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I never thought I would love an isometric turn based tactical RPG version of basketball, but here we are! The concept is silly, but the mechanics actually end up being rather interesting. A strong focus on positioning and planning which tickles the right parts of my brain.

My one request, is please make it so I can use the numpad, I alway have trouble wrapping my brain around the keys being rotated 90º, and being able to use 1,3,7,9 on the numpad to directly translate to the directions would have helped me a lot. If you add that let me know so I can download it again, I do enjoy it!

Thanks for the kind words. I went back and forth on the keyboard controls. At one point, I had it set so that up was always "towards the net" on both offense and defense but some testers were confused by that. And then some testers were confused by the current implementation as well, where the perspective never changes.. My main takeaway is to avoid isometric in the future, ha..