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Very nice idea, and varying level designs, Great Job!

Enter the Daemon Dojo! It's typical turn-based RPG combat, but without turns; select attacks super-effective to your opponent's current martial stance, which also determines what they'll attack you with! When they prepare to attack, use a super-effective dodge to negate damage! But there's a twist: this is all done in breakneck real-time!

Illustrated with beautiful hand-drawn sprites and charming enemy designs. How far can you go in the Daemon Dojo?


The whole game is controlled with the mouse, but you can press space at any time to go back to the start of the combat menu.


To defeat an enemy you just have to select the "Fight" option, and choose the martial stance that is super effective against the enemies, the button will be covered in spikes if it is effective. When an enemy is about to attack, a white X will appear below it, when this happens, go to dodge and select the martial stance that is effective against the enemies stance. Once the enemy attacks, it will deal 30% of it's damage instantly, and the other 70% over the next 3 seconds, so dodging late is still better than not dodging at all. 

I love these types of typing games, and this game looks very professional, but I feel like without words or sentences, it just removes a layer of difficulty. Great Job though.

Insanely creative, and you made it work very well, 5/5 Great Job!

heh... first try too easy.

Very creative, and works surprisingly well.

Interesting idea, but you don't expand on it at all, it's just taking the best possible shot and hoping you win.

Thanks for all the help, you really went above and beyond to help me with a problem that was my fault.

You always responded very quickly and with very helpful advice, thank you again so much.

Ya sure, I can't believe you responded within 5 hours of my complaint, thanks.

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I just bought this program yesterday and I just tried using it today.

I made a dialogue tree that had a total of 9 pages and about 14 options total.

I imagine this is not a lot of memory since one page can have a max of 25 options.

When I was adding the final page, a message appeared that said "warning: no memory" or something along those lines and crashed the whole program.

I never got a chance to save and I could probably easily redo it in about 10 minutes, but I was wondering if things like this happen often, because if they do then working on bigger projects will be a pain.

btw, I checked the storage space on my computer and there is still 762/904 GB(gigabytes) free.