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Mark Wonnacott

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love the audio in this!! also liked the bus animation a lot

hey could you provide a download version? unity web player is not supported any more :(

been working on this for a while, but for procjam i'll be adding generators for the various assets in the tool :)

really like the visuals, but the font sticks out like a sore thumb :p

the car is very hard to handle!

really good work on the visuals, they're great :D

depth perception is haaard, maybe you could make it more obvious with some kind of beam of light coming down vertically from the player, with an obvious effect for when it's touching the surface?

this seems much harder than the usual sokoban-likes - which is no bad thing!

it's visually amazing for the limitations of puzzlescript - you even managed to make a nice looking player character somehow

very nice environment - initially i thought having to run for so long was irritating, but with the camera bob and the wall texture zooming by it feels kinda exciting!

really like the aesthetic of layering different bright shapes to make colour. would be nice if there was more control over brush strength so i could draw details with layered colours

woo! i was thinking about doing a third and now i definitely have time!!

Created a new topic good luck everyone!!

lets make flatgames!!!!

Created a new topic bugs

please report bugs here or tweet me or post them on github

list of known issues at https://github.com/Ragzouken/smooltool

Created a new topic future direction


i don't know if anyone reads itch.io forums, but in case you do:

i would like to hear what you think would be interesting additions to smooltool beyond improvements to the basic drawing and interface

i'm thinking about adding simple music editing, more interesting interactions in the world (doors, signs, teleporters, etc), npcs and critters

what do you think

Created a new topic stuff

after a long break, i'm ready to work on this again!

gonna leave some notes here for myself, but also if anyone actually uses itch community stuff you can chime in with suggestions too

  • respawn the player at the start tile instead of restarting the game if they erase the tile they are on? maybe that accidental permadeath is important??
  • more contrast between bg & paths?
  • make copy a more useful program
  • more control / predictability over the virus? would be better if it was less pure luck