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Saxophone Siphonophore

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Gotta love how your solution to removing a genre's core mechanic is to not only match it up with a different genre but to do it well.

Special props go to how the shoot and kill sound effects come together like a drum pattern as if it was part of the BGM. As Puddygum's comment mentioned, having the shots be both rythm and proximity based was a stroke of genius. Really helps gel both genres together.

What more can I say? Add in more levels and this bad boy could easily become quite a fun game.

While I do like the gameplay and arstyle, I can't help but think this seems less like a platformer with platforms removed and more like Flappy Bird with steering added.

That's really my only complaint, though.

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There's nothing really wrong with this enty - it fits the theme, has a nice artstyle and a neat gameplay loop - but I found kinda... boring. Then again, I'm not really into rhythm games, so a rhythmless rhythm game probably isn't going to cut it for me.

All in all, Nonrhythmic Breakfast is good as a GMTK Game Jam entry, but it's not for me.

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A funny concept and a decent execution. Took a while to get used to, but I made due.

My biggest issue is the level order. In my experience, the first level was the hardest and the second the easiest. For a better dificulty curve, my personal level order would be 2-3-1. But maybe that's just me.

Outside of that, I see quite a bit of pontetial in this.

I am both sorry you missed last year's and glad you could make it this year.

Hope to see you guys next year.

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Love the concept and artsyle. Takes a while to get used to, but that's to be expected.

I've only got up to 45 kills (curses, twin wave!), so I don't know if any new enemy types are introduced afterwards, but for the three that I've encountered (red skulls, twins and teleporters), I'd say they take good advantage of the 360 view, especially the twins and teleporters.
Took me a while to figure out how beat the former, even after I discovered the hint on the website (goes to show why reading before downloading is important), but afterwards killing them became natural (that sounds so wrong out of context).

One thing I think should definetely be added, however, is a kill sound effect. Sometimes it's hard to tell if I've killed a teleporter or if it simply telported. 

Outside of that, maybe touching up the aiming angle, perhaps even adding aiming reticules, could help, but shooting works fine as is.

Overall, quite an impressive execution of an already impressive concept.

I gotta say, my favorite part about this entry is that, by having the grapple push cubes towards you as well as push you towards them, it ends up neatly fitting into both GMTK Game Jam themes so far (something  you yourself seem to have noticed if one of the level names is of any indication).

Also, HOLY COW THIS WAS MADE IN TWO DAYS!? With this level of polish from both a gameplay and aesthetic level, if you told me this wasn't a game jam entry, I would 100% believed you.

Also also, that ending was terrific.