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1st Convo: hey

2nd Convo: MY DOG DIED

Me: Well that escalated quickly 0.0

Seriously though, my favourite game so far. The lines are funny and the voice acting is the best part. Good job!

Nice game! I had the same idea as you when first trying to think of ideas for my submission (the whole one shot to kill all enemies idea), but I was a worried that my game would end up being one of a thousand similar games. But your game showed me that even that idea can be implemented in different ways.

Yup I may have gone a bit overboard with that 😅

I wanted to create a sense of euphoria by making the last level the one with the most allowed bounces and most amount of enemies

Thanks! Can't really take credit for the music since I didn't make it, but that was definitely what I thought too when I first heard it. Shout out to Heatleybros!

Thanks! I found the bug with the purple guys too but I didn't have enough time to fix it. Glad you enjoyed it!


Really like the graphics and music. The story was kind of cliche but still funny so I think it worked out. The only thing is that I find the pink whale sometimes moves too slow. Other than that, good job!

Really like the music and sfx! Especially the ambient bar sounds. The main frustration for me was when I tried to click on a single person to order them a drink but the game keeps thinking that I'm trying to pair the couple up (maybe the game is drunk?). Other than that, fun and challenging game!

Ahh ok, thanks! I'll give it another try

Yup sorry, realized a bit too late that I had to make the audio myself (didn't read the game jam details carefully enough), and I'm still figuring out how to do that

Hello! I tried your game but I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do

First game I try and its already all 5/5 from me. I really like the concept, it makes perfect use of the theme. Its one of those ingenious design concepts that, to me, is simple but at the same time not that obvious.

Hey! I made a game with a similar concept! I like the approach that you took with the game, it gives more of a macro management feel than what my game does (which is a good thing since you are not supposed to control your units). I kind of won without knowing how though, I made two fighters that walked off screen, then won eventually. I also would have liked to use the stone resource more because I kind of had a large stockpile of it while my wood kept running out.

There is something really satisfying about your worker system though, seeing them slowly devour the resources on the map.

Its probably too late for me to ask you to rate my game since its quite close to voting being closed, but maybe check out my game to see if there's concepts you want to add to yours.


It was really relaxing, which makes this stand out from most other games submitted for this jam. I really like how you used the limitation of having no graphics to emphasize on the peaceful setting of the game, and it really helps to put your intended message across.

All in all, this is one of the best uses of the theme so far.

Hmm... the HUD salary display is actually a good idea.

As for the flag things, I used that strategy once while playtesting but didn't really think much of it. What you said though sounds super interesting! I don't usually update my games after publishing but maybe...

Glad you had fun though. Also glad to hear that seeing my base being swarmed by enemy units is not only something I enjoy :)

Ok, I'll check it out. Thanks!

Really simple, but fun game! Its a bit too easy though. Maybe having the letters increase speed after a while to ramp up the challenge, or have different enemy types like bigger enemies that when you destroy will split off into smaller enemies. Really like the game though, its like fun in its purest sense, good job!

Really cool idea! I had a similar idea but for a visual novel instead, but decided not to do that because my sound design is horrible. Glad to see that someone can do the no video idea justice :)

Really funny game! Feels kind of like one of those choose your own adventure books.

I really like the concept but I gave up after playing for a few minutes. I kept getting confused because I kept expecting the box to move in the opposite direction of how it actually moves. Also, somehow my box managed to glitch through a wall/floor (I think? I didn't really see what happened), and it ended up at a different part of the level. I still really like the concept though, just that the game is personally hard for me to play

I think its an interesting story, there's definitely a sense of helplessness as your home slowly gets emptier, and certain touches of detail make the game 10x more awesome (like electricity bills going down when you sell your fridge). Theres funny parts too that I appreciate a lot (the walking animation one is my favourite, and my cat has the best name). However, as a game, it kind of feels like there isn't much stuff you can do, even at the start. You might be on to something though, because I always feel that most farming games become boring the longer you play as your systems all get set up and you start earning much more money faster than you can spend, and I feel that what you did in this game might be able to fix that.

The best part for me was the dancing dog :)

Yup! If you click and hold the middle mouse button, you can drag the camera around the area.

You might say that its a game jam game, but this honestly looks to me like a prototype of the next hit platformer (successor for snake pass maybe?) I couldn't get pass the gliding part (no idea where to go), but the base concept is really awesome and can be expanded on in many different ways. I hope you make a full game out of this :)

(P.S. not sure if its a bug, but I discovered that if I stick to a wall, face my character so that its side is to that wall, then click to jump a bit and quickly move my mouse back, I can go higher, making it possible to scale vertical walls on my own without doing the wall jump trick. Even if this is a bug, it was really cool when I found it and I had a tonne of fun using that trick, so as far as I'm concerned its an intended feature :))

Takes some time to get used to, but once you figure out you have to burst down the enemies when their at low health, or risk getting overwhelmed, the game is doable. It was much more fun than I expected, and I really like the concept. Once there is no defense in tower defense, things definitely get more interesting

This is the best game I've played so far, and I can easily see Mark playing this. A solid concept, and a really polished looking game!

More people should rate your game! The only frustrating part is that when you die you seem to need to re open the game again? Other than that, its a really fun game that fits the theme perfectly. Without a rhythm, there is added difficulty in the game as you can't predict when the next action is. Good job!

Really fun game! Really smart level design, its cool that your game levels can teach its concepts in organic ways, like how you can walk over spikes once an enemy dies on top of it is literally shown in one of the earlier levels. Not sure if this can still be considered hack n slash anymore though, feels more like a puzzle game. Still really good though!

Its very addicting after a while. Something about the movement feels a bit off but other than that, its really fun!

Its really fun (even though I couldn't get very far, don't think I've even reached a boss yet). Its one of the most polished games I've seen on itch and I get a real rush when playing edge and jumping around the level slashing anything near. It starts lagging though when more enemies are in the area, but other than that I would definitely buy this game if you ever publish this on steam :)

Simple, yet fun arcade-like game! Hope more people play and review it!

The most unique one I've seen so far! Cool use of "perspective" to create an interesting puzzle. Was hoping that when I reached the glowing part in the end that it was actually an even smaller puzzle, that would have blown my mind even further. Also, hello from the youtube stream chat :)

Your game is quite polished and your art style is amazing! The game itself is quite fun too, its like resource management with some action or tower defense involved. One suggestion would maybe to make the guns have a range so that I have extra incentive to move, because right now I can just charge one spot to get the levelled up gun and feel relatively safe and cope without the slow. Other than that, really great game and i hope more people review it :)

Simple yet creative. I can see some other elements of GMTK in there too, like level design from mario levels. Wished I thought of this :)

Quite fun, could see myself playing this for a while, especially if ported to mobile :) (although the teleporting part throws me off every time)

Hey Akirien. You finish the game by persevering in overcoming depression till the end. It may not look like anything is changing at the start but gradually you will see some small changes. As for going back, sorry, once you finish the game you will have to start again from the beginning. Let me know if you want to be able to go back though and I'll see what I can do :)

Thank you, this meant a lot to me and really made my day :)

It should be available on Windows