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Wow! Thanks for the reply!

MeMoMi was such a good one that will stay with me (even a little while after I played it, I still feel the need to hug MOMO), so I hope that came across!



I can't believe MOMO from pom-pom balls was real! Lovely as can be!

I want to give MOMO a big hug...

We were able to clear and open all the secret rooms. I enjoyed it very much!

It was a really good work that really gave me a lot of experiences and a gentle feeling after clearing it.

By the way, it took me about an hour to clear it and another hour to find all the secrets, but the secrets are so good!

Awesome!!! The colors are exactly what I was hoping for if I could be introduced as a play tester, thank you!!!!

The game is not 100% clear yet and I will continue to play it, but I will write feedback on what I have cleared.

What I like about Bobo The Cat is that the stages are very thoughtfully designed.

Usually when I play a game like Metroidvania, I don't explore every inch of the map, but just take the items I can get and move on.

However, as I continued to play, I noticed that the stages were very elaborate.

For example, when I moved blocks through a 4-square-wide vertical hole in Neon Lair, I noticed that the return route was also well designed when I had to turn back to that path soon afterwards. In this area, each item you acquire becomes more challenging.

As I felt this while playing the game, I developed a sense of trust in the game, and I wanted to get all the items I could as much as possible.

Also, I liked the fact that the map played a big role as a clue in solving the puzzle.

There is nothing about any of the places that I didn't like!

But that's probably because I fell in love with the work, and once that happens, I can forgive even if something unreasonable happens during gameplay, which is why I have this opinion.

Considering the situation that didn't happen, I thought it was a little unkind to make it hard to understand where you don't know if you can advance with the skills you currently have, for example, where you have to make a big jump from the water to advance.

However, if it were too kind, I would lose the sense of accomplishment of having carved out a path through trial and error by myself, so I myself like the current state of the game.

Last but not least, it really was a great gaming experience, thank you!!!

My video is featured! Thank you!!!!

I got as far as getting 3 dice today.

I just failed at the last minute in a puzzle that took me a while there and had to start over again.

Usually I go crazy and give up when that happens, but in the case of Bobo The Cat, I was like, "This is a challenge from the author and I absolutely want to solve this puzzle! I realized that I had developed a sense of trust in the game during my gameplay so far.

This was a very interesting experience and a lot of fun, because I could feel the "trust in the work" that people are rumored to have when creating a game!

Thanks for checking that out. I've reviewed the sound environment on my end and it's now fine.

I've been playing the game for about 2 more hours since then, and it's really full of surprises and excitement and a lot of fun. I can't put it better because it would be a spoiler, but it is really really really awesome!!!!!!!!

Hello! I have only progressed to the point where I have taken my vitamin A, but I am enjoying the game very much, enjoying the homage elements to classic action games in some places, and the acquisition of items such as hamburgers is very challenging and very exciting.

One thing that concerns me is that the maximum volume seems quite low. It would be great if the volume could be increased and the original background music could be enjoyed while playing Bobo The Cat!

The worldview is very elaborate and I love it! I also really liked how the characters were sculpted and the fluttery parts of their multi-layered dresses were beautifully rendered in 3D rather than textured! The magic effects were also nice and sparkling, but on my PC (GTX1660) it was quite heavy and I couldn't play to the end.

But it was really good and I will support your future productions!

It was very challenging and I failed a lot of times and screamed when I played it, but when I cleared it, kitten cheered me up and it was the cutest and funnest thing I've ever seen!

Flower Cat is my favorite!

I played it because of the title Umami. I managed to find the scrolls, and found the three endings!

It was a lot of fun earning money through farming and opening up various elements. Pumpkin cultivation was terribly difficult because sometimes I got 0 pumpkins even when I harvested, sometimes I got 0 pumpkins even when I sprinkled 8000 gold coins of powder, and sometimes the rabbit ate about 10 pumpkins I planted when I slept, but I was able to successfully collect them and feel a sense of accomplishment!

Thanks for a great game! Frogs are so cute🐸

I spent about 2 hours exploring every nook and cranny of the demo version. It was so much fun!

I really liked the friend-subjective nature of the illustrated commentary that was created in the middle of the book📖

The atmosphere created by the objects, backgrounds, enemy characters, and music for each field was very well matched, and I enjoyed just walking around the various locations.

Very much looking forward to the finished version🌟


So much fun and excitement!

Pixel art is so beautiful! And the action was fun, like pushing the limits of PICO-8!

I made it to the beautiful reflection in the water, but couldn't go on from there. 

It was great to see how the world was turning to color and the girls' hearts brightening up, and it was great to see it all move further. Plus, the ending pics brightened my heart!

Thanks for a good gaming experience!

The puzzles were quite challenging, but I managed to clear them all in about an hour.

As well as the sense of accomplishment of clearing all the stages, your message displayed during the play was especially good, and I am sure we had the same wish at the end.

Thanks for a good playing experience!

It was a very pleasant playing experience, with a nice combination of rhythm and action! I especially like the Twilight Flight stage!

