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Thanks so much for playing and for the feedback! Yeah, it seems to be a recurring theme that we'll need to take another look at the hotbar setup. Having separate slots for food / water is a great idea that we'll definitely dive into once we can make updates.

We appreciate the feedback and totally understand where you're coming from. We'll definitely be working out the kinks in the UI once the voting embargo gets lifted, along with the other items you noted. Glad you enjoyed the style and music, and thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for the playthrough! Super funny and supremely patient haha. Unfortunately, there was no time during the jam to make the plant actually grow, so I'm glad you moved on with your life before your video stretched to an hour. :) It's definitely something we'll add in once the voting embargo is lifted. Thanks again for taking the time!

Thanks so much for the feedback and for the (impromptu) bug testing! :) I think that's a great idea to stack the dropped items in quantities of ten, to avoid the kind of bug you experienced, since you really can start to collect quite a pile of stuff - it's almost like underwater Horders...I appreciate you giving it a try and I'll definitely make it a priority to get the loot drops patched up once voting is over.

Really love the pixel art here. I also felt like combat was well-done, giving the player enough time to hit and retreat to avoid damage with the right timing. As others have mentioned, the enemies will chase you across the entire map. This might be a realistic representation of Roman centurions, but giving them a max chase distance might have been good, to avoid massive battles. Towards the end, I was just paying the death penalty to sit and slaughter the map's worth of enemies haha. 

Great work, this could definitely be expanded into a long form experience and I wouldn't complain :)

One thing is certain - this game is super cute. I could probably sit and watch these pups battle it out for hours (I'll probably go back and do just that after leaving this comment). As TomR mentioned though, I didn't really feel like I could affect the match too much. The couple special abilities you get are really fun, but seem to just as easily affect your team negatively as the other. Maybe a little more gameplay on either the management side or the player side would give it the balance it needs. Overall, great job.

Go corgis!

This game is great - really like the aesthetic, the gameplay is challenging and (as cyrus mentioned), the AI seems really well done and fair. I could seriously see this being ported to a mobile device fairly easily, since having selection / movement as touch might even make it more intuitive and avoid the confusion with movement direction. A couple things I felt were missing might be a level select screen - I'm not great at these types of games and being able to go back and pick up where I left off would have been appreciated. Also, the tutorial didn't explain the selection process / controls exactly, so it took me a minute to figure out how to select (I was originally trying to select with the mouse. Doh!).

All in all, great job!

Thanks so much for the feedback, we really appreciate it! All great points, but I particularly agree with the hot bar comments - it could have even been improved if the knife was stickied to spot 1 since it's usually the tool you're using the most. Thanks again, we'll try to make some improvements when the cease-fire is lifted after voting :)

Ah, nope I had totally missed that (though now I feel like I remember it being mentioned at some point). Thanks for setting me straight! One of those RTFM situations. I'll try again with that in mind and I'm sure I'll have a better time at it. :)

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Super impressive effort here all around. Loved the environments, the cut scenes, and the models. Melee combat was well done and felt fair.

My main feedback is that I was a little disappointed with the shotgun, as I had serious issues hitting what I thought I was aiming at. I started getting the hang of it towards the very end game, but definitely needs a reticule or something to show where it's going to hit. Other than that, great job!

Full confession: I'm addicted to picross. It's like my soothing game I play when nothing else is going on. Now, with the addition of Bob Ross, it's even more soothing! Art style is great here, gameplay is great (haven't tried this type of picross before, actually). 

My only point of feedback is that it might be good to have a little blurb up front to explain how this version of picross works. I found the tool tip luckily, but before that I was just winging it. Anyway, this is the full package, way to go!

I'm digging the aesthetic and gameplay a lot here. Great approximation of the two games I think it's based on. 

A couple thoughts: It could use a more clear objective once the game level actually starts, as I wasn't sure who to shoot exactly. Which I think is the point, but might need to be stated more clearly. Also, giving the guns a little more impactful sounds and the shotgun more power would have made it seem more important to grab different weapons and more satisfying to shoot.

Overall, great job! 

I really enjoyed that. I think it missed a little bit of its potential because I really wanted to just play a full game of chess, side against side, where you throw chess pieces at each other. But I'm a big fan of these types of physics fun games and this was a great example. (Now go and make that level with all the chess pieces available) :)

Great job here! The art is nice and crisp, the gameplay is fun, and the voices were hilarious as I kicked mionions around. It might have been nice to see multiple maps or maps that made better use of the bouncing physics (I know, difficult for a jam). Also, it was hard to tell what was unique about each of the different enemy types. It ran well on my Mac and only issue I noticed is a slightly floaty feel to the mouse sensitivity, even after adjusting.

Nice work on your first jam!