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Hey I think this is what is causing my issue ( with flicksy (, which relies on being able to fetch its own javascript source code. I'm not trying to access it from outside of itch at all, but the javascript code seems to end up on a different origin to the page that's actually running it when you launch it from the itch page. Is there a way to disable this?

I tripped over this because my code assumed that the only script tags in the page were my own--I have an issue ( where I described how I'm working around this now, but it would be good to have a less hard-coded way to do this. 

still one of the most iconic bitsy games in history

the mood of this reminds me a lot of the section in The Magician's Nephew where they wake Jadis and hear the story of Charn--i always wanted to make (or play in this case) a game with that kind of vibe :D

i love this! the music builds a nice atmosphere and the spotlight snapping on was 👌 also "bitsy flash fiction" is a great description

i'd like to add to this bug list that clicking the ui to dismiss the popups will also build whatever you have selected at the time

very much enjoyed listening to this

logging on to fishing dot wikia right now...

the idea of finding a file and saving it specifically to pass onto someone particular later... i love this

the low tech future will not precipitate any post-organic life, but it could precede some organic computing. sustainability and the cost of computing will be so intrinsic to life in the low tech future that you wouldn't dare to try to live forever in an electronic dream

in this low tech future space colonization never happened, and is unlikely to happen soon. if you are interested in that idea though, "children of time" by adrian tchaikovsky does feature some lost colonies and stations after a technology collapse

really big fan of memory addresses for hex editing being replaced by maps of fungal cells

hey this looks amazing 😻

god this is taking me back to all the shopping channels my mom used to watch

really enjoying this game thank you. some aspects remind me of Earth 2150 and some of Supreme Commander, two of my favourite rts :D


i ran out of time to do the deep dive on this topic that i wanted to, instead i present the larger context of my encounters with the internet. i still want to explore rm2k particularly, so i'll keep at it

here's a tool to do this all for you:

oh no! it ends with the festival... where did you end up? you should see: the cat, the fiddler, the navigator, the flagbearer, the architect, the lady, the gentleman, the custodian, and the cat again -- perhaps you missed the first ladder in the flagbearer screen?

good grief 😂

go to the right side of the cube

ahhh the updated dialogue is good, and the finished drawing is amazing

i guess you intend to update the last screen with a full drawing, but i think it was still cool -- at first i thought it was the broken pieces of god... hell yeah! 

i love this! 

i love this! it's spoooky


all you gotta do is make a bitsy game and give me permission :)

it probably requires a little bit of troubleshooting but you have a raspberry pi setup with an operating system, make sure you have python 2.7 installed, and also pygame. from there you should be able to download the software and run in python

hey sorry to post offtopic here but i couldn't find any contact details: i'd like to add your bitsy games to my public archive and also to exhibit them as part of bitsy boutique if that's okay. if you're interested there are three questions here to answer:

you're in here somewhere!

i love the tiles but especially the caves!!

i posted the self-construction materials here (the software is also available on github) but actually pocket chips are no longer available so you'd have to do raspberry pi + screen + battery... if you're serious about paying me for an assembled one you could email me at ragzouken at gmail dot com but bear in mind the material costs are around £100 on their own

i could listen to this music forever

i liked these!!

good format. good topics. well manifested

hell yes