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Story Time with Grampum Peepmpop 2: Revenge of Puppem GrammaView game page

A pachinko/madlibs game, sequel to Story Time with Grampum Peepmpop from 2016. More words, more music, more dimensions!
Submitted by SAGiggs — 11 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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Story Time with Grampum Peepmpop 2: Revenge of Puppem Gramma's page


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Game of Jam#1n/an/a
Community Choice#44.4624.462

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Judge feedback

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  • I absolutely love this game, even having no prior experience with the games you made that it is a sequel to. The “battle” section was a really nice surprise and nice touch that I would’ve loved to play more of. I also really appreciate how it implicitly weaves this narrative of Gramma’s history with Grampum through the use of the board images and structure of the story.


    • Fun and addicting gameplay
    • Well done music
    • Fun word play with the mad lib
    • Game was simplistic in a good kind of way

    Needs Work:

    • Mad-libs part repeats itself a lot
    • Maybe more rewards for accomplishing difficult tasks?

    It’s hard to find specific criticisms to give this game since it all worked together so well. It plays amazingly well in a social setting where everyone can read & laugh at the final mad-libs stories that come out of it, substantially less so on your own though. It’s a game where I really wish there was more to keep playing - revisit harder versions of the puzzles, or having more puzzles and more fights, I just want more. Having the story filled in and then being able to read it afterwards was great in terms of the two pieces working together.

    Some of the only criticism I have is that it would be nice to be rewarded for accomplishing difficult tasks mechanically - a lot of the puzzles had really small green or red goals, which were generally very tricky, and you didn’t really get anything for hitting them, aside from getting the positive/negative word. I also would really like to see the number of goals hit in the screen with the filled in story - perhaps getting a different border around it if the player manages to get all green or all red goals.

    Also, having a jukebox would rule.

Elevator pitch
A pachinko/madlibs game, sequel to Story Time with Grampum Peepmpop from 2016. More words, more music, more dimensions!

Describe how your game adheres to the theme
As a sequel to a one-off dumb madlibs jam entry this game is pretty dang unnecessary. It features far more content than the first and also ties every game I've ever made into the same narrative universe with references, cameos and the plot as a whole, even taking inspiration from games industry sequel tropes and monetary practices.

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This was absurdly enjoyable. A tight package in terms of graphics, gameplay and the overall experience.

The only minor complaint I have is that the boss fight was a little confusing as I felt the game trained you that red = negative, not red = attack. It made the fight feel more of a curveball than I think you intended it to, but beyond that the mechanics were still interesting. 


I can only assure you I was aware of this possible issue before submitting. It's partly why those buckets are twice the size of the normal buckets, so that I could fit the icons of the sword and shield to try and convey the new meaning of the colours, but I totally get it. I thought about having tutorial tips as an option that would explain it during that fight but entirely forgot about them in the last couple days fixing random things. "Absurdly enjoyable" would make a damn fine tagline if this was an actual product, thanks!


Absolutely hilarious. What are you waiting for? Hit that download button RIGHT NOW!

Yeah, that coin thing is a bit unclear. The only real issue that caught my eye (and stomach) was the screen shake getting a bit excessive on high combos.


Giggs, you're a god. Legit, this is so amazing. You set the tone perfectly from the opening cutscene which was off the wall hilarious and so so well made. The pixel art was incredible. 

You've managed to grab the best thing about Peggle and distill it into a game: getting that fresh board. When you start a new Peggle board and you're just slamming around hitting a million pegs, it's so juicy and fun, and you have replicated that here insanely well. The way the camera shakes and you hear the SFX when you hit a peg? Sublime. And then the way the camera continues to shake at high combo numbers? Such a good idea, it feels so good. This game is an absolute joy to play. You've quite simply nailed the concept. 

I love the way you don't penalize the player for getting a red square, either. (Do you? I couldn't tell) Because you get funny text about poop and butts and that's a reward in itself. One complaint I would have about that is that the text you fill in isn't called out very well. As I was playing, I would glance to the right to see what word was filled in, and I often had to re-read the whole text because I couldn't always remember where the blank was. I think it might be better to color the "user filled" words differently on the right so they catch the eye a bit more. You could even have them be light red for "bad words" and light green for "good words". 

I was confused by coins for 80% of the game, but then I figured out you could buy balls with them so I spent all my money.. Right before the last gate where I found you needed 100. Oof. 

Last fight was incredible, you could make a full game about that. Puzzle Quest-esque if you ever played that. 


Jeez louise you're too kind, thank you!

The first game had the intention of penalizing for getting bad words, but considering that's the only thing that makes the game funny I tried my best to make it easier to hit red buckets rather than green ones as much as possible because it is now known that "butts" and "penis" are funny words.

You're totally right about the chosen words, I meant to get around to using an animated text method thing I read about online but never got around to which would cause the chosen words to vibrate or wave up and down. Unfortunately text in GM:S is very barebones so the colour thing would be a much bigger task. You're also right about the coins, my brother suggested putting text that says "Buy -->" beside the button, which I did but later took out because it felt excessive. I was wrong!