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dragons but also rabbits

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i like these goofballs a lot :) nice and cozy game

nice! ^_^ hahaha, it was a fun bug though. it made me laugh!

super cute! i had fun picking out my tower spots for the different maps. it was a big surprise the first time i watered the flower and it cycled back to nothing in the pot! XD

+1 to getting softlocked on badgers! XD

This was a super fun game, i really enjoyed it! It was fun stuffing as many buff items as possible on my weapons. Very proud of my setup hehe. Really looking forward to more of this game!

Very well written, can relate. <3

It was interesting how true all the choices felt, like they were true all at the same time but also the player had to pick one at each intersection. Neat!

Good luck to you on your journey, from another person who left not one but two Christian sects. ^_^;; (It took me a while to figure out I didn't have to "settle" for a religion that hated me, my gender, and my friends, even if some things seemed better than the other one at first...) Thanks for writing this from your experiences to help others.

(Tiny quibble: there's no "of course" about joining in praying when family are. I remain quiet and respectful but I'm not interested in bowing my head and joining hands with people who don't respect me. That's just me though! I'm still bitter lol.)

Many many +1s to finding friends and support while someone is processing their trauma, and taking time to breathe. Nice work!

hehe you're welcome!

fantassstic, adorable, amazing concept! i love it!

everything fits together so well... a very sombre and thoughtful game. i really liked how you used the vision range of the background to show clearly where Aspen was looking/uncomfortable with looking.

aw this was so cute and heartfelt! i really liked it.

This was really fun! I enjoyed solving the different puzzles. I really like the flying flower!

I got really far along in The Chameleon, but when I tried punching the electrical box covered in electricity, I died (yeah, it wasn't a great idea, but I wasn't sure what to do, haha). When I had died previously, the game reset me to a checkpoint just fine, but this time I'm stuck on a black screen. I can use my abilities and watch my energy bar go down and hear the sound effects of them and my environment, but I can't see anything besides the UI overlay, and I can't seem to punch either. I tried opening the menu to swap the graphics settings around, but it didn't help.

Super fun game though, I had a ton of fun!

This was really fun! I enjoyed wandering around and making yeti friends.

Aw I'm so glad! Yeah, I'm definitely influenced by the anime in that regard. I just love pokemon and other monsters/pets. <3

i love this, thank you

That was super fun! I love the frog "plap" noises. Holding the jump button down for different lengths of time while you could see the circle fill up worked a lot better than I expected it would! I had a lot less trouble with the platforming than i often do in platformers ^_^;; Also flinging myself into the depths of space by accident with the tongue was great. I really like the grapple-tongue idea. The story and music also really established a really cool and pensive mood.

OMG this is great. I adore everything about this. My project partner is dying of laughter and joy right now.

The ghost is so cute! I liked the setup of completing more minigames to mess with the exorcist Youtuber, while after each one the Youtuber makes it more difficult for you to get around the house! The library maze is really cute. The other two minigames were kind of tricky to complete, while also being fairly forgiving at the same time. I didn't expect a spider boss fight! ^_^

The smudge shooters in the house I think fire a little too quickly? The game seemed to suggest to avoid them, but it's impossible to dodge them since they fire so fast (though you have enough health that it's OK to keep getting hit). Also, the instructions page is super hard to read since it's black text against a dark purple background with the old timey film filter over it.

Really cute! I only wish I could pet the ghost dog . ^_^

Thank you so much! Hehe. I'm excited you like the colors! I really wanted to have purple and orange. It was the first time I didn't use a preset color palette someone else had made! ^_^

Oh my gosh this is the most adorable ghost I have ever seen! I am so glad it is haunting my computer now.


I had a blast playing it! Great music and animations, and I loved the floaty swoopy feeling as a ghost possessing objects (though i had slight difficulty maneuvering a pumpkin to sit on a switch XD but that was part of the fun for me). Also the last room! I laughed so hard.

This was really fun! I love escape room games. Nice job!

Thank youuu =3

Hehe thank you! I love zem too

XD Thank you very much!

Haha thank you! Yeah it's real short XD I made it in only a week for a game jam. I haven't come up with an idea that I really want to do for the next part, but I'd like to someday.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and especially that it felt so good on the heels of an actual pokemon game! ^_^

This is a super cute and fun game! The paint tube enemies are adorable, and it's really fun to paint the floor puzzles and splort paint at enemies. Also, love dad character's eyebrows.

This is so cute and spooky! I adore it. Very clever mechanics, excellent dialogue, cute and spooky art, and lovely and creepy music. The secret garden appearing was so exciting and cool!

(When she asked for my name at the end, i was like OH NO and gave a fake one. XD )

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed it. ^_^

Thank you so much! ^_^

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Ran a bit short on time to troubleshoot the platform visibility. ^_^

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you!

Thank you very much! ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed my art.

Artist here! \o/ This game was a ton of fun to work on. Leaf did a fantastic job with the writing, music and design, and the concept is super cool. It's very moving. I hope you all enjoy it!

Thank you! Yes, I uh am unfortunately quite drawn to projects of the cascading scope explosion variety... XD