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dragons but also rabbits

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This is so good and breaks my heart <3 Thank you. What a well-done portrayal of how "just work hard" will not solve everyone's problems or prevent precarious living situations.

This is so beautiful and cute! I loved the atmospheric sounds and music, and it felt so good to have pretty flowers bloom or fish swim when I finished a puzzle! I also thought the slide puzzle hint system was very well done. Very relaxing, not frustrated once (which is quite an accomplishment in a puzzle game!)

Thank you! I'm really glad. Enby rep <3

Extremely cute! I love all the options, and the different characters were fun to talk to. Good luck!

fun! i was excited to make dumplings

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pretty cute and fun! i enjoyed the conversations, very nice keysmashing. also great music

This is a pretty cool game! I love the kickass enthusiasm.

I drew a doodle of when some lady told my mom I should have a bow on my head so everyone would know I was a girl. She was wrong on both counts, ha! I added a bunch of reptiles and amphibians because they're awesome, and I cut the doll's hair just like I did when I was a kid.

This is something I've had to deal with so often... it's really tough! I really appreciate how much thought and detail you put into making sure all the players stay safe and comfortable.

Thank you! He is quite awful, isn't he? ^_^;;

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. ^_^

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed me demolishing the pokemon premise (sort of), hehe.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much! I got the idea when a couple of friends of mine were talking about what an impostor Professor Oak would do, like tell you to ride your bike indoors, or let you have all 3 starters - or tell you the gender binary was a myth instead of asking if you were a boy or a girl. ^_^

This was cute! I had fun exploring the different little vignettes. I teared up at the room with the grandparent. ^_^;;

Thank you for sharing this - I relate very strongly. I definitely feel the "has breasts, must be girl" anguish. I am constantly in sports bras. I think I have come to a different conclusion than you for my own chest, but I'm glad to hear your story.

The narrative here is really strong - thank you for sharing this.

This was fun! I'm impressed you got the game feeling so nice to play in such a short time.

I love this!! I really liked the humor, and it's so cute and full of emotions. The three different boxes at the end... and writing the pronouns so large, I feel like it made a strong statement.

Also I really empathize with the desire for a crowbar.

I really enjoyed this! I love everything about the monster - the art, the sound effects, the way the dialogue is shown. And I like the subtle touch of the child using their sibling's pronouns. :,)

I was also a little confused about the beginning - I thought maybe the monster had taken the child away from the house when their sibling was in danger? But then it seemed like that had happened much earlier.

This is amazing!! I love the tone, the music, the art - and of course, I love that the question most asked is "What is a dragon?" :D

Oh, you are the one who made the space flags?! That's awesome! I've used them for my desktop background before, they look so cool.

This was cute! I liked putting different pronouns in the Sherlock Holmes snippet the best.

Super cute, it gave me a couple of very neat "aha!" moments when new mechanics were introduced. The chicken is very slidey but was fun to corral. I definitely starred the sleepwalker a lot by accident... ^_^;;