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I played through the demo and poked around some youtube playthroughs and as a queer/non-binary VN writer this feels like it's like 80% of the way there, but ultimately misses the mark. Even if the intent was not to make the cast trans-women, the strict adherence to she/her pronouns and referring to the cast as women all the time makes them virtually indistinguishable other than one or two cutesy lines about "what's under their skirts." Even the purple-haired character's sister calls them "sis." It feels like I'm reading  a conventional dating sim where the girls have flat chests and penises and that's literally the only difference.

I really do wish y'all the best and appreciate the effort toward creating more content like this, lord knows we could use more, but I would implore you to find some LGBTQ test readers, especially within the femboy/crossdressing community. I think there are a lot of very fun ideas that I'd love to see in a visual novel that you wouldn't see in a conventional dating sim. Have different characters prefer different pronouns, with some insisting on he/him and being called a guy. Have a newbie that keeps slipping up and doing masculine things or falling into a deeper vocal register. Show characters presenting masc outside of work. Show the drama of characters needing to hide this aspect of themselves from friends/family. There's a giant elephant in the room with "gender" painted on the side in big block letters, and if there's ever a place to stop ignoring it, it's here.

Of course, this was all based on the demo content and skimming some paths from youtube playthroughs. If there are any routes that tackle gender identity in some meaningful way, please point me in that direction and I will gladly buy this game.

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I was disapointed to not hear the word "mionion" spoken anywhere within the game.

The chill background music mixed with kicking small yellow pill gremlins off a map were a surprisingly relaxing combination. It didn't feel like there was any kind of difficulty ramp up at all, so it did start to feel its length near the end.

Applying a bunch fo damage to an enemy and then kicking them sky high is very satisfying, though I felt like I needed to be a bit too precise on the gun. It would have been nice to have a couple different shot types and patterns, for both the player character and the mionions.

I'm not sure how on theme I would call this in terms of being an unwanted or unnecessary sequel since it's only really related to minions in so far as they're the enemy you shoot. The chill ambience is very antithetical to the shrill shrieking that is the minions ip so I'll give you that.

Well this was certainly a trip. While I think it might have gone a bit overboard for me, I did appreciate how consistently the absurdism was applied, and the 3d and 2d blend together pretty well.

With 666 lives I never really felt like there was ever a reason to not just run straight through the level, shooting whatever I came into contact with. There also wasn't much audio/visual feedback for taking damage, so I never really realized I had lost a life until my character was replaced with a flashing respawn arrow.

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I managed to get four of the parts before I either couldn't find the next one, or didn't manage to trigger the next one. After getting the bodypart near the dog, I placed it on the grave while it overlapped with another bodypart, causing it to get flung somewhere. The ghost child didn't have another line triggered so I think I got stuck.

The audio and visuals a good job at conveying a kinda creepy setting at night. The guards looked alright, though they didn't stand out as much as I'd like for a game where you need to be avoiding them.

The stealth is ok, though after realizing you can easily outrun guards while not carrying bodyparts it felt less important. Also needing to hold E the entire time I'm holding a bodypart felt awkward, I'd rather it be a toggle.

I haven't watched Braveheart so the on-themeness of being an unwanted sequel is probably lost on me.

The theming, audio, and visuals are all really good. There's something satisfying about watching a chaotic horde yipping and dogpiling a soccerball.

That said, I never felt particularly in control. I liked the idea of choosing how to position your dogs at the beginning of the match, but after the match starts it pretty much immediately descends into chaos without any further input. Having a dog you directly control or having the ability to give your dogs loose guiance in the middle of the game would have helped a lot.

I ran into a couple bugs that made me wonder if this game was secretly a creepy pasta. At one point the match ended, only for the teams start alternating about 15 rounds of penalty kicks, and sometimes dogs would ragdoll in ways that would cause their limbs to freak out a bit.

This didn't feel particularly sequel-y to me, since it's going directly from "one dog is good at sports" to "only dogs play sports now". Having it be about an all-dog team playing against all-human teams might have contexualized it a bit better as a sequel to a sports dog movie.