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Got a bit confused at first as I instinctively keep thinking left clicking would shoot, but after getting used to the controls, it was pretty fun!

Really good! My only complaint is that it was too short

BEST GAME I'VE PLAYED SO FAR! I can't believe you don't have more ratings. The main mechanic is simple to grasp, but you've used it to make a really unique puzzle mechanic in a really unique way. Really hope you get to the top 100, Mark definitely needs to play this!!!

A simple mechanic that is easy to pick up but takes a while to master! Great job!

Surprisingly really fun! Maybe I am bad at the game but kind of wished that I can gather more comrades, feels like I very quickly get overwhelmed by the guys with rifles. Otherwise, its actually really fun just running around, converting and attacking. Good job!



Right now how it works is that those willing to join will just join you and adopt a similar, but darker color to the color of your character. Those that need to be forced would be those that start shooting at you. Generally speaking, someone who is able to attack (by unlocking the volley skill for themselves), or has more followers than you won't willingly join your ranks, so wittingly down their numbers till they either can't attack or they decide you have too many will coerce them to join.

You are right though, that I didn't make it clear, it didn't occur to me until you mentioned it, so thanks for bringing it up!

ooh ok! It was while I was trying to hook it, but thanks for the advice!

Gameplay felt slow since you have to wait every time you make a move but otherwise its a really interesting puzzle game where you have to consider how leashing yourself to a certain animal may effect your future movements, so good job!

Gameplay wise it does not feel like much but I really like your art style, so much so that at one point I was walking around to see the whole environment instead of looking for the WiFi.

Really like the concept. For me, certain things make the game harder than it should be though. I at first had problems with aiming the cannon, which doesn't seem to follow my mouse, but after reading other comments, potentially it was a bug? There was also one island I tried to hook onto but it was so fast that it just dragged us around in circles. However, after reloading the game, I had a much better time. Also, it was kind of hard to tell when I can purchase an upgrade, so a simple highlight to show an upgrade is purchasable would be good. Otherwise, you've got a really solid game concept that fits perfectly with the theme without sacrifising uniqueness, so good job!

Very unique main mechanic! I must admit, a bit frustrating at times, but overall I had fun. I got a bit lost on one of the levels before I realized I could actually scale vertical walls by sticking to their side and timing my exoskeletons just right so that they keep launching me up. I think the usage of the main mechanic for that level really captures the two mechanics you joined together. Good job!

Originally at the start, I wanted to avoid puzzle platformers as I thought that it would be the most common and that there would be nothing I can do to make a unique puzzle platformer. Well, you're game definitely proved me wrong. Aside from the main mechanic, there were certain moments in the game that really struck me as genius. Two in particular is when you link a key to a box to get more keys, and the other was when you actually had to avoid collecting keys to go across a bridge of gates, so you use a moving gear to move the key away. All in all, You've made what I thought would be a common and generic genre for this jam into a unique take on a solid mechanic. Well done!

A pretty solid gameplay loop that definitely fits the theme of the jam! Definitely has the potential to get me addicted. Not really sure what the point of adding additional links are, aside from aesthetic reasons (which is definitely good enough reason for me). All in all, a fun, extremely polished game entry!

I both hate and love your game. Really reminds me of Getting Over It!

For some reason, on lvl 4, the key actually gives me armor instead. Other than that, really like your concept, and your pixel art suits the game perfectly. Well done!

Very interesting concept! Kind of wish there was a button to fast forward the dropping, like in normal tetris, so I don't have to spend time waiting, but not sure if that would mean that you do have control of the piece, so fair enough for now. Good job :)

Really like your idea! Don't really see many entries using the theme as more of  story element. Was a bit confused at first on the buttons to press besides X, but trial and error eventually got me to realize it was Z. Other than that, I hope you finish the game, I want to know what happens next :)

Yup! If you survive till the end of the song you get the good ending

Thanks for the suggestion!

Not sure if its my keyboard, as my arrow keys don't always work properly, but for the left and right arrow keys, there's a slight delay before I actually start moving, maybe because of acceleration as if I hold it down sometimes it works, which caused me to rage quit at the spike level. I really love your concept though and I hope you make this into a full game

The levels in the game are pretty simple but I think you definitely made up for it by adding a level editor in a game jam game. Good job!

