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I Just Wanna Land!View game page

A platformer without platforms to land on.
Submitted by Jusiv (@jusiv_) โ€” 10 minutes, 8 seconds before the deadline
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Really good, loved everything about it! I got 178 stars, is that the max? It just needed some kind of music :)


Hey, thank you!

Yeah it definitely needs music, but unfortunately PICO-8 pretty much requires you to make your own and my brain could not muster it in the last hour or so I had left. (It also didn't help that I didn't have time to actually start the jam until Saturday.)

And when I went through and attempted a perfect run I got 178 too, so I think you did it! (I admittedly wasn't counting the stars as I placed them in the editor.)


That last level was tedious!

It's a nice game. The mechanics are solid, and level-design pleasant while challenging. The pixel-art is also lovely. I liked it!


Well, yeah, a solo dev under tight time constraints, trying to make a challenging  final level, and not having time to playtest with anyone else does tend to lean towards overly tricky :P

Glad it wasn't too much to make you dislike the rest of it though!


I enjoyed this, simple but well executed!


Lovely pixel art and tight controls, good job!


It's my first time to see someone use PICO-8. Amazing! Here are my comments:

> The gameplay is pretty solid! Addictive and challenging but not in an unfair way.

> The art is also well-done! Very cute.

> Gives off an arcade-y feel. Nice.

I managed to complete all the levels of the game. Good job man!

P.S. Please consider giving feedback on our game as well, as we are in need of more ratings.


Not bad, cute pixel art but baloons are not supposed to be bad ;(

While I do like the gameplay and arstyle, I can't help but think this seems less like a platformer with platforms removed and more like Flappy Bird with steering added.

That's really my only complaint, though.


Really cute game! It reminds me a little of Flappy Bird, but with less frustration haha
Good job!


Really cute little game. I enjoyed it a lot. Also - it was really fun to come across a PICO-8 game among the entries! Great work. 


Aw, glad you liked it!

And yeah I'm actually kinda surprised how few PICO-8 submissions there seem to have been for this.  Based on the recent games with the PICO-8 tag it looks like there were 4 others submitted to the GMTK Jam, but I haven't seen any of them on the PICO-8 forums (despite there usually being a flood of them for things like Ludum Dare jams).


Very nice idea, and varying level designs, Great Job!


Really nice game.

I love that you can aim where you want to go that give a really nice agency for the player. You can be careful or more reckless. At first I was really not sold on the concept because I thought it would be a flappy bird or balloon fight like, but the aiming system really show how you solve the platformer without platform conundrum in an unique way.

I didn't go far because I was focused too much on getting all the stars.  ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ


Hey, thank you! Glad I managed to make it distinct enough!


Better one i've played so far. The graphics (although you only have 2 days to do it) are simply beautiful. As it is a very simple idea, the game has no errors. It's really fun and it reminds to flappy bird, but way better. Hope this turns into a mobile game, i would download it instantly. 5/5

sorry for the crappy english xd


Hey, thanks so much for the kind words!