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A topic by Bobo The Cat created Feb 09, 2023 Views: 464 Replies: 13
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I look forward to your comments


We played for about 2 hours, plenty of time!

The first hour and a half was spent exploring different things, clearing the game, searching for secret rooms, and the last half hour was spent fighting with a time attack that took less than 3 minutes from start to finish!

First of all, I had the impression that I could play the new stage of Bobo The Cat! The exhilaration was amazing because I had learned a full set of skills from the beginning.

The whole operation without tutorial is available from the beginning, so it may be a little difficult for those who have not played the previous game!

Secondly, it was interesting to see how Bobo's tail changes position depending on his speed!

Bobo's cuteness was great when he was on the new gimmick, the fluorescent tube that allows him to move fast.

I'm going to blur a little from here because it would be a spoiler.

I was so impressed when we got to the high point. I can't get enough of it!

I'm also very happy with the message that was in the place where the game was cleared.

I feel like this was an unforgettable game because I could feel the tribute to the historical quotes and the sense of accomplishment of Bobo (and the player controlling him) who accomplished it.

And the secret room is awesome !!!!

But I'm quite curious about what has happened in this world.


Thank you for the nice feedback. 

I was amazed how fast you grew to a real speedrun pro in this game.

I don't know exactly what you meant by what happened in this world. There are too many possible interpretations.

I'm very glad you enjoyed the secret room.

There you could hear my first vocal song. Me, my cat daddy and my cat mommy all 3 sang for you. We composed the nyan song especially for you :3

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Also, I'm very glad you spent so much time playing the game. 

it's true that you have a lot of abilities at the beginning, but you can see the key assignments in the options and you can also experiment a lot. if you don't collect the extras, you can play through the game without most of the abilities. 


Bobo has more momentum than ever in this new adventure. I had a lot of fun with all the new movement features. At first I was surprised there was no sprint, but becoming a "cat tornado" that flies across the screen might be even better. I had fun doing the challenges too, although I had to look at tunegoro's playthrough for a few hints. (Now that I rewatch their playthrough, I realize that I never discovered the "charged furball" mechanic, and got that spirit container just by carefully stacking normal furballs...) I will be sure to recommend this game to all my Bobo-fan friends.


Thank you for the nice comment. I would describe  the scratch dash/tornado as a sprint but if you mean a run button, it's the same button as the dash. Holding the button makes you run and pressing it makes you dash. I didn't make a tutorial because it's part of the fun  to find out yourself. You don't need the charged furballs for this spirit container, there is a second method. You can stack small furballs on the left or right high ground. It's completely optional to discover the charge ability. I was even more surprised that tunegoro found out that you can defeat invincible enemies with it, didn't expect anyone to discover this already.  Thanks for spreading the word :3


hurray for more bobo! similar to others i did not discover the charged furballs (makes you appreciate the slow unlocking of the original game!). it was also a little difficult for me to tell in the stairs section what was a wall/floor and what i would fall through / walk through. i don't think i have any useful feedback or comments on the rest, i simply look forward to future games :)


I originally wanted to leave out the charged furball so that it would be more surprising in Bobo 2, but I left it in so that players would have something to discover.

I shouldn't admit this, but the stairs thing was a bit lazy and I knew that.  At that point it is helpful to use the cat sense to see the gap. 

Thank you for enjoyed the game and I am very grateful for your support.


This game was so amazing. It feels more like a "playground" where you get to have fun playing around with Bobo's moves, compared to the original Bobo where you had to master the moves to get past difficult challenges. Normally, easy games aren't that exciting to me, but it was fun and I felt happy the whole time playing it, and it made my day feel brighter.

After finding 8/8 containers and reaching the flag, I felt like the game was very short and easy, and even though it was really cute, I wished it had a little more depth. But then I found a certain secret area, and I was completely shocked by the contents. My feelings of being underwhelmed completely went away when I found this strange and creative area, and I realized I was playing an amazing game.

I hope more people play this game and find the great secrets!


Yes the game could use a little more depth but I didn't want to exhaust the full potential yet, it's just a foretaste. My next game will also introduce a lot of cool features but won't fully exploit them yet. 

In any case, I'm very glad you were able to enjoy your trip. Did you find the secret section without help?

I found the first room of the secret section on my own. I thought that was everything until I watched Tsuneko's video to make sure, and I was amazed that there was more!!


Interesting  I thought the first room is harder to find. ^_^

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I am so happy to play a new Bobo The Cat game! I haven’t found all the treasures and secrets, yet, but I am determined!

I encountered one small issue where Bobo stopped spitting hairballs. Bobo would do the animation and the counter went down, but nothing came out and enemies were unaffected. Exiting and reloading fixed it, but I haven’t been able to replicate it, yet. I’ll let you know if it happens again.

EDIT: I got all the spirit containers now and found the Tsuneko secret, which was very cute and heart-warming. Couldn’t reproduce the hairball issue, though.


Nice to hear/read from you. I'm very glad you like my little game. Originally, more spinoffs were in the works and completely planned out, but I need a break from release anxiety etc. , to fully concentrate on the development of my next big game. I'll see if I can find any logic holes in the code of the fur balls. I reprogrammed everything from scratch for this game, because I thought I should adopt a more conventional programming style. But basically my own way of programming worked better.

Yes, the Tsuneko room is very heartwarming, as is the cute drawing style of Tunegoro :)