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A Dungeon Crawler Without Combat
Submitted by Blind Mystics (@BlindMystics), Chootin (@Chootin), P3TE — 4 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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Brilliant work, guys; fantastic concept and fantastic execution. I just started replaying Skyrim so it's surprising I'd be so excited by a game where carry weight was the main feature. Keep up the great work. :D


Thanks! When carry weight is part of the strategy, it becomes a lot of fun :D.


Really nice concept and execution! This definitely has the potential to be turned into a full game, I really like how theres puzzle elements to the levels, as in working out which items to pick up in what order to be able to make it out of the cave. Great work!


Thanks for the feedback! Keep an eye on our future projects and announcements - Fresh Merchandise may be making a return ;)


That was so sick! The immediately fell in love with the concept and premise. It's a super cool idea, and  think the mechanic you chose fit really well. it was fun trying to maximize your loot to weight ratio in order to make it out. 

I would have liked to see some more exploration of the weight mechanic, I liked the two different enemies that presented two different challenges (running from bats, and dodging fireballs), but I think adding some more elements would have made for some more interesting levels (maybe some timing based spike traps?). Also, I felt I never was in any danger of dying, and often I was just able to take a hit and keep going through the immunity frames (maybe only 3 hits instead of 6?)

Over all though, I really enjoyed it. It was quite fun, not to mention the insane amount of polish that was put into the sprites and the menus, and the interface. Well done!


Thanks so much for the feedback! We wish we were able to implement more enemy types in time too - keep an eye out on our future projects ;).

Thanks for the comment on the menus, I spent hours trying to make them intuitive and keeping multiple aspect ratios and resolutions supported!


great idea with a lot of potential. can't believe you guys made it in 2 days!


We spent about 34 of the 48 hours working! Not much sleep was had xD


A whole lot of fun. I went back and got all the items in each level after beating the game. The mechanic of clicking to pick up items was surprisingly enjoyable, it gave a great feel of frantically trying to grab stuff as you run past.


That's dedication to the looting cause! Any merchant would be glad to have you as an adventurer ;D


Clearly one of the best game I played.

And the one with the most potentiel I have seen so far ! Awesome !


We're keen to explore the idea more! Thanks :D


This concept worked very well! Could definitely see this being expanded upon.




This is an interesting concept! If you plan to continue with this you should come up with more elements that contain mechanics revolving around the weight / value of the objects. But so far really great work and looks good too.

Also the camera is a bit fidgety (sorry I have low tolerance for motion sickness)


Introducing item values into the abilities is an interesting idea, definitely in keeping with the merchant! Perhaps we should have a camera speed slider for those who prefer a less frantic camera pace.


Amazing concept and I would love to see more levels!


We're strongly considering turning this into a full game - we ended up cutting some pretty cool features!




Thanks for checking it out!


Hey! Sorry i just got around to playing it. I really like it! it has a very impressive level of polish and the main mechanics and concept work really well, it feels and plays very smooth too. The one thing i could say (and this is just nitpicking at this point) is that the camera moves according to the keys rather that the mouse, so that made it just a bit weird when i was picking up items while moving around to dodge fireballs. other than that i really enjoyed it, i really did :3


For some reason it didn't even occur to us to have the mouse influence the camera. Great idea though, a little influence would go a long way I think!


I'd give this game a 6/5 if I could! Ignore the name, I'm the only trash you'll find here! Good job! When will it be available on steam?


We'll have to get up there straight away! I didn't even know 6/5 was possible!



Art is well utilized and thematically consistent. Audio matches the tone. Very polished.


Character moves naturally and screen follows smoothly. Screen always feels in the right place. 


Interesting and entertaining concept mixing dungeon crawler with loot collection. One could easily imagine more levels with increased difficulty and complexity.


Thanks for the feedback!


Fresh Merchandise is a Dungeon Crawler without Combat.

Made for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2018 following the theme ‘GENRE, but you can’t MECHANIC’. In this case we set our ‘GENRE’ to ‘Dungeon Crawler’and our ‘MECHANIC’ to ‘Combat’.

Game Description:

The store "Dungeoneer Gear" is completely out of wares!  Its brave merchant has decided to get some new items alone. Trouble is... They don't know how to fight.

You play as the merchant and will be exploring dungeons, evading enemies, grabbing loot and escaping before things get out of hand!

To keep your shop in business, you must reach a quota of goods. However, be careful what you pick up, as the more weight you carry, the slower you move.