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Well the jam has unlocked the page and the new build is on the normal page. Come grab it, a lot has improved!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It would be better to tutorialize some of the mechanics. The game does throw you in fairly blind.

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Thanks! I'm glad you had fun!

The player model is out of place because it was made by me learning blender with only a couple days left in the jam, instead of by the character artist who made the SO much better raccoon and hound. The goal there was just to have something other than default unreal guy. Hopefully we'll be able to change him.

It also bothers me I didn't get around to making the intro skippable, should be able to have that in the next build.

Cool! Well good luck on expanding it!


The shotgun does two things, one a bunch of damage, and two it acts as a parry mechanic. If you shoot an enemy during their attack windup, you'll cancel their attack and put them in a stun state during which attacks do some multiplier to their damage, I forget the exact amount off the top of my head. Shotgun parry then shovel is a one-two punch that will kill a regular raccoon.

I'll look into the pathing issue, thanks for pointing it out. I'm doing a bit of clean up post jam, so maybe I'll be able to fix that. I want to improve the caves in general anyway.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I played PZZL. It was cute. I figured out what was going when I spammed the answer button a bunch of times, but it's a funny, silly little idea with good presentation. Cheers!

Fun little game with excellent presentation. The infinite list of names was great. As was the evolving art. The demoscene intro on the EGA version took me right back to my childhood.

I found a simple strategy for the arcade mode which probably could have kept me going until the game dies due to the number of goats (I was up to +24 before I got bored), just surround your coin with a circle of towers, ignoring walls. Towers make much better walls, goats don't seem to be able to break down towers?

Anyway, it felt more about the experience than the gameplay. Also, Clive's kind of a dick. :)

Well, there are a lot of things that could be done.  There's a lot of room to expand your core game. Here are some ideas off the top of my head, feel free to accept or reject any of it.

  • Room for more interesting weapons. Right now all the weapons I saw would fire in straight lines. A weapon may fire in an arc and be able to hit the top of the island.  Or weapons that target specific tiles and have slight homing.
  • The intro suggests people live on these islands, Having population could be a possible mechanic. Population could effect the cooldown timers, if you have a lot of people things go more quickly. Having a block of your island blown off could lose some population. People could be something that you find in events on the map. People could also act as raiding parties to the other island.
  • FTL had lots of story wrapped up in its map. Story events could lead to fights where you have the choice to engage or not, crew, various weapons and items for your ship. More story events give players a reason to replay.
  • FTL had a bunch of unlockable ships that changed up the play style. Made he want to keep replaying to unlock them all and explore how they changed things up. Would be a good idea to explore.
  • Fuel that limits how much you can explore of the map, and becomes a resource.

You've got a fun core game that's relatively unique, but it's short and relatively simple right now. There's a lot of room for it to grow into something that people would want to keep returning. Have fun with it!

This one was surprising! Felt kind of FTL-ish in terms of the branching map and two ships battling against eachother with weapons on timers. It's definitely worth continuing this one, so improved art and refined mechanics and you would certainly have something!
The UI was a bit confusing, I didn't figure out how to attach my new cannon that I got on my second fight (a !! fight, was super challenging for early game but it felt great to succeed). If there was a way to keep all the available things on the same menu, it would have been a lot clearer, and I wouldn't have struggled as much. I figured it out before the penultimate battle when I got a second engine.

Simple but effective. Some collision issues, like not being able to shoot over the pits. Also I found what feels like an exploit, I was able to continually re-enter the pits and collect infinite candy (maybe note infinite, but after 15, it got a bit silly).

It felt an appropriate length for the content, and that wobbly neck is just great.

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I never thought I would love an isometric turn based tactical RPG version of basketball, but here we are! The concept is silly, but the mechanics actually end up being rather interesting. A strong focus on positioning and planning which tickles the right parts of my brain.

My one request, is please make it so I can use the numpad, I alway have trouble wrapping my brain around the keys being rotated 90º, and being able to use 1,3,7,9 on the numpad to directly translate to the directions would have helped me a lot. If you add that let me know so I can download it again, I do enjoy it!

I did not notice the tag. Oops!  I'll check out PZZL too!

Damn, this game looks good. The wiggly art style doesn't show in screenshots at all, but feels really good.

I can tell a lot of care went in to this, but I suck at platformers like this and ended up being frustrated. It felt a little clunky to change movement states, but that could probably come with practice. I'll have to revisit this to give it a fair shake, but dang does it look great.

I learned and I loved. Silly concept but it kept a smile on my face throughout.

This ended up being a nice little game. It was fun to follow your dev logs as well.

Sprites were clear and readable, as were the animations. Unlike Giggs, I had 150 denarii by the time I needed it. Guess I just killed errybody that got in my way.

I didn't find the kick very useful. Considering it being a sequel to 300, I think it might have been more effective to make the kick a super weapon that would get powered up as the player gets kills. Kicking would kick everything into slow motion like the film. Add some compressed "THIS IS SPARTA!" VO on top would be the cherry.

Anyway, I had fun, and was able to make it all the way through. Nice work!

Impressive entry for the short time frame. The art feels really cohesive, wonderfully aping the old school nintendo look. The platforming and whip were funny but frustrating. A couple platforming things I was never able to successfully do after dying on spikes a dozen times in a row.

More games need to have the player on anachronistic skateboards!

