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Thank you! If you end up using them for anything please share!

This was really fun and a good take on winning death's games. (Well, you know).

Thank you for playing! I did not have the energy to add more after the base idea was done. I wanted to add a way to banish the demon but that would have ran scope out of the jam.

Hey, this while being accurate was not made with GBStudio. Sorry about that!

Thank you for playing, sorry if the shot was a little loud, I wanted the mix the really push when someone lost the roulette.

Thank you for playing! 

(Right there with you)

Thank you for playing and taking the time to write. I honestly did monospace to make layout easier.

Space! :3

(captain the ship is on fire)


it's too bad that it does not use LuaJIT for playdate as the speed is quite a bit better. 

I hope that this does not fully put you off exporting Lua in other places, it's really a nice language. 

this is a great playbook for Interstital. Great work!

Grant, the quote based rule system is inspired, excellent!

Enjoy this weird take on Lasers and Feelings.


Great puzzle box.

This looks great, awesome work on the design and layout choices.

I loved this.

I used this in my last jam game. Thank you for your work on this!

yeah, that error I only caught after deadline. It does not always happen. Thank you for playing!

yes, the skill you cultivate is not the one that is presented. I figured it was a fun bit of humor to have the claw become a plunger instead

I believe. (Thank you for playing)

I'm always on the Love Discord if you need help with the library. I might not answer right away, but I'm always happy to help.

Also, I love the doodle style.

It's become my style, thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Not likely, but I'm glad that you had fun with it!

I'm not likely to add more to this Jam Entry, but I did like the concept and may use the idea again in another Jam.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! I'll let the composer know!

Thank you! I love the art you made for the cover of your game.

Thank you for playing.

I agree with you completely, I did not have as much time as I wanted to make this so I ruthlessly cut everything down in the three days I worked on it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, even if it was just the art. :)

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The website has a version on the page that is: Macos 10.7+

Macos 10.7+

I do not own a Mac, so I can not provide more support than pointing you at the download from the love2d website.

It appears that apple has changed how .app files launch. You'll have to grab Love 2D and install it and then open the .love file in the Linux Folder.

Love2D Website:

No, sorry about that. It's made in a language that can't compile down to the Gameboy.

I'm glad that you like it enough to want to have it around. Thank you! :)

I'm very bad at this snake game, but I like the idea of only getting left or right.

I want to play this with a trackball

This is a very cute snake, good color choices.

I am very bad at this, but I do like Pongx2.

Beep Boop 🤖

Looks wonderful!

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Made some changes before the deadline, there's a boss and enemies get more difficult as you climb. There is less powerups and less content, but at least there's a slice of something here. Some of Ashe's clips did manage to get added.

even though this did not follow the limitation, it’s my favourite so far.

what a good seagull! Good boy, eat that pizza.

it’s a mimic! I wanted to go with a blocky monster party style.