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Very fun game. I loved feeling like a Dracula, and using all of my powers. The kittens were very satisfying when I defeated their tactics.

Thanks! I had a good time making this for the GMTK Jam, so I'll definitely try to participate in more jams in the future.

Haha, awesome! Originally mines didn't trigger each other but I added that after overwhelming playtester feedback :P

Thanks for the feedback! To some extent it's intentional that there's no air control, since that's one of the ways it fits the theme. But it is helpful to hear where players had trouble, since as the developer it's easy to forget that what feels intuitive to me might not be intuitive to a first time player.

Neat game with a cool concept. There wasn't much strategic depth or challenge, so I would have liked some trickier enemies and room designs. I really liked the art and theming.

Thanks, glad you liked it! The initial image I had that inspired me to make this game was a robot bouncing off of exploding walls, so I'm happy that carried over to the final result. Air control is something I thought about, and if I were to make this a full-length game with tighter controls I might add that, though it would be less on-theme for "out of control".

Glad you liked it! Robot loves you too <3

Thanks, glad you liked the movement :)

Thanks! I can only think of one easter egg I added and it's purely visual, so I don't think you missed anything.

Nice game! Timing the spells was pretty tricky. I really like the art style.


Thanks, that's great to hear :)

This is really awesome! I love the aesthetic, the puzzles were fun, and it pushed the boundaries of the medium. I'm pretty sure there were a few small errors (the R/hat door ended up with fractional movement, and the blue square should have had an extra crossed out box at the end) but they didn't detract much from solving. Great work, this is really a standout of the games I've played.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

Nice game! It was a little frustrating that you still lost steps when walking into a wall and not moving, but I guess that's where most of the challenge came from. Optimizing a route through a level felt great. Loved the aesthetics too.

Thanks! Nice work doing it with a trackpad, I'm not sure I could manage that :P

Wonderful game! I saw your post on TIGSource a while back and am delighted to see it finally released. I loved the exploration, physics, and humor.

You might not want to be distributing all the pixel fonts though, since I don't think they're free... I don't know the license though.

Delightful animations and nice iteration on the concept (both darkness and physics-cursor fit well with the main mechanic). Music got kind of repetitive.

A whole lot of fun. I went back and got all the items in each level after beating the game. The mechanic of clicking to pick up items was surprisingly enjoyable, it gave a great feel of frantically trying to grab stuff as you run past.

Some pretty fun puzzles. I agree with the others about buggy movement (if you're using a tilemap collider, try making the player an edgecollider instead of a boxcollider so they don't catch on walls)

Really cool design. A few of the jumps were a bit punishing, since if you mess up even a little you have to replay a minute or so to get back, and I agree that the gravity song gets annoying, but I liked the main information mechanic a lot. Playing music to unlock new abilities reminded me of Aquaria.

Neat idea... I was able to give up the same ability multiple times though, which sort of defeated the point. Would have been nice to have other stuff to do other than run and shoot enemies.

Really fun and clever concept. I liked how you translated a lot of the metroidvania tropes (gap that's slightly too long to jump, etc.) into text. One thing you could do is have some possibilities that aren't explicitly given (e.g. "There is a small gap to the right", but no "Go right = D"), which would encourage more experimentation and thought about the descriptions.

Fun mechanic and nice art. Is anything supposed to happen after the boss stops shooting, or is that the end?

Neat concept and some really clever puzzles. I liked the part where you teach the mechanic by having the player walk out over the spikes, that was a very memorable tutorial.