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lol this rocks. the words in the blocky windows were the hook that got me to play this

Thanks a ton! Tutorials are my favorite part of RTS games because you can really feel the gameplay space opening up as you get through the early levels. Unfortunately I don't think the idea for the game is going anywhere because static defense buildings will always be limited in how much gameplay depth you can get out of them, so like you said it does feel thin. I have some ideas for what might make it more interesting but you're right about everything you said. Thank you so much for playing!

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Thanks so much! I wasn't sure about the artstyle at all. The game was a lot harder and more tactical before but I got scared that the judges would get stuck and give up before the later levels. Likewise, the last level was less cheesy but after so many people had trouble getting through the game I wound up turning it into a victory lap just to make the ending satisfying. I'm banking on the stats at the end, trying to win as cheaply or as quickly as possible might make it fun to play tactically but I'd rather not depend on things like that of course.

I really like your ideas about a home base and floating enemies, like maybe a balloon zombie or a predator having a grappling hook that can hop a limited number of tiles. The idea of an enemy that keeps nearby plants from shooting is also awesome, I really appreciate the suggestions. I agree about more sound, and generally I wish I had done more to make the action clearer and more readable but I started the game late and designed myself into a corner early on.

I don't think I'll keep working on this anymore just because some of the fundamental design is around it being a short game and it violates two trademarks just in the title, but this was my first RTS game and I'll be doing a lot more like it in the future. I have one planned right now for the game by its cover jam. Thanks for the input!

I didn't make it clear enough that [Esc] opens a pause menu where you can quit the game, restart the level, and adjust volumes.

this rocks, really a big fan of the polish and the art style. i was surprised by how smart the enemy AI felt, thats tough to do under time constraints I imagine.

im biased because i voiced something in this game but i seriously cant stop playing it

The movie titles and keywords were cool, I really liked the music most of all, especially the second song. I know there isnt much to do but just the UI, concept and music are exciting enough that I'd love to see this expanded on.

Great presentation and it adds just enough to add another level of depth to pong. I also love the characters and art and voice acting etc. Really fun game.

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I never liked these kinds of puzzles but with the amount of work and quality that was put into the presentation here I couldn't put this one down. Felt so completely peaceful and really felt good to accomplish something.