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Glad you went back and tried a couple times! That was the goal of the leaderboard!

Interesting idea. Nice music, I can definitely tell it was performed by an actual person!

Really cool look to the game. The first time I moved the camera I audibly said "wow" and proceeded to do it with every scene. Gameplay wise, I wasn't the biggest fan. It was hard to tell which switches affected which roads sometimes which sometimes made it feel like I was just flipping random switches. With some gameplay refinement, this could be an amazing game. 

Interesting idea to play as the bad guys. The look and feel of the game was a little "off" to me though. I wish the path of the hero was clear and even the path of the enemy was clear, because sometimes it felt just totally random. 

Very short, very quick! I honestly didn't even understand it was over at the black screen at the end. Nice music and atmosphere, but the gameplay element was way too short and simple to me. The dialogue  scrolled by way too quickly too! I wish I could've controlled the dialogue speed myself. If this was expanded upon I think it could be a nice game, but as it stands it's way too short to be an experience.

The controls were very cool for the game, and the introduction made it easy for me to understand it all. I don't think it fit the theme amazingly, but I can definitely understand where you got it from. This is a very difficult game! I was very frustrated at some parts. I didn't make it to the end either. Cool idea and game! Overall, definitely a really good one. 

Fun idea! The look of the game was pretty simple and maybe I would've liked a little more audio. Gameplay wise I didn't really feel a sense of "progression" in the game so it made the gameplay feel a little pointless. A little more refinement and this could be a fun game!

Nice art! Interesting idea, but I felt myself getting frustrated with the controls and confused with my objective. The controls change were a little too far in the right corner so it was quite a distance for me to look there and then process what the new keys were then process in my head which ones I needed to press before it changed again. I was pretty confused with the Tab and E key too. Overall, cool aesthetic but the gameplay felt a little too. frustrating  

Interesting idea, but theres a pretty big lack of feedback and explanation as to what you have to do in each mini game. Without sound or visual cues or anything like that, I felt pretty lost and frustrated. I think with a little bit fleshed out tutorial, mechanics, and art/music, the game could be cool!

The aesthetics of the game are extremely cool and fun. It's also helpful gameplay wise because it helps me know where I've already been based on the splattered paint. The fact you created all the art in 48hrs is seriously impressive and commendable.

My biggest gripe with the game is that you can shoot through walls which can make it very unfair to the player trying to hug the walls. Also, I'm not sure if this was intentional, but the last level felt IMPOSSIBLE to do without shooting basically everyone I came across. Other than that, I had a ton of fun and it fits the theme amazingly. 

I feel like theres an interesting concept in there, but I can't find a very compelling game loop unfortunately. Sometimes whether or not you control people feels totally random and out of my control (not in a good, themey-way). Art and music were fun though!

Cool idea! A lot of my issues are fairly small. For example, not being able to see the enemies before you press start. A nice feature might have been showing the locations you died on previous attempts. Other than that, cool game and idea.

Turning on the light and starting the car was a neat little effect. I liked that a lot. While the car controls are frustrating (and that's what you're going for), the more frustrating part felt like the limits of the play space were not clearly defined. I wasn't sure I wasn't able to move because the car was at the limits of the play space or because the car sucked. I can deal with one of those, but having to deal with both made it more frustrating than challenging. A fine line to walk!

Well done! Not a bad little game. The controls feel quite good, so it made it pretty fun to play, despite the difficulty. The ability to quickly restart the level was also very welcome - it made it easy to keep trying. 

It made me laugh that the second screen told you what the mute button was, though. Sure enough, I had to use that. Was that only like a twenty second loop? haha

No, don't do this! 😂

Yeah, checked your game out! Very cool. I see we went in a similar direction!

Overall, pretty fun! The level designs are quite clever and you do a good job of getting everything out of this concept that you can.

One critcism I have is that the push seemed to be a little too zealous to move. A couple time I pushed the CTRL button into the box and then accidentally pushed it a square more and then had to start the whole level. This happened often enough that it was pretty frustrating. Also what's the point of the go back a level button lol? I pressed that just to see what it did, realized there was no "go forward a level" button and quit because I didn't want to play the same level over again.

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! Here's a question for players: anyone try keeping one hand on the mouse and one hand on the keyboard at all times? That's how I always play and the other devs make fun of me V_V Seems like most people just move their hands back and forth between mouse and keyboard.

Yeah, we're definitely very forgiving on typing. At one point, we took out all the apostrophes in all the texts because we found that even just holding the shift key while driving was too hard for people. Hence why all the contractions in the texts look the way they do. A little game design secret ;)

From your mouth to Mark's ears

Let that be a lesson that it's too hard for real life too!

The game seems quite buggy. The camera is twitchng constantly, which makes the game quite unplayable. The colors also change a little too rapidly. It's extremely distracting. Also not clear what the objective is.  

Really well polished game! Congrats on this! Once the game reveals itself, it's a very cool concept and constanting requires a rewiring of your brain that is quite fun.

If i had to criticize, as other people have said, the timer feels very punishing. If it was twice as long as it is now for every level, I feel like that would be fine, though I am honestly not even sure that the game needs a timer. Between the puzzle solving, platforming, and obstacles, a timer on top of it all feels a bit much. I also would have been great if there were ability indicators on the colored wires as well (kinda like how there are on the arrow keys). Even after ten minutes of playing, I found myself constantly having to remind myself which color did which ability.

Overall, though, suberb game! 

