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EXTREME unrelenting spooky castle skateboarding exploration
Submitted by marbenx — 10 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline
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Community Choice#124.1004.100

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Elevator pitch
Explore the spooky castle of ARSEHOLEVANIA as the whip-flailing and, for some reason, skateboarding hero Simon Belhawk!

Describe how your game adheres to the theme
It's Castlevania 2!! (i haven't played castlevania and saw maybe 20 minutes of the NES game on a stream once)

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I just watched a playthrough of the game(which is what led me here) and I was curious if there was a way to get the music used in the game. I love it and would like to add it to my collection.


Sure! I only have the main theme though and not the title theme uploaded (which is only like 30 seconds anyway)

Thank you very much. ^^

There's a lot to love about this game. The graphics are on-point, the motion feels good and hitting enemies feels fantastic. Music was great too, though it could have used a different track for the bosses.

I honestly don't think hitting down to pick up items is a necessary feature. There's never really a reason you wouldn't want to pick the items up I think, so it might as well just be contact.

Slippery corners makes jumping on single-block platforms far more frustrating than it has any right being. 

The whip is... inconsistent. When it's on point it feels outright amazing but when it randomly gets stuck on geometry it feels terrible. I know you included a "get unstuck" button but honestly the way the whip interacts with physics would probably need some careful thought if this project were to go further imo. 

Areas not resetting when you go through a warp is pretty annoying as it can lead to you taking unavoidable damage if an enemy is camping the exit. You can also hit enemies through the screen though, which somewhat equalizes things. 

The game would occasionally respawn me above spike pits, causing me to lose half my health before i got to do anything.

The length of time you're stunned for on taking damage felt a little too long to me... Due to how long it was I felt it'd end up getting me locked into taking additional damage. 

I only got to fight 3 of the bosses (was there a 4th?), the chicken, the bat and the... crab.. thing. Only the bat really felt any good to fight in my opinion, the other  two just felt too simplistic. 

I know I've raised a number of things I didn't think felt great, but given how short a time this was developed in it's still an impressive effort.  Well done!


Love the kickflip animation. The art style is very cohesive and sweet. I liked the music. 

Unfortunately, while the skateboard is, indeed, gnarly, it makes for a pretty frustrating platforming experience. It's tough trying to floatily land where you need to land for some of the jumps, which could be okay except for the fact that failing some of those jumps causes you to fall waaay down and lose several screens of progress. I was working on getting one key and fell over and over... 

It also didn't really feel like you had any decisions to make during boss rooms, for instance. It was more or less mash Shift while the boss flails around, maybe you die maybe you don't (but probably you do). 


Impressive entry for the short time frame. The art feels really cohesive, wonderfully aping the old school nintendo look. The platforming and whip were funny but frustrating. A couple platforming things I was never able to successfully do after dying on spikes a dozen times in a row.

More games need to have the player on anachronistic skateboards!

  • Shuvits for days
  • Very nice visual style and colour choices
  • Funny ending and propensity for fun silly things to happen throughout
  • Controls and collision detection can be frustrating
  • Invincibility frame period is a bit short in many situations, including when respawning
Here & There

Despite the short time-frame you had to work on it, it feels pretty solid. There's a nice variety of enemies with distinct colours which is a nice touch, the game is small enough that you don't really get lost without a map, and it nicely conveys the feel of what I assume Castlevania has always been (annoying recoil on getting hit and there's a cool whip). I would've liked to have seen what you could have done with more time especially in terms of theme adherence because I'm sure you could build something pretty wild and crazy and fun.


That was so good! It felt so satisfying to skateboard around