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Works great now, thanks for updating it!

I'm lmao'ing at the idea of the police arresting this giant torture rat demon and just sending him to regular prison. He looks so sad behind bars. Fun game!

I just played again and it works a lot better now! Cool creepy enemy designs and pretty fun gameplay.

This has a crazy amount of content and polish for a week-long jam game. I got to the point where the rabbit guy killed me and didn't see any way to avoid that... I guess that's the end? There were some points where stuff was unclear (it seemed like a couple things just required a bunch of waiting, like the girl appearing when you can't find the door code) but great game overall.

It seemed like the placeable spells were all single-use, which made them inconvenient to use (since you have to press 3 different buttons to place them, and they don't do anything the melee attack doesn't). Cool looking graphics though.

I really like the movement here. Not sure how intentional it was but having no gravity for the first part of the jump felt very floaty and cool. I even managed to get up here with a tricky dash:


I couldn't figure out how to get any ending other than the bad one, even though I'm almost certain I killed all the slimes... do the other endings work and I'm just missing something?

Solid platformer. I'd love to play more levels of this. The grab mechanic was a little tricky since it didn't happen automatically (maybe it would have been nice if I could do that with my right hand, so I don't have to move my finger to E so fast) but I got the hang of it. Having a limited number of checkpoints is also a great idea for a mechanic, even though the game was short enough that I didn't really have to rely on it.

Nice game! Good aesthetics and creepy vibes. Well, except for the monster, he was just too cute with his little smile :D

Trying to figure out whether or not the houses were shifting around in the dark made me question my sanity. Nice work.

Delightful game! Great graphics, very polished, and I enjoyed the dialogue. I hope I get to see Spoox next Halloween :)

Delightful game! Fun mechanics and dialogue filled with personality.

Really nice game. "Spend health for more damage/range" is a great implementation of the sacrifice theme. The leaderboard was cool too (and not just because I apparently got the world high score, I don't know how that happened, I played pretty normally...) I experienced some really loud clicking sounds when the screen got really distorted near the end.

Fun game. I loved the sounds the "decorations" made. I wish the "you have to scare people right in front of the decorations to kill them, otherwise they just get faster" mechanic was made clearer- they flash white either way, so I assumed they just took a lot of hits to kill, and I only figured out how it really works when I read your comment here. Timing and weighing the risk/reward became really fun once I realized that.

Rock-paper-scissors was an interesting choice for the main mechanic of this game. I'm curious how the enemy AI worked, since there's not a lot of "strategy" either player can use, but it seems to notice and counter when I repeat one option many times. Eventually I just replayed and picked randomly until I won. The UI was quite nice and I liked the updates on the game.

The game seems broken for me... I go through the first dialogue, then walk right a few screens, then at the end of the hallway there's a blank dialogue box and when I click the game freezes with a bunch of errors. Also the game player is extremely small, which makes the text hard to read (and when I fullscreen the dialog background doesn't resize, so I still can't read it very easily). Am I missing something or did the game break somehow?

Fun game with great graphics and a lot of polish. I wasn't sure how exactly the sacrifices worked- sometimes my firing rate would get faster and sometimes it would get slower, and it seemed to take me about the same time to kill an enemy regardless. Also, very minor but it would be nice to show the run's score on the game over screen.

Thank you for the very kind words! I'm happy you enjoyed it so much :)

Great game with some solid puzzles! They're very execution-heavy, depending a lot on timing and precision placement, which could be a little frustrating when I already knew the solution and just needed to do it right. Snapping the trap to the tile grid might be helpful, so that it doesn't matter so much where exactly you place it relative to the buttons. Overall the mechanic was very creative (and made sense from a story perspective), and you explored it very well.

Cute little idle game! I liked all the polish, with animations for everything.

Nice game with great writing! Having to walk back and forth across the map got a little key-mashy, though that's more to do with Bitsy than any fault of yours. It took me a little bit to find the broken fence but I figured it out eventually. Good meaningful choices for the different endings.

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Cute FPS with pretty good level design. I liked how the different enemies had different attacks, and the sacrifice mechanic was very good. Agree with the other commenter that checkpoints would have been nice, since the later levels get quite tough.

