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I really want to love this game because it's such a neat idea. And the aesthetics are great. There's small things in the graphics that tell me that certain parts should be placed behind and certain parts should be in front, which is great. However, the actual combat is really, really hard. Like, I found I could rarely kill any enemies at the start with my regular core. And that really crippled me for later on. It was literally impossible for me to not take damage to fight these ships, which really sucked!

I wish there was some additional mobility or similar that allowed me to dodge or not take damage. I thought there was a shield part or something, but I don't think I ever saw it. I wish some of the parts were a little clearer as to what they were. Otherwise though, cool idea!

This game is extremely aesthetically pleasing. The sunlight from the sun looks dope as heck and the music is really unique and stands out to me. My only complaint is that I kept breaking my probe accidentally and sometimes I think I lost but I wasn't sure? There wasn't a ton of direction or hints with the UI that I would've liked to see. But overall, cool job, I had fun.

The aesthetics and art looked pretty cool and the procedural generation was pretty neat, but definitely had some flaws. First off, the mouse wasnt locked to the screen, so it really threw me off with my mouse sensitivity. The enemies for me were either buggy or not totally functional? Sometimes they would shoot at me sometimes not. And honestly, I didn't really understand a clear "goal" to achieve so I kinda just wandered aimlessly for 5 minutes, which ended up being a little dull. 

The theming with "Joined Together" also feels a bit vague as well. Overall though, this could be refined into something really cool with the procedural generation, maybe some kind of roguelike?

Fun idea, like others have said, restarting constantly, especially with the slow loading screen really hampers it. However, the aesthetic was good. I liked controlling the ship. It felt surprisingly good despite being pretty out of control.

The game was really hard! The overall polish is really good for a game jam game, but I feel like some of the balancing could be better. It was very frustrating to shoot enemies repeatedly and they still can absorb the corpse. And when the other enemies bodyblocked my bullets! And also it sucked being SOL when I ran outta bullets. Overall though, nice polish and fun overall.

The text style was cool, really needed some sound and music and a finished product and I think it'd be solid!

Cool graphics, generally a chill experience. I would've liked to see some more clear instructions on to how to advance in this game over time. An idle game is pretty ambitious for a game jam game. My only issue is that most idle games have some active component, but this didn't really seem to have one unfortunately.

This was definitely a fun one. It's got a cool tetris style to it thats immediately graspable. As the kids say, TO THE MOON

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Yeah, I think a lot of people went with ropes, but I just felt like making a spider game would be fun, lol. 

Thank you!


Thank you!

Yeah there's a few different ways we could go with the webs. Ideally they would be more "structural". Like, we hacked together a system for having old webs disintegrate, but it would be better if it were a more dynamic thing. Ah well, ropes are hard!

Thank you! 

Yeah, turns out trying to learn and then implement Unity HingeJoint ropes in 48 hours was a little ambitious. Thank you for the kind words, though!

I liked the overall aesthetic, but I wish the combat had a bit more feedback! Like knocking back or really showing my hurt the enemy would have been fun. Its a cool idea though, and I do love me some top down combat!

Bugs?! It must be those damn Soviet commies trying to sabotage our agent!

Good job, brave solider.

Not bad! Not sure how it'd work, but I would like a version of this with maybe more mobility. As it is now, destroying enemies by trapping them felt mostly incidental instead of something I could really plan around. Maybe if I could move, I could be more strategic withe trapping.

Controlling the turtle was fun for the most part. Mostly, the game just felt like a roller ball type game since there was never a reason to detach. Still fun tho!

Nice! Was fun to play! I really liked the natural progression built in: as you get more aliens, you shoot more guys, so you get even more aliens, which makes it harder to balance, which means you might lose aliens. It all felt very tight and well done!

This is an excellent jam game! Love the style, love the gameplay, love the music! Congrats on this one. You do a great job exploring the ideas you put in the game. I think my only criticism is that the eye circles can be a little tedious. On the level with all eyes, the optimal strategy seems to be getting a circle in position, turning it off, getting another one in position, turning that off, etc. etc. It can take a while after you "get it" to simply execute the idea. But you do a good job in the next level making the eyes pay off.

A really great game! I played for about thirty minutes or so and enjoy it all! 

FYI - the game does not launch in the app browser. Says "invaldi function" when trying to load in.

Come for the gameplay, stay for the bee-related absolute jam. Great music! Great game as well! There are an impressive numbers of mechanics in this game for such a short time and I feel like the levels do a good job exploring each idea. I wanted more!

Visuals are nice, especially given the time frame, but yeah, as others have said no idea what to do! Had to restart like five times because I kept getting bugged into the ground. 

This game looks great! Awesome animations and style. The game itself gets a little tedious after a while, though. The platform for the landing the guys from the hang glider seems very ungenerous. I maybe got it twice in seven minutes or so of playing. And if you can land that, then the game quickly become the same mini games over and over. A little variety in the jumping mini-game would have been appreciated! 

I got to 11/13 before I quit. Really difficult, but still fun. The fast restart times make dying not that painful. The controls felt good and fair. I simply was just not good enough!

Pretty fun! I like the art style and concept. I think the kill walls in such tight quarters may have been a mistake, though. It quickly leads to a state where the optimal strategy is just to go as slow as possible, which can quickly get tedious - especially if you get kinda far and then have to do it all again. Maybe if the levels were a lot wider they would have worked better!

Pretty fun! I liked the concept and wanted to see where it would go. There were definitely a few moments that made me pause and think about my next move.

Only thing I would say is that I found the hit boxes on the enemies to be pretty dang punishing. In a game like this where the controls are kind of inherently "slippery" and hard to control, forcing the player into precise movements can be very frustrating. I think maybe more generous hit boxes on enemies improve the player's experience. 

Kind of an interesting idea! I didn't really understand which blocks were "lit" or not. I just kinda hit the white lines and then pressed space and tried to see if anything happened. Looks good though!

While the game looked cool, I really couldn't seem to progress! I wasn't sure what the criteria for going from level to level was. I just got stuck on the second level going between guns. It also didnt seem like the enemy robots could even damage me? I tried standing next to them for a long time but none of them could even hit me lol. Interesting idea but I think I was just a little confused overall.

The game looks pretty cool with the low polygon style. I was just a little confused on the overall goals and how to achieve those goals. I talked to the other penguins but I don't think I could get them to do anything. I tried to click on my egg or other things but nothing seemed to happen! It was very frustrating. I couldn't really get farther than that with no controls. The presentation is very nice though!

I found myself a little too frustrated in the experience. I know it says uncontrollable but not being able to give myself a clear direction. The goal also felt a little nebulous. Although the idea is cool I feel like i was too frustrated to continue. Not bad!

I had a lot of fun playing this one! Very cool puzzle game that I think had plenty of opportunities and could have more for interesting mechanics. My only complaint was that there were some easier levels that illustrated a few more of the advanced topics, ie the idea of having one brain jump while another is falling in order to get past something. Good use of the theme to make a cool puzzle game! Good job.

The concept is interesting, but the controls really make it fall flat for me personally. I absolutely hated that I could not move in the air! It made it really difficult to try to platform. I also discovered that if you even touch the table once, even FROM BELOW, then that would count as "completed". So needs work, but the concept is cool!

Fun game overall! I feel like with a little polish this could be a really fun mobile game or similar. Sometimes the aesthetic was a little off for me, I thought it was a little weird that the meteors exploded into a cloud of blood! Lol. It was fun to change the gravity, I would say make the fact that you can crash your own moons into the Earth a little clearer and it would be a little easier to understand at the beginning. Overall though, fun! Good job.