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The Marvelous Digital Companion
Submitted by HailTheFish (@Hail_the_Fist) — 2 days, 5 hours before the deadline

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Community Choice#432.7372.737

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Judge feedback

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  • While it’s definitely an impressive result from a single person, the game itself is pretty lacking in things to do. I enjoyed the variety of foods, and the fact that if you overfed the poor thing it would just vomit everywhere. I had some particularly bad luck though and through the course of an hour of play my YottaPet only used the litter box twice, and mostly just ran its face in to the wall.


    • The duck character & animations are great
    • Random food
    • Music

    Needs Work

    • Needs more to do
    • Either needs more chill or more challenge

    I would really like to see more from this game. What’s here right now is a good start. There’s some really funny moments in the game but they fade quickly - the standouts for me were the first time it took a dump and the first time I took a pizza out of the food dispenser. I kept hoping that the critter itself would do more funny things - but as mentioned above it had a real affinity for sticking its face in the wall.

    There wasn’t enough pressure to make it feel like a management game and the game doing its thing wasn’t entertaining enough to feel like a pet game to me. If you want to continue developing it I would say either make the management part more tense (i.e. cleaning up poop takes long enough that other indicators are in danger), or make the pet part more interactive. I wanted to be able to whistle and make it run to the cursor or do tricks or something like that. It’s a very solid base and a very good character!

Elevator pitch
Care for your beautiful digital creature, feed it, clean its enclosure, give it the love and attention it deserves, even potty train it! Neglect your pet, however, and it will die, permanently deleting your save file.

Describe how your game adheres to the theme
A spiritual successor to the Tamagotchis and GigaPets of the 90s, starring a creature who is itself a re-imagining of the (in)famous Unity Asset Store enigma, Nugget the Duck Thing. A pair of highly unnecessary sequels, wrapped around eachother.

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  • Nugget the Duck Jr.
  • Feed a duck its own poop
  • Nice fun music
  • Lack of scold option
  • Foods all seem to be pretty bad options
Here & There:

On the whole this is most of a tamogatchi style game which is cool to see, and the theme adherence of being a sequel to a hilariously terrible 3D model on the Unity asset store is something else. Nugget Jr is a definite improvement. The game is a bit too simple, where the only real goal is to get the duck to poop in the sandbox, but because of what I assume is RNG sometimes the duck just doesn't poop in the box because of its default low potty-trained score which means it's mostly a game of waiting until it does finally poop correctly so you can praise it. Having a scold option could cover this where if it poops poorly then you can scold it at a penalty of happiness and other attributes but get the potty train score up a bit so that next time you can praise it instead. The different foods didn't seem to be good for the duck regardless and it definitely threw up with the pizza and bread, though I can't remember if the butter caused it too. I enjoyed rubbing my duck with butter. Wowsa. GarbageMouth will live on forever in my heart, though only in my heart because it died after eating poop a few times and littering the place with more poop. Sweet dreams GarbageMouth.


I like how weirdly cute this is!

I'm not sure if it's known or not, but playing this in the browser, it was really blown out to white, at least inside the room (food especially  was hard to see). This was in Safari on MacOS High Sierra.

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I also had a bit of trouble keeping the pets happy, they usually just gradually die of sadness despite being fed, praised and cleaned up. Spamming praise seems to make the happiness drop even faster? In any case, I really like the character design and how it's the perfect mix of cute and unsettling (THE LEGS), the music and sound effects are great too.


I love this stupid pet, though I'm no good at keeping him alive. I wasn't sure how to keep the happiness meter up, in spite of rubbing him a lot and making lots of hearts. Some more interactions of some kind would be nice. Maybe some toys?


Not a lot of game here, unfortunately. I just more or less constantly clicked on the pet to make the happiness go up and cleaned his poop a few times. Doesn't seem like there's a ton else? I wish the pet did more! Like, anything. Dancing would be cute. Or sleeping? Cooing? 

You seemed to have a lot of camera control issues, based on what your tutorial said, but ultimately I think you would have been okay, like, stapling the camera to the center of the room and just letting the user spin the camera a bit. It's also a little too easy to get the camera in a weird state as is. 


Cool duck voice!


This game was okay. It could use some funny events or something. I played for a while and almost got him potty trained.