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I really like the visual of the frog with great muscles!

The button mashing was tough, but I had a lot of fun playing while feeling the muscle fatigue building up from it, meow!

For some reason, my mouse wheel didn't scroll UP properly!

But it was fun!

It was exciting to dive deeper and deeper into the mysterious underground facility!

I was streaming the play and people watching said that the game had an atmosphere that felt exactly like the atmosphere of Blame! (I had never seen Blame!)

Anyway, it was fun to play, meow!

my playthrough

Ohhhhhh, the space-faring pony is shooting glittering rainbow bullets! That's so cool!

When I saw the boss, it reminded me of Darius.

It was so much fun, nya!

It had a wonderful atmosphere with lots of very strange architecture and people!

It was really nice to walk around!

I especially like the end of the game, meow!

By the way, it was hard to play on GTX4060 with high quality, and medium was just the right load.

Ahhh, what a wonderful atmosphere in the town!

I really enjoyed clicking on different things in the town and having reactions.

Especially the blue kitty crying over the fish was the cutest thing, meow!

Overall, it was very cute and relaxing!

I wonder if the animals are randomly generated, but it was nice to see so many different ones!

I also encountered some bugs, such as animals getting stuck after 3 hearts were accumulated, making it impossible to progress, and hearts going up even after receiving money.

What an epic story and message it contained!

When I first played it, I thought it was a healing game that could make people happy in a cute, relaxed world.

But the only people who were actually happy were those who solved the requests, and the rest were either unhappy or unhappy to begin with!

And the glitch factor from the ending was very awesome!


I wanted to make Nunu happy because I love her too much, meoooooow!

What a calming and gentle work of art with a soothing atmosphere...

I especially like the gestures of the characters carrying letters and pens, and being able to walk through the gate and onto the desk.

It was a good piece, meow!

It was very interesting with many unique courses!

It's impossible with my skills, but I thought it would be nice to be able to run over the fences and take shortcuts if I could do it well, MEOW!

And it feels great when you can drift well!

Oh, what a cute game of little crabs collecting treasures!

It was very soothing and very fun!

There were three things that bothered me a little while playing.

When multiple treasures are given to Carrier Crab, the previous ones might disappear.

Also, I was concerned about the fact that even the rarest items are worth a flat 10 unless Polishing is done.

Another thing is that if Carry Speed is increased too much, Polishing Crab's cute treasures will not be done in time, which in turn will reduce efficiency.

Still, I was very satisfied with the game because it was one of the most enjoyable clicker games I have ever played, nya!

my playthrough

It was a short but very cute and fun piece!

I really like the fact that she has awakened to the power of true love!

The puzzle part was very interesting in that you could literally destroy the stage!

The work had the best atmosphere of a small island with the pleasant sound of flowing water!

When I first got the stone, I absolutely thought the use was to throw it to the birds!

I was a terrible one, MEOW!

The work was very stylish and soothing!

The normal mode was a little difficult and I couldn't play it very well, but the sound of the stars gradually increasing was pleasant!

The relax mode was really soothing... I could watch it all the time, meow!

I am not very good at English, but I played with the help of OCR software and translation software, and we all solved this game quiz together while streaming!

I had a lot of game overs, but I really enjoyed the questions from various genres, especially anime and video games!

The extras after clearing the game were also interesting, especially the story of how they created 250 questions in a short period of time.

I thought that when a person thinks of a large number of problems in a short period of time, that person's experience must reside there, meow!

Anyway, Princess Marzipan was cute and very nice!







I managed to clear it though using debug mode!

I was a little concerned about the fact that I had to take all the extra items to clear the game, and the camera behavior which tends to cause a little 3D sickness.

But more than that, it was a very memorable game with many points I loved, such as the great feeling when using scissors, the stylishness of the conversational UI, which is on par with AAA titles, and the inorganic friends with rich personalities and expressions, MEOW!

Miu wants to be a beckoning cat, very cute!

And the Japanese atmosphere with dancing cherry blossoms was so wonderful!

I'll never forget the sight when we stopped in the middle of the platformer to see Temple Pagoda, meow!

After completing the game, I explored a lot and found concept art and played around in every corner!

Very cute view of the world! The characters are adorable, meow!

It still feels like a plot version in terms of tasks and event content, but it was still interesting enough.

If there were more types of events, and if there were more events with unexpected and common Vtuber streaming content, I felt that it would be interesting to see how it would look streaming.

The sad but beautiful artwork, made in 3D x 2D, full of realism, was wonderful!

It is very interesting that the story is revealed in fragments and then the story is connected by showing it to the client at the end.


The atmosphere of a small hill and a tree quietly set in the suburbs was very nice and relaxing.

A wonderful work of art, meow!

Also, I have been playing's work for a long time and have played some of your work, but I didn't have the courage to send my impressions at the time.

But now that I have played your games again, I am very happy!

