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Ability to drag/insert a task into a column of tasks

A topic by Elrobo created 64 days ago Views: 53 Replies: 2
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I'm unsure if I just missed this in the tutorial, so if this is an oversight on my part apologies. Is there a way to drag a task (or group of selected tasks) into a column of tasks, and have that column split open to make room for where your selection is droped? 

Right now I can't find an option for this, it looks like dragging tasks overtop of others just drops them onto a pile to be pulled apart manually. I end up spending a fair amount of time drag selecting the lower half of a column of tasks, moving them down to make space, then adding items into the middle.  Is there a better workflow than manually moving whole groups of tasks?

In Excel, this is the Shift + Drag behavior of selected rows when you grab them by their border.

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Hello! No, unfortunately, I have yet to implement this feature that is, in my opinion, a rather important one. It just takes some doing and I have yet to perfect it. For now, you're right to simply move the tasks around manually, but I'll definitely add tasks making room in the future.

Thank you for the reply. I watched the preview for 0.8 and saw you mentioned it along with a lot of other great improvements.  I'll give the alpha a try, and just be patient. Thanks for your work!