I like the concept! I enjoyed the decision making that this game forced you to into. It was interesting trying to pick where each weapon would go and made for some movement moments. 

However, the game was a little unfriendly to players. It was never clear what you were trying to do, what the objective was, or how the upgrades really worked. I still don't understand what the one gun by the enemies on the hill did. How was it different then the other gun? Both weapons seemed pretty imprecise to me, so it made killing enemies difficult. Meanwhile, they're showering me in a hail of bullets with laser precision. 

Not bad! There were some good puzzles in there. I especially liked the last room. Once I figured out it could push other berries that was a great little moment. I also really enjoyed the inherent tension of trying to slip out of the room just in time as the vines closed in! I still didn't quite understand what the rules were for turning the vines to thorns by the end, but enjoyed it none the less. 

I don't share my specs much, so not sure if I'm doing it right, but here's what I was running:

OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Type x64-based PC
System SKU Z5M58AA#ABA
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz, 3001 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date AMI F.24, 3/6/2018
SMBIOS Version 3.0
Embedded Controller Version 255.255
BaseBoard Manufacturer HP
BaseBoard Product 82F1
BaseBoard Version 1.01
Platform Role Desktop
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 7.93 GB
Available Physical Memory 3.74 GB
Total Virtual Memory 18.8 GB
Available Virtual Memory 11.3 GB
Page File Space 10.8 GB

For a first game, you should be proud! Most people who want to make games never even finish a product, so to not only start making, but also to finish a game is an accomplishment in and of itself. Especially in 48 hours. So congratulations on that.

 This is an interesting concept. I like how it makes you pick you shots more conservatively than you otherwise would in a game like this. The shape of the level also leads to more interesting bounces of your own projectiles. I wish there was more feedback in the game, though. More sounds, more colors, etc. Everything was a bit small, so it was easy for me to lose track of my own bullets, which was a problem when they were trying to kill me. With a couple more enemy types, you could have a nice little game here.

Not bad! The polish on the graphics were a good way to make the game look a little more distinct. For the gameplay, I wish the ship wasn't in the center of the screen, but more of a third of the way up from the left. That would give you more time to react and make the game feel less like luck and more like skill!

Not bad! I feel like it  would've been cool if it played explored one or two of the "powers" more rather than introducing a bunch of stuff and then just ending. It also would have been nice if the particles were more "descriptive" for lack of a better word. Like it was obvious what the gravity one did and I liked that, but by the fifth level, I was like, "wait, what does green do again?" 

Still a finished product, though! And there's something to be said for that.

I really liked the idea and the style of it all. The hand-painted-ness of the stomach was especially cool. I just wish there was some recourse if you accidentally throw the wrong word up! It kinda stunk having to restart for just one wrong word. Especially when the controls are imprecise (no necessarily a bad thing!) it'd be nice if it was a little more forgiving. Overall, got a laugh out of me!

Yeah, I think I flipped twice while at the part where you have to transition from the Road Closed to driving in the woods. Probably some combination of having to back up + turning + going off the road caused me to flip. Or maybe I'm just really bad at the game!

God, I want to like this so much, but the steering controls are so difficult to handle. It's like you're driving a Mini Cooper with 500 pounds of weight attached to it ten feet in the air. Literally just by holding straight, the car will flip on its side. The only way to go straight is to constant be pressing left and right whle holding straight. It's just way too unweildy. But I know how deceptively hard it is to make steering controls - for our game we were going to have turning as well, but quickly gave up and were just like "SCREW IT! They can just go straight the whole time."

But despite all, there were still moments I really enjoyed. When I first saw an alien coming from the rear view mirror and spun around to get it, that felt like a great moment. And the first time one of those skittery aliens showed up, it legit sent a bit of a chill down my spine. If the steering controls were better, this would have been a ton of fun.

I like the style! There were some performance issues for me, though. Took me like 4 seconds every round the level to load in - in the meantimeI was laggily moving around the map. I also had issues. Maybe toning down the post-processing effects would help. I liked the shooting, but I just wish things didn't escalate so quickly! It felt like it was always ending just as things were getting started.

Not bad! Love the animations and overall visuals of the game. I was able to break it a bit by just holding the cone on top of Tom. Also, I wish the edges of the holes were marked a bit better. It was hard to tell what area around the hole was safe and what would kill me.

Haha yeah, at some point in development we were brainstorming all the different ways we would put disclaimers to not actually do this behavior and then we had the thought, "What if we just made it the name of the dang game?"

I suppose this person's gotta keep their snapstreaks going or something!

Really great work! Fun, intuitive to play, and, of course, deliciously well presented with great effects and polish. None of the normal jank of jam game! 

If I had to make a constructive criticism, it's that the mines feel a bit too punishing for how frequent they are. I like they idea of the mines - the utter destruction they cause - but they happen so often that I was frequently losing rather early on. I wanted to see more of the game!

Despite being so simple, I found this one of the better games I've played! Just a simple, fun idea. Physics are cool!

The look of it was very cool and I think the concept was neat. I had trouble figuring out what to do, though. I noticed there was a help module (I think it was a help module?) But I didn't find it actually helpful to point it at modules. I essentially got a similar result from just testing powering modules and reading the console output. Eventually I got comfortable with powering the various systems, but ultimately wasn't sure what to do after. I could turn and thrust but eventually my ship would leave the radar range and touching the radar module didn't seem to help. 

So yeah I think you have a good idea here! But I think fleshing out the help module to kick dumb players like me in the pants could be the direction to go!