Wonderful art all around, the main character is especially expressive. I found some of the platforming a bit difficult for my tastes, but then again, I'm not really into platformers, so maybe I just suck. A couple of the kids I knew where they were but I couldn't figure out how to execute reaching them.
The boss was a wonderful unexpected surprise!

A really nice game all around!

The art is gorgeous through and through! While the story was cute and fun, there didn't feel as though there was much gameplay there. I more like I watched a cute short, though maybe that was the idea?

Quick little game that I played a few iterations of. It left like some weird grandchild of asteroids.  The endless sequels are cute.

It didn't feel very challenging to keep the earth like planet out of the way as I could spin the solar system rather quickly. It's a fun idea, but I'm not quite sure where it could go from here.

This was quite a lovely surprise! The music was soothing, and the Hungry Cat Style Picross rules with multiple colors is a joy.

Dumb idea which I haven't thought through what the gameplay ramifications might be. Bob Ross was famous for using the wet on wet technique, which makes it really easy to blend colors on canvas as everything is obviously still wet. Just keep layering on that paint. Would there be some kind of way to give picross rules that get the player to blend colors somehow? Whether on the canvas or on the palette?

Conceptually I like this, but the actual playing of the game ended up being really frustrating. Having to move my mouse back and forth between the king and the end turn button when the king was the only piece on the board got annoying fast.

If you release a new version where that is faster, either a keyboard shortcut or automatically ending the turn when all pieces have moved, I'd love to give this another go.

It was cute, funny, and didn't overstay it's welcome. I got I believe the "good" ending.

If you're going to keep at this, I'd like to able to interact with the townspeople more, maybe question them LA Noire style.

Wonderful character art. I loved all the enemy special attacks. The one that made most of the screen dark was especially great as a special mechanic.
It took me a bit to figure out what some of my powers did, a little explanation might have been helpful there.
I wonder if you could explore other ways to charge the powers instead of cooldown timers. Perhaps deflecting the ball or scoring?

I love this stupid pet, though I'm no good at keeping him alive. I wasn't sure how to keep the happiness meter up, in spite of rubbing him a lot and making lots of hearts. Some more interactions of some kind would be nice. Maybe some toys?

Nice work on the art and style. Everything works, though everything also felt really slow. From bullets, to reloading, to movement. Also, I felt like my bullets never traveled far enough. Have you tried speeding everything up a bit? See how it feels as more of a bullet hell type thing?

Unique and funny concept that completely works. What if typing of the dead was a fighting game?

Super cute art and wonderful music. I had fun the whole way through, though I'd like to see how well the co-op thing works.

Collision on attacking felt a little wonky, especially for large enemies. I had to get really close to hit, but often ended up taking damage. The complete motion stop during the attack might have something to do with it.

Also I agree with the previous commenter that you have to be too close to the edge of the screen to move it. There were a number of times where I rolled right into a enemy I didn't know was there.

On the whole though, a super impressive entry!

Cool art and idea, it just needs more time. I found it pretty easy to stunlock enemies with the punch, and be stunlocked myself, making the combat feel unpolished. I think given some more time, this definitely has potential.

A bit on the easy side, but I had a lot of fun. Slingshotting my little capsule around the moon just felt good. While the arrows helped guide your shot, they felt strangely slow, and a bit too precise.

Might be fun to try this concept with moving planets.

The end of the final level was wonderful.

Great work on the assets, they all look wonderful. It was a ton of fun watching this game being made.

I did however have a lot of trouble telling what things would hit me. Maybe if the player was moved more into the foreground and the projectiles were allowed to get closer to the screen and bigger. It's difficult since the player character is effectively quite long being a luck dragon and all.

Definitely a solid entry but could use some work to make things clearer.

Presentation is really nice. Great use of low-poly to make a coherent style. The texting thing is especially nice. Loved that the game commented on my dropping the plant off the balcony.

Unfortunately I ended up quitting after getting frustrated on the second day without being able to figure out what I was supposed to do without being reset at the start after a dozen tries. Some better hints to the player at what is supposed to happen would really help. I wanted to know where it was going but I felt like I just kept running into a wall without knowing why.

That arm.....

I laughed out loud when I won on my first move in the first level thinking I was making a good chess opening. A wonderful fun concept and I want more levels!

I like the concept, and the art and music work really well, but I have a hard time telling what is happening most of the time. I lost a bunch and didn't understand why. I think it has potential, so hopefully you can make it better with presenting some basic strategies to the player and ramping the difficulty more slowly.

I also love to knock raccoon carcasses into the river. The physics interaction on corpses was a happy accident on the bosses, and then I incorporated it into the raccoons as well.

The original plan was to have squirrels, deer, and mountain lions as well, but in the interest of my character artist's time, that was reduced to the raccoons and dogs. Some day we may return to this and make a whole menagerie.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Those ones should be able to path to the player on the logs. I'll take a look, thanks!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. As for pathing issues, was it on the shortcut logs or the ones down in the river?

Ha ha, maybe I should throw in an in game tutorial... Well, thanks for giving it another go! Have fun!

Thanks ghost bros! Were you using the targeting/lock on with enemies? If you lock on, your shotgun will hit your target. The default target control is Q on keyboard and pushing the right thumb stick on game pad, though you can remap those to whatever you find comfortable in the controls menu. When targeting you'll get a reticle around your target, as well as a health bar.  Hope that helps, and thanks for playing!