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This game is great - really like the aesthetic, the gameplay is challenging and (as cyrus mentioned), the AI seems really well done and fair. I could seriously see this being ported to a mobile device fairly easily, since having selection / movement as touch might even make it more intuitive and avoid the confusion with movement direction. A couple things I felt were missing might be a level select screen - I'm not great at these types of games and being able to go back and pick up where I left off would have been appreciated. Also, the tutorial didn't explain the selection process / controls exactly, so it took me a minute to figure out how to select (I was originally trying to select with the mouse. Doh!).

All in all, great job!


That's a fair point about selecting a player. I think the tutorial should probably explicitly have a line like "Hover the cursor over xyz and press space to select". I saw a tester or two struggle with that for a moment, but I was maybe too quick to write it off like "Well, people have played Fire Emblem and know how to handle these types of controls, hopefully.." But I think it's an actual point of friction that could be smoothed away fairly easily. 

A few people have said that about a mobile device, but I don't see it. Part of that is because originally we had mouse controls and you would click on the character then click the space to select it or what have you, and it was actually kind of visually weird to be trying to click on a tile behind players' sprites. That's part of why we ended up going with cursor control at the end of the day. I've said it to other commenters, but, ugh, I feel very burned by the isometric perspective in a lot of ways. 

Thanks a lot for giving our game a shot, though!