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Thank you for describing it in the best possible way.

You are so Soft and Round!

Thank you for playing and for the fun video.

Thank you for playing, the hearts are simply a mystery which can't be touched.

Thanks so much for playing the game.

This is a cute game with a kitty. I didn't understand how to make the kitty leave at first but then I figured it out. I had fun in the game.

This is really neat! But I wish I didn't have to go back so far when I restart! Because I had to go back so far I didn't make much progress in the game before giving up.

This game is cute and has a fun movement mechanic, but I found it extremely hard! It seems like you usually have to grapple on to things which are off screen to get anywhere.

This game is funny. The dragon is cute. There is barely any time to react to the arrows. I got 60 points.

This is a very cute game. I really like games where every level is a new little surprise.

Being able to angle the dash upwards was actually unintentional - I thought I had accidentally made the game impossible until another commenter managed to beat it with that trick! Good job almost beating the super broken version that I barely got in 37 seconds before the deadline (I made a post jam version with a lot of fixes, including the wall bug you ran into).

Thanks for playing! By the way, your game was my favourite in the jam so far :-)

Wow, amazing! I had no idea you could sequence-break your way into actually finishing the on-time version. I really thought it was impossible.

As you can see from the submission time (37 seconds left!) I pretty much ran out of time and barely even managed to make the deadline. It was so down to the wire that I didn't even get time to play my submitted version to realize I mistakenly left in a murderous kitten in the first room for testing purposes.

I think the post jam version released a mere 90 minutes after the deadline fixes essentially all the issues you brought up, although it still has a few unfortunate quirks. I think I will do another small update when the jam is over to "finalize" the game. Thanks so much for playing and for the super detailed review!!

Yay!! There was not supposed to be an extremely murderous cat in the very first screen but I put one in for testing and forgot to take it out. The post-jam version fixes this and lot's of other problems.

It is cute. But it is a little slow paced because of the long jump timer. I gave up on the second level because I had to go back to the beginning after getting pretty far.

The art is nice, I found the controls awkward though.

It was tricky, after the first two levels I was interested in the "story" but I didn't have the patience to put up with the mixed-up controls so I didn't finish.

Secrets of a frog. I found 8 eggs. I wonder if there are more secrets. Great game.

It is cute. But I don't know what there is to do other than run around and shoot wildly.

This is really kittenish. The kitty will not go where you say. Thanks for creating a kitty. I liked it. I didn't know if there are infinite levels though or if the levels are just very similar.

It is cute, but I am very confused about how it works. I don't understand what to do, or how the slot machine affects my movement.

Really great surprise!!

This is a cute idea and game. I ran out of patience on the level in the third screenshot because it is long and I died at the end twice. But I liked the game overall even if I didn't finish.

This is a wonderful little game. I liked having a little adventure on my keyboard. The character is cute.

Thank you so much for saying it.

Thanks so much, I will continue to be Sylvie.

Level 5, it is known to be quite difficult. Good luck and thanks for having the adventure.

Thanks! I actually released an update shortly after the jam deadline that makes those cats much easier to deal with (and fixes a lot of other problems with the jam version) although there is still some RNG. You can find the link here if you want to try it:

Thanks! Unfortunately the on-time version is impossible to complete due to design oversights. If you liked it, I suggest checking out the post-jam version linked from the main game page:

Thanks, your a good.

Can't wait for you!

I reccommend don't eat or you might be destroyed.

I hope that is good. Thanks for having an adventure. Sylvie

Thanks for playing. You don't have to be a skull if you don't want, but it's up to you.

I have uploaded a new version, I hope it works now.

Aha! It sounds like it is detecting the Up key or W key being held down. The character cannot move up and left/right at the same time, so left/right movement is being blocked.

Can you think of any reason on your end why it would detect one of these keys as being held?

It's taking me longer than expected to upload a new version because I found an unrelated bug, but if it's caused by the gamepad code, I'll have a new version with that code removed pretty soon.

Does the character have a little heart and a little blue number above her head? If not, that would explain why she isn't moving, although I don't know why that wouldn't be there!

I will upload a version in a few minutes with the gamepad code removed, in case that code is causing the issue somehow - I can't really think of why else this would happen....

That is very strange. The arrow keys and WASD should both work.

Do you have a gamepad plugged in? This game is not really meant for gamepads but the base-code I used has some gamepad support stuff in it. Maybe that is interfering with the keyboard controls somehow.

If that is not the issue, are there any other problems with the game? For example, are the animations playing or is it completely frozen? What operating system are you playing on? 

Thank you so much too for the cute journey of your comment :-)

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed and remembered it.

Thank uou, I am so glad you had a good adventure.