Interesting game with lots of options for combat. It wasn't really necessary to engage with the systems much though- the small enemies are easy to avoid/kill normally, and the big guy's attacks can consistently be dodged or just tanked (if you have full health by the second phase). Ideally the game would encourage you to use the different attacks through the enemies and level design, where there are different situations that each attack is suited to. I think there's a lot of potential here.

Seems like you can just hold right and escape danger, unless there's more stuff later on that I didn't see? Interesting idea with the multiple player-controlled characters though.

Had to restart quite a few times after falling off various parts of the level, and not sure why I wasn't allowed to move at the end when the monster approached, but the puzzles were pretty good and required exploration in a satisfying way.

Nice work getting all the endings! I'm glad it had enough replayability for people to play through multiple times.

I couldn't get the objective to progress past the "go down to the first floor" no matter where I walked. Cool atmosphere, but could use some playtesting and bugfixing.

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Managed to get here through heavy abuse of some movement tech... is this the end? There are quite a few bugs (the multiple dialogs lingering and glitchy movement around walls/corners are the most impactful), but I like the movement abilities. The backwards dash combined with not being able to turn around in midair led to some fun scenarios, and the level design explored them pretty well. Eventually I figured out that you could jump in midair at a certain point in your super jump to get a big boost, which seemed unintended, but also seemed required to progress? 

Interesting point-and-click style game. Some thoughts:

  • The puzzles didn't require much thinking, you just do what it tells you in the book... some more stuff to figure out would have been nice.
  • I don't understand the plot significance of the "unlock the door" ending. You just leave without completing the ritual, I guess? I thought it would be a step to completing the ritual, but it just exits the game.
  • If the beast comes on the nineteenth year after the last successful ritual, I wouldn't describe that as "every nineteen years", especially if they're trying the ritual every fifteen years. That wording confused me.
  • I appreciated that the art for the ritual reflected your progress even in the "stepped back" view and it wasn't just a static image. Often point-and-click games don't show your progress in other views like that, so I liked that attention to detail.

Really impressive game with good meaningful decisions about when to sacrifice yourself. I didn't figure out how to get any of the other guns or what the money was used for, maybe I missed something in the level or maybe I just didn't survive long enough.

Cute little WarioWare-style game. Some controls would definitely be helpful, although I did manage to figure everything out eventually. It was satisfying when I was able to successfully evade the enemies in the last section by figuring out their movement patterns.

Nice music and art. The blind jumps were pretty frustrating, some indication would be nice. Also deaths being required in specific places means that you functionally have only one "life", and if you die in the wrong spot you just have to restart... maybe it would be cool to have scenarios where you can optionally die for an easier path, or try to keep your lives with a harder one... (or maybe you did do that later, I couldn't make it past the 2nd level)

Interesting idea. Would definitely benefit from some more levels, and scenarios where there is a choice whether or not to sacrifice one of your minions.

Cute art and nice movement. I liked the excavation using bombs. Some traps/dangers in the levels could be fun.

Finished with 45 girls (after reading the comments here for hints). It confused me that some of the signs say what to do (like stand on the button for 10 seconds), but others say what not to do (like "don't block the way"). The cat puzzle was also pretty unintuitive without the sign, I don't know why blocking the way would cause it to break out for the yarn. I liked the art and the randomly generated characters were fun.

Interesting game, but very tough... I often got into situations where an enemy below me kept me from moving down to line my gun up with an oncoming enemy, so I couldn't shoot or dodge and had to take damage. Also there seemed to be no way to kill enemies at the bottom of the screen. Eventually I ran out of ammo and died, not sure if I got unlucky or if I needed to be a lot more conservative with my bullets. Cool enemy designs though.

I liked how sacrificing people gives you upgrades, even though you could basically walljump anyway so it wasn't that meaningful. I can see how this could be expanded into a bigger game.

Nice platformer. I liked the cosmic vibes of the last level, plus how all the NPCs react to you getting the souls.

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Really great art, and good dark story too. I enjoyed figuring out how to get all the endings.

Cute! Not sure whether I like the "discarding an object deletes a random other one you've placed" mechanic, that made it a little frustrating trying to make something specific, but overall neat.