Was kind of confused what I was supposed to do, is more rods better or less, or is higher or lower energy threshold better? (I don't really pay attention when movies and other media talk about this kind of thing :)) Also what are the valves in the reactor 2 room for? After reading the book I also immediately spam clicked AZ5 but nothing happened. Other than the unclear instructions, this game has a lot of potential as one of those disaster games where you have to micro manage a bunch of small things, and I really like the art style and the camera movement as you move between rooms. If you improve this game after the jam I'll definitely want to try again

Kind of hard to play it on single player but I really love your idea. It perfectly fits the theme and is executed so well that it feels more like an actual fully developed game than a game jam entry. Would definitely play it if it was on mobile :)

Reminds me a lot of age of war. Well done!

Kind of wish there was more levels but other than that you have a really well-polished game here. The music and sfx fit the game extremely well and the broken arrow keys look awesome. Well done!

The music gets a bit irritating after a while and i kind of wish there was a checkpoint system, but other than that, the game was really fun. Really like your art style, it reminds me of Baba is You, and I really like how you ramped up the challenge, from starting off with showing the enemies in a safe space to increasing the number of enemies chasing you. Well done!

A good attempt at your first game jam! A few tips would be to zoom out the camera more so players don't have to guess where to jump. Also for some reason left and right arrow keys play the walking animation but not A and D keys, and W doesn't jump but up arrow does. Really like your animation though, and I hope to see you again next year with more development experience under your belt!

Reminds me a lot of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! Not really that fun as its just that one unit, but a good start to an awesome game. One suggestion I might make is to make sure the player isn't already clicking on a unit before spawning a new one as I tried placing all of my units in one place without moving my mouse and all but maybe 6-7 flew out of the screen :)

Really interesting concept! The fact that you can kind of visually see that you are about to have a panic attack is my favourite thing about this game so far, as it feels like the panic attack is slowly creeping up on you, starting slow but increasing exponentially. The game seems to break once I go to the area to the right of the school, but from what I've read, its not finished yet, so I'm looking forward to the finished product!

Wasn't sure about it at the beginning but the story proved to be a huge hook, which I feel is a rarity in most game jams, and the ending question was the icing on the cake. I really like how you made use of RPG maker too, I rarely see people using that in game jams. Good job!

I really like coding/hacking games though, so you get bonus points for that :)

I actually managed to make it so that each negative thought had a specific counter, e.g. can beats can't, but I felt that it was a bit too restrictive and it was more fun if I could type anything I want, as it can be words you actually want to hear, or more fun words like REEE or no u. I didn't really know how to make it so it can accept all good words without explicitly typing out every single one so I decided to remove the specific counters and leave it open ended.

Somehow got lucky and almost immediately caught the blugger. Not so lucky on my second playthrough though. My only gripe about the game is that the force push seems pretty weak. Other than that, out of all the games I've rated so far, your game fits the theme most perfectly in terms of raw emotion. Well done!

To be completely honest, wasn't really sure how to feel about your game, but then a virus crawler spawned just as the beat dropped and I immediately got invested. Really tense game once I realized I die in 1 hit, and at first I thought spam clicking the fire spell was a bit of an exploit but soon learned it adds to the marvelous chaos. Thanks for making such a fun game :)

This is the first game that involves swapping controls that I can actually play decently, other times I keep getting confused and mess up, although the few times I lose is because I accidentally killed the can myself :). Really love your art style, and your core gameplay loop is surprisingly engaging. Well done!

Really love your art design for the game, especially the transition animation for when the player loses control and becomes an enemy. The controls feel a bit weird though as it seems like I slow down a lot sometimes for no reason. Other than that, a pretty solid game with a nice and simple concept :)

The fact that most of the puzzles involve holding down a key so you don't lose a use makes this game surprisingly tense. Really love your creative puzzle design too!

Really love your pixel art graphics, and the music fits the game perfectly. You have a surprising number of levels too, and all very well designed and thought provoking. It almost feels like I played a full mobile game instead of a 48hr game jam entry. Good job!