Played! It was so much fun, meow!

The tutorial on the first stage made it easy for me to complete the game while being reassured by how easy it was to control the grapple.

However, I struggled absurdly in the second stage, an extremely difficult stage where a long vertical fall would send me back to the starting point, and there were even instant death blocks.

But thanks to that, I got better at the controls and was happy to clear it in the end!

The view from the top of the mountain in the third stage was spectacular, meow!

It was the cutest, meow meow work!

It was so much fun to play it while saying meow myself, meow!

my playthrough

A slightly eerie but exciting giant structure filled with the unknown.

And it was very exciting to hear the fragmented story of how they challenged it or were left behind!

The simulation challenge was completed at a later date, meow!

I played v0.05! I was able to play for a full 7 hours and had so much fun!

I love the idea of pushing with durability and firepower in a car with lots of turrets! Firepower is justice, meow!

I also liked the fact that you can design your car's paint job in a very detailed way.

I'm cheering for the completion of the game!

Magical girl with a stick like Card Captor Sakura, with a little bit of S-ness, cute!

It was very nice to see the score increase all at once when I defeated a high scoring enemy during a combo.

Super Magical Kirakira Slayer~!

It was a very enjoyable game that allowed us to experience an interpretation of René Magritte's art!

It is an interesting example of the depths of the human psyche to take inspiration from art and sublimate it into a game.

Also, the bunny collecting berries was very cute, meow!

It's fun to get faster and faster each time I put clowns on the board! But when I lost all the clowns on the hill, I was in despair (laughter).

Besides enjoying the race, it was also fun to put over 50 clowns on the car and accelerate out of the course at full throttle!

I don't know if it was because of the multiplier in the speed calculation formula, but it was amazing to accelerate up to 800 SPEED with 52 clowns on board!

I had never been aware of the different types of birdsong, but with careful repetition over three levels, I was able to learn the birdsongs beautifully!

A very good learning software full of love for wild birds, meow!


What an idyllic and beautiful village! I had so much fun walking around this village.

I loved the design of the Carolina houses, the atmosphere of the 3D characters, and the kindness of the 2D art!

And maybe it's my PC environment, but the game stopped progressing after I finished collecting all the materials.

I tried to play again after it stopped progressing, but it still didn't progress, meow.

What a great room with a cute atmosphere for a cute cat!

No matter how many times I was bitten, I couldn't stop petting my pet, MEOW!

It was a very cute and nice piece! How cute is HeartHead, so expressive and fluffy?

My favorite parts are the wintery cloudscape and the lemon happy planet. It was especially cute to witness the lemon happy planet waving her hands!

By the way, my friend who was watching me play also played this game and caught parts I had never seen before. I said to him, "It would be useful to have a collecting catalogue. Then my friend said, "This game is better without the collecting catalogue!".

I changed my mind and agreed with that very much! This game is more fun and cute if you play leisurely and don't seek completion!

How cute is the red panda detective!

The contrast between the red panda exhibit space and the humans' space seen from there was very well done.

The game stopped progressing after I met the pandas, but I really enjoyed playing it so far!

And there were some bugs, such as the mysterious rise to the sky, the ground falling out and falling to the bottom of the earth, and not sleeping in bed at night, meow!

I enjoyed this ore collecting game that specializes in mining and upgrading!

It took about an hour to play, but it was packed with the initial steady mining, the pleasure of increasing mining speed, the knowledgeable updates of investigating the biome, and finally the strongest mining state!

I was super excited, MEOW!

It was a while ago that I played this game, so maybe this is my impression of the old version.

It was interesting to see how you could create so many diverse stages just by jumping and placing mines.

The difficulty level is hard, but when you fail, you don't fall to the beginning, so that made it a little easier to play and climb to the end, meow!

I played 1.0.4.

I like the fantastic atmosphere a lot.

It is also interesting to get the stars in the background.

The controls were a little difficult to control and I had trouble unintentionally running into the spikes, MEOW!

What a soothing atmosphere! The kind-looking grandmother (with a wild voice) swaying on the swaying chair was so lovely and soothing.

A good work!

A terrific graphic piece depicting the collapse of a PC connection!

But I couldn't help but wonder if these images might represent the actual human brain and its buggy connection to vision.

It is both very interesting and frightening to think so!

I liked the unity of the slightly spooky atmosphere of the whole game and the feeling of gradually escaping from the game by clearing the stages!

The barrage of bullets generated by the various types of enemies was fun, and the difficulty curve was just right for me.

It was a lot of fun to play, MEOW!

Wife is the strongest and coolest as she bludgeons Dracula!

The patterns of Dracula appearing and the appearance of Dracula with his magic wand kept me playing enthusiastically until the end.

And what I like most of all, I enjoyed the slightly bizarre pleasure of mooching off the remaining Dracula after a hot battle, meow, meow, meow!