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Clive Sturridge's Battle Defense Legacy CollectionView game page

Relive the history of fictional British game developer Clive Sturridge through the ages.
Submitted by alligator, hardclumping (@hardclumping), sponge (@mikerubits) — 2 days, 10 hours before the deadline
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Community Choice#94.2504.250

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Judge feedback

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  • This game feels very complete in that it had a singular objective and it achieved that. I appreciated the wit and punchlines around the game loop, but feel like it could’ve pushed the joke a bit harder in the gameplay itself. Overall a very solid game that gave me some good laughs.


    • Clean, basic design
    • Industry commentary

    Needs Work:

    • Repetitive & cheesable gameplay

    The biggest ding against this game for me is that the tower defense gameplay ended up feeling really tedious - to the point where after the initial laughs wore off, it was a slog to get through to have the next funny moment. Once I realized you could barricade the pound with the indestructible towers, it was just tedious to wait for the level to end. Spicing that up by going deeper on integrating the various trends in gaming (for example - if the slot machine was how you populated what pieces you could buy in that section) would go a long way towards making the short-loop more engaging.

    My only criticism of the humor is that it seems to be the type of humor where you keep repeating the punchline, it goes to not funny, and then loops back around to funny - which I believe it did for a fair few people, but it didn’t really jive for me with things like the infinite kickstarter credits list. I kept waiting for it to do something and then going “oh okay, this is it, I see”, and on to the next one.

Elevator pitch
Relive the history of fictional British game developer Clive Sturridge through the ages, with his original hit "Battle Defence" and it's many needless sequels.

Describe how your game adheres to the theme
It showcases the many unnecessary sequels to an original fictional game.

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Submitted (2 edits)
  • Wonderful presentation
  • Funny premise and execution throughout
  • The Tower
  • I didn't use a slot machine for my game
Here & There:

Such a great use of theme, funny throughout, and fun despite the joke of the game being the same each time. Fuckin' Clive, what a jerkass. I guffawed a few times, and holy moly that kickstarter backer list thing was good. This was good.

e: I got to 8 extra goats in Battlement Defense, don't know if it ever ends, does it?


First off, this game's take on the theme is BRILLIANT. I am floored at this amazing yet simple concept of a look at the original game and its various sequels throughout the years, sometimes adding silly and unnecesarry features but ultimately being exactly the same (and then changing completely and getting incredibly pretentious right at the end). 90 000 kickstarter backers was hilarious, as were the various made-up britishisms sprinkled throughout, and Clive's whole (flawlessly voice acted) speech.


Fun little game with excellent presentation. The infinite list of names was great. As was the evolving art. The demoscene intro on the EGA version took me right back to my childhood.

I found a simple strategy for the arcade mode which probably could have kept me going until the game dies due to the number of goats (I was up to +24 before I got bored), just surround your coin with a circle of towers, ignoring walls. Towers make much better walls, goats don't seem to be able to break down towers?

Anyway, it felt more about the experience than the gameplay. Also, Clive's kind of a dick. :)


Hilarious concept, very slick main menu and very on-theme. Really like the idea of progressing through the years and getting more pretentious but ultimately not changing too much. The crowd funding and Molyneux digs were quite funny. I like the idea of building walls with tetris blocks. 

Are we supposed to quit the arcade version at some point? I got to like 10 added goats and it was very hard. I was just spamming towers as fast as I could. And is there a way around the credits gag? I had to reset the game. 


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! As you guessed, the arcade version is supposed to loop forever until it becomes impossibly hard like how most arcade games worked. 10 is definitely past my record!

You should be able to hit escape to back out of the credits, but for some reason the embed seems to break keyboard input. It works if you poke around and grab the direct URL to the game, or download it. Sorry about that!


Oh you know what the issue with the credits was, then? I was playing in full screen on the jam page so that just removed the full screen and I think that also makes the game lose focus so subsequent Esc presses aren't registered. Oh well! No harm


That tower sequel is best! Loved the vibe after all hose battlements.  Humor is fantastic :D


What an absolute hoot! Loved the ending to 'Towers'. Can't possibly imagine who you're making fun of ;-) Great job!