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the sequel to the flimsiest parody never made
Submitted by TheSchaeff (@schaefferaustin) — 3 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline

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Community Choice#263.4293.429

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Judge feedback

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  • A simple but fairly well-executed first-person arena shooter. Overall, I had a bit of fun playing this, but there wasn't enough variety to keep me interested. You should keep iterating on this.

    + Polished UI
    + Great sound effects

    Needs Work:
    - Theme adherence is weak
    - Needs more variety in gameplay
    - Positional audio reduces impact of voice clips

    The menus were simple, but stylish. That said, they didn't really grab me as "Mionions"-inspired. I quite liked the background ambiance, and all the sound effects were appropriately meaty. The voice clips I could hear seemed quite varied and reasonably amusing, but the positional audio needs retuning- they fade out to nothing after a very short distance. Visually, the game looks nice. I particularly like the sparks effect for the bullets hitting surfaces.

    Gameplay-wise, controls were solid. As far as I could tell, there was no reason whatsoever to release the "fire" button. Charging up shots, a reload mechanic, ammo pickups, or some other addition would have kept me much more engaged in combat. As it was, a 5-minute round felt achingly long. I tried both "Easy" and "Despicable" difficulty levels, and didn't notice much of a difference.

Elevator pitch
Wacky physics based first person shooter/kicker starring everyone's favorite highly marketable yellow pills.

Describe how your game adheres to the theme
Continuing the story of the dreaded yellow pill creatures in the form of a sequel to a parody that doesn't exist. (In reality its a direct joke sequel to the Minions Movie but I was unsure if this kind of thing was okay so in-game it says its a sequel to a parody of it but really its just a joke sequel to the movie in terms of plot)

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  • Very fun narrative
  • Very funny and well done voice acting
  • Fuck all minions
  • Velocity of flying mionions affects their voice volume
  • Medium was pretty difficult
Here & There:

Running around and punting these goofs is fun enough but the voice acting adds a whole level of enjoyment that I definitely didn't expect when I started. It took a couple kicks to realize though that sometimes they were saying words that were jokey things because damaging them a bunch then kicking means they fly off real quick and the audio decreases in volume relative to distance, so many of the lines I never ended up hearing well enough to understand them. The error line though got me to chuckle pretty heartily. I had a lot of fun with this, and I just wanted to have more to play with, either in terms of different levels or versions of the mionions or even a boss or something. I started on Medium but they bunch up and are relatively accurate, considering, and though hitting them throws off their aim somewhat sometimes it just lines up that they fire close enough even while getting pelted that it is pretty difficult. I crushed them on Easy though and I'm comfortable knowing I cannot yet handle high-level play in Mionions 2. Nice work!

Submitted (2 edits)

I was disapointed to not hear the word "mionion" spoken anywhere within the game.

The chill background music mixed with kicking small yellow pill gremlins off a map were a surprisingly relaxing combination. It didn't feel like there was any kind of difficulty ramp up at all, so it did start to feel its length near the end.

Applying a bunch fo damage to an enemy and then kicking them sky high is very satisfying, though I felt like I needed to be a bit too precise on the gun. It would have been nice to have a couple different shot types and patterns, for both the player character and the mionions.

I'm not sure how on theme I would call this in terms of being an unwanted or unnecessary sequel since it's only really related to minions in so far as they're the enemy you shoot. The chill ambience is very antithetical to the shrill shrieking that is the minions ip so I'll give you that.


Thanks for the feedback. The idea was that it was a sequel specifically to the Minions Movie (which is about the minions looking for the most evil person in the world to be minions for) and in this game you play as a minion who betrays their fellow minions in order to become their new leader. Unfortunately due to me joining this jam in the final 10 days this is only really explained in the story section of the main menu and by the fact that you have a yellow arm model lol.

This game is incredibly cathartic to play. The look and feel of the physics is spot on! 

I feel like the game could use some kind of cross-hair. Even though the bullets are projectiles rather than hitscan I feel a crosshair would at least help you line up distant shots. 

The kick hitbox felt really inconsistent. When it connected it felt fantastic but there were a number of occasions where i felt like the kick should have landed but it didn't and also the opposite. 

Other than that, the game does lack a little variety. Perhaps different enemy types with their own mechanics might help, or some power ups that spawn around the arena? There's also nothing really discouraging me from just kiting the silly boys around the arena for 5 minutes just to clear the stage. This paragraph is mostly suggestions really, I have no idea what might improve the game or clash with its current design, to be honest. 


Thank you! The kick is actually super janky in its implementation haha. I definitely wanted to add more power ups and minion types (from a gameplay standpoint) but hey, that's what happens when you enter game jams late. Thank you for playing and thank you for the feedback!

Just incredibly fun overall. The voiced lines were great and I love how satisfying the shooty-shoot is.



Submitted (1 edit)

Really satisfying and fun! Nice job! I think the core of the game is really solid. This could honestly be fleshed out into a full game like Devil Daggers. I think it is really great. 

A few small comments. I don't like that upper ring surrounding the arena. Seems like it only exists to block the high flying minions that should be dying, which is frustrating. Saving minions that should die and then you have a low health minion on the far side of the field you have to eventually go over and kick again. 

I think the kick hitbox needs to be bigger, like, a lot bigger. It should be capable of sending all minions in a six foot area flying. It's a little annoying to go to kick someone that seems pretty close and have your kick miss. Plus I think it would be hilarious to send like four minions flying at once. And juice up that kick, baby! The voices on the minions are amazing and hilarious, but the kick itself is just a womp sound. Let's get some screen shake, sound effects that scale based on how damaged the minion is... I want it to feel like you just got a check for a hundred dollars in a card from your grandma every time you kick a minion across the field. 

I didn't find I used the slow-mo much. I was able to dodge enemy projectiles just kind of strafing around (Not that I see that as an issue, the strafing was fun). I think that could be like a dodge roll feature instead? Or something? I think it could be cool to fly at an enemy and then POW kick them. 

Lastly, the health was really hidden. I was never clear on how many health packs were actually in the arena. Why not make it so there's 4 single-use health packs on the edges of the arena that are all visible from the center of the area? Give the user a nice at-a-glance of their resources. 

Okay I only have a lot of comments because this core is sweet and you should keep working it! Really nice job. 


Oh my gosh wow, thank you for the feedback! I agree completely with all of your points. The intended use of the slow mo (or at least how I used it) was to get in closer to the enemies to get a more complete kick as the closer you are to the enemies the more time you spend with your foot in them during a kick and the farther they fly (not really a design decision, just more of a side effect of my rushed kick implementation). To be honest though I really only added slowmo because it's cool as a feature in games lol. Thanks again for this feedback, I look forward to expanding on the core of this game in the future.


im biased because i voiced something in this game but i seriously cant stop playing it


Great job here! The art is nice and crisp, the gameplay is fun, and the voices were hilarious as I kicked mionions around. It might have been nice to see multiple maps or maps that made better use of the bouncing physics (I know, difficult for a jam). Also, it was hard to tell what was unique about each of the different enemy types. It ran well on my Mac and only issue I noticed is a slightly floaty feel to the mouse sensitivity, even after adjusting.

Nice work on your first jam!


Thanks for playing! The enemy types were purely cosmetic and yeah the mouse movement was floaty because of some smoothing required for the character controller (that I would have improved if I had the time). I plan on adding more to this game in the future like maps and whatnot.