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Glad you enjoyed it! That's some great feed back!

Interesting way to move. Pretty cool. 2:38.92 time. My mum liked the wiggly legs!

XD Yeah. It definitely started getting wack at the end. I thought it was funny and kept it in anyway! ;)

Glad you enjoyed the game! 

We actually investigated making a full version of this. We went 3D to up the graphics and investigated new mechanics such as abilities for the player. Unfortunately it wasn't turning out so great and after a couple of months, we have shelved it and moved on to other projects; We probably added too much scope. We might consider coming back to the concept with a smaller scope and new ideas in the future, but for now it is shelved indefinitely I'm afraid.

Interesting concept!

I reckon the items could have been a bit stronger it felt like they did almost nothing.

Bonus tip: Check out TextMeshPro if you haven't already. It's free with unity and it really makes text look crisper.

Good job on completing the game jam!

A polished game that is pretty fun and smooth.

I didn't realise at first that there was a timer and I think that while it makes it more frantic, it's also a pretty big 'feels bad' when you lose 1 level and have to start from scratch.

It reminds me of 'Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy' except with even less control. It would have been nice if you didn't have to wait for the cube to stop before you can take another move.

The polish of the graphical style is really nice though!

Great game!

The difficulty curve was a bit steep and the time before the first checkpoint could have been shorter, but they are only minor grievances. 

A very good entry into the jam!

Of the games I played in this jam, this was my favorite.

Some constructive criticism:

The tutorial could have been improved, it took longer to understand that the pressure plates could open doors permanently that it probably should have.

Sometimes it's difficult to know how much a particular block will stop light. For example, I tried to use a reflector to block a light source and keep spikes down, tried pushing the orb over some spikes, and spiked myself. Maybe a way to help with that is to have levels which show how much/little something will block light when the level starts. IE have them positioned at their limits and force the player to change the position and discover how much they block light in a safe environment before deadly spikes are involved.

All in all, great job, I played to the end and finished all levels.

Great game!

My hand hurts after playing it :P

Also it's sad when you make the wrong thing and can't store it anywhere for later, but I guess that's somewhat my own fault for making the wrong thing. A storage table would have been nice though.

This was a very good game, good job guys!

Was a little stuck in the first level until I figure out what a pressure plate does, not a big deal though.

Played right to the end, good stuff

The game is put together well with nice visuals, music and controls.

There were a couple of bugs like enemies would spawn in walls and get stuck.

It was a bit too unforgiving when you used a weapon, but missed and then couldn't acquire another weapon again for the remainder of the round. It would have been nice to have spawn locations around the map that you can run to and get more weapons.

Overall a pretty cool bullet hell style game.

A really cool idea. The only problem was that it got old defending the body after a while. Also I found you could just cheese it by getting in a certain spot and swinging the mouse around in circles.

It would have been really cool if you (the arm) had to go on a quest to deliver an important scroll to the king, but the monsters are trying to stop you. Your body had failed, but the quest is too important to give up.

In other things, the art was really good.

Interesting idea. It got a bit samey, it would have been good if you expanded the concept with enemies. The double jump could have been explained a bit better, but I understood it in the end.

A very interesting concept. A bit of a clunky implementation, definitely needs a reset button. Good job.

Couldn't stop until I had won. That being said, I didn't have much reason to continue after that.

The theming and music was great, really puts you in the mood.

It would have been cool to add a twist on the gameplay, a variation on the gun duel.

Good game. Didn't realise that it was procedurally generated each time you play until I accidently pressed esc and went back to the main menu. (This should probably have a confirmation).

The flying enemies were good. The others were just rude, they would just drop from the roof and cause seemingly unavoidable damage.

The jetpack should probably be bound to something other than space. I ran out by accident when trying to jump on ghosts.

Using enemies to jump to higher places is a neat idea, it didn't really seem well executed as I found it easier to not bother.

Misc notes: The art was nice. I like that you fell to the bottom when you died. Didn't realise that I had dropped the key when I died, actually died on purpose once I had the key to get to the bottom, made it to the door, then realised I didn't have the key anymore.

All in all, good job.

Very cool concept, I reckon that this type of game would work well on consoles.

I found it a little easy, maybe you could make the gravity well a little less strong so it doesn't trap every object, and they only redirected / don't stay in the well when you move it around. I found the best way to beat enemies was to catch a bunch of stuff in the well then put the well on top of the enemies.

Possibility even have a limit on how long you can use the gravity well.

In any case, good job

Good stuff. Sound effects and music were good.

The idea of having control remotely with your attention divided between destroying obstacles and controlling your car is neat. I found it rather tough.

The hit boxes were a little unforgiving, especially when you are parallel to a wall and turn the vehicle away from the wall only to instantly explode.

I think that the transition between levels could have been a little less jarring than a white screen.

Misc Notes: The previous champion (yes previous I beat him XD) was a cheater, I let him go first so he would explode to the boxes, and he just pushed them away. No fair.

Nice minimalist artistic design. Could have done with more indication of movement by having a background with more variety.

For a chill out game I found that I would have liked to have been able to see more of the world so that when moving fast I didn't have to have quick reaction times to collect the squares going past. 

Music fits the theme well.

Misc Notes: I didn't quite understand the scoring system, maybe could have made that more clear. Never seemed to find any enemies, not sure why. If you went too far away, the background grid would disappear and the squares would stop spawning.