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It's not very large but here it is. There's online converters if you need it to be an .ico file specifically. This and basically all other graphics are included in the bonus content if you need those too, for whatever reason.

Hey guys please stop fighting lmao. I think this has spiraled into something way bigger than it needs to be.

There are relatively mild jumpscares (I tried to tone them down as much as possible) but are almost exclusively tied to failure. Many players don't encounter them. Description has been updated to mention this.


Got a score of 914! I really love the detail that individual footsteps matter in terms of splashes and points.


Thank you! The kick is actually super janky in its implementation haha. I definitely wanted to add more power ups and minion types (from a gameplay standpoint) but hey, that's what happens when you enter game jams late. Thank you for playing and thank you for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback. The idea was that it was a sequel specifically to the Minions Movie (which is about the minions looking for the most evil person in the world to be minions for) and in this game you play as a minion who betrays their fellow minions in order to become their new leader. Unfortunately due to me joining this jam in the final 10 days this is only really explained in the story section of the main menu and by the fact that you have a yellow arm model lol.

Oh my gosh wow, thank you for the feedback! I agree completely with all of your points. The intended use of the slow mo (or at least how I used it) was to get in closer to the enemies to get a more complete kick as the closer you are to the enemies the more time you spend with your foot in them during a kick and the farther they fly (not really a design decision, just more of a side effect of my rushed kick implementation). To be honest though I really only added slowmo because it's cool as a feature in games lol. Thanks again for this feedback, I look forward to expanding on the core of this game in the future.

That was so good! It felt so satisfying to skateboard around

Thanks for playing! The enemy types were purely cosmetic and yeah the mouse movement was floaty because of some smoothing required for the character controller (that I would have improved if I had the time). I plan on adding more to this game in the future like maps and whatnot.

That was actually a lot of fun! Great work you guys

oh my god that was amazing

Me and a friend just played this, had a real good laugh. Great work!

This is great!

No joke, this game inspired me to join this jam. I love the first person arm lmao

Oh wow! I had completely forgotten about blitz 3D

This is amazing. What engine did you use?