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Keep on climbing that corporate ladder and make it to the top! Show your boss that you don't get frustrated easily.
Submitted by SystemLogoff (@darkdatatrc) — 23 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline
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Community Choice#183.8893.889

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Judge feedback

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  • Sequel Studios was created as a way to make a sequel to every single jam game previously worked on by SystemLogoff. It's a fantastically over the top use of the theme was really fun, and the quick experience never overstayed its welcome.

    + Cute Plot
    + Really enjoyable art style
    + Went overboard on theme

    Needs Work
    + Minigames unfailable
    + Plot to Gameplay ratio little too far into plot
    + Not as engaging as I'd have liked

    As usual SystemLogoff's game had a fantastic, bright, cartoony aesthetic. It's always fun and playful. It was fun seeing homages to a lot of games I'd played in the past. The structure is Wario Ware with Plot, and does a pretty good job marrying the two concepts together. I would say the plot half of the game works well overall, the voice acting was pretty good, although the levels weren't quite where they needed to be for everything to be heard well. The biggest issues with the project were that the minigames had no fail state. I see this as trying to be reflective of the unflappability of the main character and her inability to be frustrated, but in a way it made things feel inconsequential. Once you know the trick you can just spam interactions and win any minigame nearly instantly. Having some kind of failure state, even if it still ticked you over to the next minigame with a goofy joke would have gone a long way.

    I'd consider polishing up some of the minigames, and adding that additional fail event if possible. The length is perfect though for the experience. It doesn't really have replayability, but I don't think that was a goal of the project. It stands up well as its own thing, and accomplishes most of what it appeared to strive for. All in a all a very cute and clever addition to a very interesting body of work.

    -James Rossi

Elevator pitch
A sequel to the award winning best of theme game Pzzl. Use your mouse to play this interactive fiction game, with a warioware twist.

Describe how your game adheres to the theme
This game is technically a sequel to 4 of my previous games:

PZZL - Direct Sequel

Video Games for Knuckleheads - Stars Grandpa and Grandson

sHexEx - Brewing Beauty in this game is related to this game's lore.

Y2KThulhu - Sequel to the theme of fighting elder gods with belief.

The warioware twist games are all (copyright friendly) sequels to games, or the worst parts of games.

The games theme is also directly retells PZZL's theme, but from the other side.

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The writing, sound and art are all fantastic. 

Unfortunately I didn't really feel like there was much in the way of actual game-play as it didn't feel like you could actually lose? To a point I guess that's the humour of it and for that it kinda works if so but it does kind of take away from the investment in gameplay a tad I found. 

It wasn't terribly obvious I needed to click on the Day X buttons to start a day, or rather it wasn't clear that they were in fact buttons. This left me kind of flailing at that screen wandering what the heck I was meant to do. 

Developer (1 edit)

Yeah, the Day buttons are a huge issue, I've seen too many people miss those were buttons.

More tested needed next time.

Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  • Short and to the point
  • Fun voice acting and visual components to the inter-game cutscenes
  • Very nice visual style
  • Lack of transitions between game-to-cutscene and vice versa
Here & There:

The lack of transitions makes the game feel like it has a bunch of abrupt stops which is as if its interrupting itself with itself throughout. Some kind of animated transition could have alleviated this. The games all being (I think?) impossible to lose is a fun idea but also becomes apparent really early on, so maybe they could have been altered a bit to either play up the fact that you can't lose with absurdist humour or perhaps by making it seem impossible that you can win? Neither of these things are all that important though and it still plays as a tight little package which those familiar with these jams will enjoy moreover for recognizing your previous games. It's fun, it's cute, and it shoots straight at you in a compact format that leaves you wanting more which is always the preferred state. I'm glad we had a similar idea and that at least one of us (you) proved it can be done well. Nice!


Fair, thank you for taking the time to write it out.

I will keep everything you said in mind going forward.


I wonder how many perfect ratings this game will get? I guess we'll have to be patient to find out.


Aww, thank you for saying that. 😊


The art is gorgeous through and through! While the story was cute and fun, there didn't feel as though there was much gameplay there. I more like I watched a cute short, though maybe that was the idea?


I tagged this game as an interactive fiction because the gameplay was less this time. It does hold close roots to PZZL though. So if you want more gameplay and less story, check the prequel out. 


I did not notice the tag. Oops!  I'll check out PZZL too!


I played PZZL. It was cute. I figured out what was going when I spammed the answer button a bunch of times, but it's a funny, silly little idea with good presentation. Cheers!


Pixel art is so cool and absurdly well done. I'm insanely jealous how skilled you are. The juice and the wigglies are on-point. The story is concise but cute and told in a really slick style, just like the rest of the game. The actual gameplay is a little simple (is it possible to lose, even?) but since that's part of the joke I think that's totally okay. Good voice acting like usual. 


Joy is very much a patient  woman who is very skilled at her job.