I love the little character special attacks and how the character portraits react to damage. I think the special attacks were a cool idea with some actual depth, I like the idea of throwing an electric bolt at the enemy to discourage them from returning the ball in the correct place. I didn't totally get how the C power worked beyond it would move the ball towards the enemy side of the screen randomly? Randomish? 

Nice job overall. 

Cool idea, I do think it has potential. It's definitely best when you have a lack of expectations and go for a normal play on turn 1. I couldn't seem to beat level 4, wasn't sure what the right strategy was. I tried it quite a few times and couldn't get the hang of it. Also seems like the end turn detection is kind of wonky? It would say 2/2 turns taken, but not end the game until I moved my 3rd piece.

Terrific art style. I just love the look of the spartans' sprites and the ground sprites there's actually no sprites that I don't think are terrific. I love the juice on the swing. WOMP. I love the tween frames on the swing. You clearly know what you're doing with that; it feels MEATY I just fuckin love it. Sick particles in general. I like the fire as well. 

Now, the downsides of the combat. Hitting enemies is cool as heck, but I wish there was more of an indication when you GET hit. I would be fighting guys then suddenly go "Oh, wow, I have a lot of damage taken when did that happen"? Basically your only indication was the floaty red text over Leonardo. I almost could say what if you got flung back and your guy hit the ground? But that could be frustrating too. I'm flipping through dark souls videos to see how they handle the player getting hit, I think that's the same type of "hey you got hit" style you want. 

I wish I could manually advance ally text. The box seems like it's on screen for a while. 

I wish enemies didn't respawn when you're close to the fire. I kept getting mugged by invisible men and then I realized what was happening. Maybe you could safely just block respawns when you can see a fire? That can preserve the movie magic as well. Win win! 

I found the speedrun strat which is to just roll constantly. That's fun but you tend to aggro the whole map. That's how I discovered there's a manual safe zone around the wizard man at the lake. Ah ha! 

Ultimately I had to quit when I paused the game to write notes and couldn't unpause. Oopsies. 

Gonna make a mental note to try this during the gong show, wasn't able to find any other players right now!

Love the kickflip animation. The art style is very cohesive and sweet. I liked the music. 

Unfortunately, while the skateboard is, indeed, gnarly, it makes for a pretty frustrating platforming experience. It's tough trying to floatily land where you need to land for some of the jumps, which could be okay except for the fact that failing some of those jumps causes you to fall waaay down and lose several screens of progress. I was working on getting one key and fell over and over... 

It also didn't really feel like you had any decisions to make during boss rooms, for instance. It was more or less mash Shift while the boss flails around, maybe you die maybe you don't (but probably you do). 

Really hard, I couldn't beat it, sorry. Fun though! I like the UI and particles a lot a lot. The particles when shots hit robots are neat. I really like the look of the "border" to the game screen, and the HP bars on bosses and mini-bosses were really clean. 

I think it's a little weak on theme, though? Seems like just a shoot-em-up. 

Really self-depreciating, but I thought it was funny and a cool concept! I would play a full game of this! I really liked the art style. I thought I would dislike it based on the screenshots, but it's hella sweet. 

I wish I had to use a touch more tactics, though. Mostly I would pop down the latern man and then surround him with pea shooters and then just have outposts of that. It would be neat if there were guys strong enough to require Walnuts or something. Or maybe with different abilities? Like what if there was a guy that froze all shooters in a NxN area around him? So you kind of had to play keep away with a main shooting group? I dunno, just steal liberally from enemies in PvZ already, I guess. 

The enemy pathfinding was a little wonky as well. But also I almost wish more enemies could float over gaps in the floor. I felt like I was cheesing the last level, drawing the big enemy clusters over to the gaps and then shooting them from across them. 

I wish there were more enemy sound effects! 

I think it could be cool if you were trying to defend a "home" area, and all the enemies you woke up would eventually work their way towards your home.. Or something. This never happened to me but I bet it would be a bummer if you ran out of currency. 

Very solid entry overall!

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Really satisfying and fun! Nice job! I think the core of the game is really solid. This could honestly be fleshed out into a full game like Devil Daggers. I think it is really great. 

A few small comments. I don't like that upper ring surrounding the arena. Seems like it only exists to block the high flying minions that should be dying, which is frustrating. Saving minions that should die and then you have a low health minion on the far side of the field you have to eventually go over and kick again. 

I think the kick hitbox needs to be bigger, like, a lot bigger. It should be capable of sending all minions in a six foot area flying. It's a little annoying to go to kick someone that seems pretty close and have your kick miss. Plus I think it would be hilarious to send like four minions flying at once. And juice up that kick, baby! The voices on the minions are amazing and hilarious, but the kick itself is just a womp sound. Let's get some screen shake, sound effects that scale based on how damaged the minion is... I want it to feel like you just got a check for a hundred dollars in a card from your grandma every time you kick a minion across the field. 

I didn't find I used the slow-mo much. I was able to dodge enemy projectiles just kind of strafing around (Not that I see that as an issue, the strafing was fun). I think that could be like a dodge roll feature instead? Or something? I think it could be cool to fly at an enemy and then POW kick them. 

Lastly, the health was really hidden. I was never clear on how many health packs were actually in the arena. Why not make it so there's 4 single-use health packs on the edges of the arena that are all visible from the center of the area? Give the user a nice at-a-glance of their resources. 

Okay I only have a lot of comments because this core is sweet and you should keep working it! Really nice job.