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Alphabet Shoot - GMTK JamView game page

A Typing game without words or sentences
Submitted by Elrobo (@elrobochanco) — 2 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline
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Alphabet Shoot - GMTK Jam's page


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Really cool idea! The visuals are gorgeous, and overall gamefeel is really nice and juicy. I wonder if it can be extended with e.g. larger enemy "ships" that are composed of more letter, like a word, etc. Well done! :)


very good game i think it need to be more difficult but very good idea and execution keep going.

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Really simple, but fun game! Its a bit too easy though. Maybe having the letters increase speed after a while to ramp up the challenge, or have different enemy types like bigger enemies that when you destroy will split off into smaller enemies. Really like the game though, its like fun in its purest sense, good job!

Really cool, simple idea. The pace of the game could maybe pick up a little but faster. I could see the challenge picking up with letters that need multiple presses, multiple letter comets, and sentence comets, etc. It's missing the 'prioritise which one to kill first' element typical to game genres like theres.

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I think the aesthetic is really well done, but I feel like taking out words / sentences just made the game easier without making it more interesting in return. I think if it didn't fit the theme and was just a regular typing game where as it got harder you had to type longer words for each enemy, it would have been more fun. That said, the aesthetic / sound effects / control responsiveness and the spawning of the enemies relating to the location on the keyboard was super satisfying, so I still liked the game!


Thanks for the insight. I agree. The plan was to have things that would take multiple shots/letters. Or enemies that stayed in one area basically "tying up" one hand to type and defend . While your other fended off other spawning projectiles. Perhaps in a future version.


Yeah I like those ideas, I think it would add a lot of depth to the game :) I would definitely play a future version if you added them!


Nice and juice-y and pretty fun. Would've liked to see random letter combinations so taking out hard enemies would be a full gibberish word.

I liked how the letter spawn positions corresponded to the area of the keyboard the key is found. Good work.


Very simple yet very fun. I felt like the game got hard suddenly, but maybe that's just me


This is really fun! My only complaint is that there's no music

Really simple idea executed really well. I think this could be really great for tough-typing practice. The sound effects are on the loud side for me but overall this is a really nice game. 


I agree, not having a volume control and more enjoyable effects is one of the things I lament not getting to. 


Isn't this basically a typing game?

This game has a simple core AND is really well polished. I also feel that it meets the challenge of the jam better than most. A typing game without words / a shooting game without aiming / a pattern matching game without hidden elements, it just works in so many ways. I played it many times and was also able to feel a sense of progression which is always a good feeling as well. 


I love these types of typing games, and this game looks very professional, but I feel like without words or sentences, it just removes a layer of difficulty. Great Job though.


Great work man! You made some really nice game feel and the aesthetics are fire!! Good polish. Got me really into it!


Really good fun! Feels great to play - love the screen shake and laser effects. Could be a great way to learn to touch type?