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Kyobu (GMTKJam2018 version)View game page

Submitted by FafaStudio (@fafastud) — 14 minutes, 34 seconds before the deadline
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Kyobu (GMTKJam2018 version)'s page


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A very creative take on the theme. Kinda like a top-down Super Puzzle Platformer.


Not like anything I've played, pretty polished, nice game feel. Not 100% sold on it matching the theme of the jam, but happy to have played the game. 4/5


Really cool game with neat graphics and a great concept. I really like how you can roll to manipulate blocks, and it's a fresh take on the tetris genre. For some reason, I couldn't get my blocks to exactly disappear at first until I learned you needed complete rows? Maybe a tutorial UI would help a lot more. Also, nothing exactly demotivates me from destroying EVERY incoming block and it kills the game momentum when I spend all my time perfecting every block coming in. Limited shots, gun variety, or limited time would maybe help improve the game.

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Thank you for your feedback BenChong  :) 

Yes, you need to complete rows like in tetris ! 

We didn't have time to make visual feedback but when you shoot blocks, the difficulty level increase and max to 5. Difficulty don't increase when you dash in a block.  Also, you don't earn any score by shooting blocks

Your ideas are really good too, maybe in a future version ! 

You can find a less buggy version with a small tutorial on our itch if you are interested !


Really fun! I really dig how making the manipulation tied to your character and having to juggle multiple blocks made the game feel much more frantic than tetris usually is. There were a few controls oddities, but it is a game jam game and they didn't get too in the way so it's NBD. Great job!


Great idea, I love the genre mix! The art and FX are also really well made. My only probleme was the collisions between the blocks and the character, it was a little hard  to move sometime.
Anyway, great job !


this was a pretty good idea! i kept shooting all the block for like 5 min until i realized it was tetris, then i when i found out you could dash into the blocks to move them, it was so cool! great job


Incredibly interesting game. Had a lot of fun with it even though I usually get bored of Tetris type games quickly. Not sure if there's a reason that sometimes I wasn't able to walk through a single empty tile between blocks, but that's the only issue I noticed. Great job!

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you a lot for your comment ! :) 

At one point, we had a choice between more precise dash and the possibility to walk through an empty slot between blocks. We chose the more precise dash because it felt more satisfying !


I like the idea of having a character run around to manipulate the blocks, but the shooter mechanic feels a bit awkward to me. Well executed though !


Great art and satisfying controls, but the design didn't really come together for me. The biggest challenge was trying to not accidentally bump the blocks in the wrong direction. There's definitely some fun to be had, though!


Very cool concept. Found the controls a little buggy, sometimes shots didn't collide considering how wide they were, and bumping pieces did not go in the cardinal direction I expected. Also I was unable to move between a 1 block gap between two pieces.

But this could be polished to a full game for sure.


love the mix of tetris and shooter


Great idea and execution. Good luck!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

really fun gameplay, it could be faster

edit:wait i didn't know what the dash was for, that's cool