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Nice little game you've made here! I especially like the art on the bear

Amazing, you should be very proud of this.

The concept for the game itself is ingenious and by far the best application of the theme I have come across so far. The pixel art is clean and the game has a great look, the map making menu is intuitive and easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this through, so thank you!

Rated 5 stars, well done!

Nice concept and cute art! The game gets very difficult very fast, I think a way to help with this might be to zoom out more the faster you are moving to allow you to see spikes from further away, just a suggestion though. I also found my self sometimes getting stuck in a spot where there were no reachable anchor points. But overall really good job, well done!

Lovely pixel art and tight controls, good job!

Hands down best entry I've played so far. Really enjoyed playing through the levels, felt like I was playing some sort of drug induced trip version of Hotline Miami (and I mean that as a great compliment). Great job!

Really nice concept and execution! This definitely has the potential to be turned into a full game, I really like how theres puzzle elements to the levels, as in working out which items to pick up in what order to be able to make it out of the cave. Great work!

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Thank you! Yeah I agree I wish I had time to add some nice little tunes. I'll be sure to check out your submission later : )

This is a really neat little game! The one button controls make me think this could make a really nice phone app if you add a few more levels. I thought the concept was simple and well executed, with good, well varied level design. I liked how the camera changed angle to fit what section you were on and the ending was nice and cute : ) If I had to change one thing I'd say the last two levels could be swapped around as the frantic escape the blade level could be a really fitting final challenge. Great work!

Nice cute graphics and really interesting concept! I found that you could spam shoot as the aliens are moving in at the start of a level to get pretty much guaranteed 100% hit rate, not sure if this is intentional or not? Nice work.

Really nice concept and logo! The game itself could do with some work to make it feel a bit less clunky.

Nice little game! Could really do with different enemy types to add more variation to the different waves, and holding left click down to build up a more powerful blast could be a way to deal with more poweful enemies.

Nice concept, I really like the pixel art and humorous tone! One side note, as a colourblind gamer the  ammo crates were super hard to spot, but once I knew where they were it was fine. 

Had a lot of fun (and a bit of rage) playing this one through! Managed to get all the way to the end and find the beautiful secret. Nice concept and execution. I liked how you are forced to bounce on the first enemy to show you how to kill them. I think being able to walk through enemies perhaps makes them a little too easy to bypass, but then again I did find the game challenging as a whole. A healthbar on the boss may also be a nice addition to let you know how far through the fight you are. But yeah overall great work!

This is really fun to play! There's something really satisfying about flying through the air and franticly changing your view by 180 degrees to swap between seeing where you're going and where you're shooting. Mechanics feel super tight, I could see this being a super fun casual game to play with your friends if it had multiplayer. Great work.

This game looks really great but I really can't work out how to activate the traps at night at all. I tried pressing space but no luck, a little tutorial might go a long way?

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback, I really appreciate it. Checkpoints would definitely be something I could add if I return to this game!

Thanks for the lovely feedback! I totally get what you mean could do with a really satisfying boing

Pressing R to restart is a great idea and I'll definitely add that if I ever return to this game. Thank you very much for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback I really appreciate it. I agree that difficulty steps up too much and would love to add some more intermediate levels if I ever return to this game

Thank you I'm glad to here you enjoyed it! If I ever return to this game the collisions will definitely be the first thing I fix