Looking forward to the full version!

That was so good!!! I liked how you said goodbye to your friends, sad but not lonely! I especially liked the quality of the pixel art and the description of the ending episode. If I had a wish, I would have liked to see a group photo of the pixel art after the ending credits!

Thank you for your reply! As a fan of Pippin Games from Wife quest, I am happy to hear from you!

My idea for the skill is to separate the button needed to activate it from the normal attack. I think this would completely eliminate the outbursts, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not, as it would increase the difficulty of the controls and might confuse the player.

If we could only reduce Punch Flame's outbursts, it might be better to leave it as it is now. I don't have a better idea...

It would be great if the skill gauge could be separated by memory for each number of times a skill can be activated, and each time the memory is saved, that area would light up to make it easier to understand, as it would help visually.

Maiden Cops I'm really looking forward to this and I'm rooting for you!

I just had the most fun with the Maiden Cops demo version! It's so complete and so great!

I played it in a Japanese environment, and I'm glad that it started with Japanese settings from the beginning, and the names of the techniques, etc. are not just translated, but are cool.

-The following points are of concern

Gauge moves were often out of control, especially the Punch Flame, which would come out even though no command was entered.

Punch Flame's effects made the screen glow a little too much.

The command input description for Quake Explosion on the title screen and pause screen is different.

So fun and easy to make super cute rooms!

If I had a wish, it would be nice if furniture could be placed on the back part of the UI to create a horizontal room.

Hello! I played Mystery Gate and enjoyed it very much. Woohoo!

I like the sister who avoids the childish brother but watches over him!

Hi Sylvie! I was able to get all (30) Sylvie stars in about 4 hours over 3 days!

I had a lot of fun trying to figure out where the bubbles were scattered all over the map and building my route. It was great!

Thank you too for always letting me play your awesome work!

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The atmosphere created by the combination of voxel art and the light and fog on the screen was very good, and although the world is completely different from reality, I felt a strong sense of immersion and had a lot of fun playing this work! I felt space nostalgic!

I even made a video!

Hello!!! I have completed levels 1 through 4. All of them were quite difficult and the achievement was amazing. I'm especially glad that the masterpiece inART was waiting for me at the end of level 1.

And a bug report. In v1.2.1, if you hit the purple ball on level 3, there is a significant probability that you will be thrown off screen and Takodachi will continue to fall through the abyss and not be able to return.

Also, this may have been fixed by now, but in v1.2, when I tried to get the giant cookie at the goal on levels 1 and 3, I couldn't get it because it hit something like a wall.

I love the music coupled with the cute kiwis and objects!

It was adorable and awesome! I love it!

It was really good!

It was a sad but beautiful piece of work. It was great with the music.

Hello! Skippy was the cutest thing!!!!

The exploration scene was a full movie, and it was great to feel like we were going out together, and it was so nice to pet Skippy in between and see how cute he was! And I can't believe it wasn't just cute, it was also so touching!

I also made a video!

I watched it over and over again while making the video, and I realized that the scene where Skippy looks at the graffiti on the wall was a foreshadowing of the last scene!


It's the cutest game ever, with a beautiful love story between Violet and the princess! I especially love the way they exchange letters and Violet writhes around!

I'm not an English speaker, so I've been playing slowly while translating, and I've now beaten the second boss of the fourth in five hours of play! As per the KNOWN ISSUES, I didn't talk to Strigi before defeating the boss, and now it freezes. I have a question, I can't get to the place where the 5th orb is currently, do I need to talk to Strigi in order to proceed? Or is it something else? Please help!

This was truly an amazing piece! The diary is raw, and you can feel how difficult it was at that time, but I am also rooting from the bottom of my heart for the hole in your heart to get better, just as you plugged the hole in the wall during your work!

I also liked the small items in the luggage and the realistic representation of the room, which was very deviant. There were a lot of Japanese manga and it was fun to sort through the luggage. Chobits is my favorite too!

I also made a video, which you can watch if you like.


Cute! ShapeHead is really cute and adorable!

I've played it about four times with the web version, and I'm happy to report that in each case, the result was QuirkyHead!

The worms move so realistically that it sent chills down my spine as I hate bugs, but I had a lot of fun playing! It took me a while to get the hang of the controls, and it took me a little over an hour to clear the game, but I managed to finish it. I made a video of it so you can see how happy I was!

It was a cute little world, with all the little mouse circus trinkets and all, beautifully rendered! And yet, the gameplay was moderately difficult and fun to play, with a level of achievement that would make you scream for joy when you cleared it!

I made this video in the hope that it would show that I had fun playing this piece!

Thank you so much for watching the video!  It took me a while to translate it, but I was able to immerse myself deeply in the world of "Ari's Delivery Palooza", and it became a truly unforgettable work! I also fell in love with Ms. Cass just as much as she became Ari's admirer!


Thanks to the portraits of the characters when they appeared, I was able to enjoy them more emotionally!

It was a really good piece! Thanks for the lovely work!

The pixel art blending into the 3D world was really beautiful and awesome!