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Plants Vs Zombies Vs PredatorView game page

A frantic RTS about plants and aliens and undead
Submitted by cyrusposting (@cyrusposting) — 23 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline

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Community Choice#323.0943.364

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Elevator pitch
Use plants to collect Plant Matter to fight off zombies and predators and collect more Plant Matter.

Describe how your game adheres to the theme
its like when they made a sequel to the alien movies by making the alien fight predator but its like that with plants versus zombies

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  • Funny concept and writing
  • Decent puzzley-strategy
  • Unique visual style
  • Lack of variety
Here & There:

I don't know what the alien in the outro was talking about, this game is not garbage. I enjoyed it, at least. There's definitely room to grow and explore given that there's just the peashooters and lookout stalks (I forget what they're called), but the areas were designed in a way that they felt different from one another, though there were a number of spots where one could cheese the predators by firing upon them at a distance. I liked the hand-drawn style and I felt it fit quite well, but again some more variety would have been cool. It's simple and the alien is written like a real dumbass but it's solid in concept. Predators are not sexually desirable, I will remain adamant on that point.

The art is kinda rough, but the game actually plays really nicely I thought! You introduce mechanics one at a time at a good pacing, letting me get used to things before adding new things.

Unfortunately the depth of the actual game is a little thin for what's in it so far, but it's something that could easily be expanded upon I think.

As some general game-play comments, you might need some way to detect that there's no way to generate any more plant matter so that if that's the case and you're on 0 matter you should probably get some kind of prompt to let you know. 

The last encounter I was at felt a little bit lazy in my opinion, just a giant room full of predators. 

But yeh! It plays really nicely and the interface is good. Well done!


Thanks a ton! Tutorials are my favorite part of RTS games because you can really feel the gameplay space opening up as you get through the early levels. Unfortunately I don't think the idea for the game is going anywhere because static defense buildings will always be limited in how much gameplay depth you can get out of them, so like you said it does feel thin. I have some ideas for what might make it more interesting but you're right about everything you said. Thank you so much for playing!


Really self-depreciating, but I thought it was funny and a cool concept! I would play a full game of this! I really liked the art style. I thought I would dislike it based on the screenshots, but it's hella sweet. 

I wish I had to use a touch more tactics, though. Mostly I would pop down the latern man and then surround him with pea shooters and then just have outposts of that. It would be neat if there were guys strong enough to require Walnuts or something. Or maybe with different abilities? Like what if there was a guy that froze all shooters in a NxN area around him? So you kind of had to play keep away with a main shooting group? I dunno, just steal liberally from enemies in PvZ already, I guess. 

The enemy pathfinding was a little wonky as well. But also I almost wish more enemies could float over gaps in the floor. I felt like I was cheesing the last level, drawing the big enemy clusters over to the gaps and then shooting them from across them. 

I wish there were more enemy sound effects! 

I think it could be cool if you were trying to defend a "home" area, and all the enemies you woke up would eventually work their way towards your home.. Or something. This never happened to me but I bet it would be a bummer if you ran out of currency. 

Very solid entry overall!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks so much! I wasn't sure about the artstyle at all. The game was a lot harder and more tactical before but I got scared that the judges would get stuck and give up before the later levels. Likewise, the last level was less cheesy but after so many people had trouble getting through the game I wound up turning it into a victory lap just to make the ending satisfying. I'm banking on the stats at the end, trying to win as cheaply or as quickly as possible might make it fun to play tactically but I'd rather not depend on things like that of course.

I really like your ideas about a home base and floating enemies, like maybe a balloon zombie or a predator having a grappling hook that can hop a limited number of tiles. The idea of an enemy that keeps nearby plants from shooting is also awesome, I really appreciate the suggestions. I agree about more sound, and generally I wish I had done more to make the action clearer and more readable but I started the game late and designed myself into a corner early on.

I don't think I'll keep working on this anymore just because some of the fundamental design is around it being a short game and it violates two trademarks just in the title, but this was my first RTS game and I'll be doing a lot more like it in the future. I have one planned right now for the game by its cover jam. Thanks for the input!


I didn't make it clear enough that [Esc] opens a pause menu where you can quit the game, restart the level, and adjust volumes.