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Thanks a lot for detailed feedback! I will definately try to refine it to something more engaging and most likely mobile game, got few ideas already.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, i'm not quite satisfied with these powerups myself, maybe some button presses( like 1,2 to sctivate those) would've made big difference. Although there're 'pauses' in waves where things get less intense for a while in which you are supposed to  think about what power up to choose.  As for rotation, with planets not moving at all you would lose intensity in keeping things out of asteroids way, i've tried stationary planets it made things too predictable and less emotionally engaging. 

Thanks for the feedback! Controls were initially ment to be not left and right, but full circle, that should feel a lit better, but I had quite a lot of issues with the system and no time to implement it properly.  As for power ups, they do work, although shield can be blown up by asteroids right away, once it applied. Also the idea was to make you think whether you want a steady safe extra life type of power up or rush through the level with x2 speed. As for debree gathering it had few more power ups on earlier stages of development, including launching more ships at the same time and increasing range, but i had to scrap it, because it resaulted in spending way too much time on choosing the power up thus lack of concentration on asteroids themselves. 

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Thanks for the feedback! The idea was spontaneous and tbh I feel like it needs something ontop, some more gameplay depth maybe. As for challenge it is really tough to find that middle ground between making it bullethell like game with really difficult gameplay and enough acessebility for player to check out more than 2-3 sequels. Will definately think about player experience tuning more.

That tower sequel is best! Loved the vibe after all hose battlements.  Humor is fantastic :D