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Really great concept, would probably work ok on mobile too. But got a little unfair in difficulty quickly. I would add the ability to move the camera and look around. Also the level with the first spikes was a bit hard to get over the first point to push yourself up without getting suck at a lower angle. Maybe walls or certain surfaces need different/lower friction.

Good game, I liked the calm music. I would add a little gravity to the planets to help "catch" the player. And maybe reduce the amount the player can accelerate by pressing in the direction they are travelling, it can make it quite easy to fling off screen.

Nice art, good music. Took a few to figure out exactly what I was doing.

Neat Idea, I liked having to just dodge. I would make the enemies and bullets more high contrast (make the bg more plain) and slow things way down. Could be a lot of fun if it was more like a bullet hell, and dodging let you do something to destroy enemies.

Cool idea. All the interact-able stuff was very small and difficult to click. Felt like 90% of the times I tried the ball just fell straight into the gutter and even the bomb wouldn't save it.

I really liked the concept once I figured it out, but the layout of the board made it too difficult to enjoy.

This is a good starting point to develop it further. Cute art.

Loved the sprite work. I think I could have played for a lot longer if it was slowed down a little bit. 

Really like the art style of this. I like the idea, but I think it needs a little bit of give. Like maybe being able to push a button to cycle through your trail of items.

Aside from the slipperiness of movement, and some annoying sections (if the boy goes backwards after the mice) this is amazing. Music reminded me of chrono trigger. That's a solid 5.

Very cool concept. Would like to see the interaction of the pulse expanded to do more stuff.

Thanks for the insight. I agree. The plan was to have things that would take multiple shots/letters. Or enemies that stayed in one area basically "tying up" one hand to type and defend . While your other fended off other spawning projectiles. Perhaps in a future version.

Really cool concept, and good music. I think some control tweaks could make it a bit easier to handle. Like if you could have the shield point towards a mouse cursor and parry by clicking.

Cute art and nice idea. Though I the zoomed in camera really hurt navigating levels. Needing to click directly on trees for the grapple to fire made it feel like the grapple wasn't working when you missed. I would make it so when you click it always fires even if it won't stick, then you can show it has a limited range, or bounce off rocks or whatnot.

Neat concept. I think it might also work well on a touch screen just swiping in motions. I found it a bit fidgety with my mouse sensitivity. Those blender logos are my bane.

I really liked this. The animation on the character and their portrait were super cute. It took a bit for me to realize the "action" was changing up. Probably due to the small resolution in browser and not noticing the list. Would have liked to be able to go full screen.

I agree, not having a volume control and more enjoyable effects is one of the things I lament not getting to. 

Very cool aesthetic and idea. But falling off the sides just plain feels bad as there is often no way to avoid or control it.

Very cool concept. Found the controls a little buggy, sometimes shots didn't collide considering how wide they were, and bumping pieces did not go in the cardinal direction I expected. Also I was unable to move between a 1 block gap between two pieces.

But this could be polished to a full game for sure.

Pretty cool, I think one thing to add would be a way to visualize the amount of energy going to a shield so you can see how having all valves open is less effective.

very cool, could use some sounds, and I bet some kind of multiplayer would be a lot of fun

clever concept, I did not get far but I liked it

nice concept and very polished visuals