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Enemies can not hit you for the first 1 second after they spawn so that should not have been an issue. Though it would make sense to disable a spot if you're standing on it. I can add that as some polish. Glad you enjoyed it though!


Had to go to dinner with family that I was unaware of. Will do any posted here when I get back!

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edit: Had to go to dinner with family that I was unaware of. Will do any posted here when I get back!

I'll be playing some Game Jam games on over at if you want me to play yours comment it here or head over to twitch and link it in chat!

If you'd like to return the favor I'd appreciate you rate and comment on my game , however, that is not needed for me to play yours on stream!

very well polished game! Would be interesting to see some more mechanics in it.\

Would be fun to watch someone playing my game! I've watched a few friends do it but not anyone who I didn't already know:

Very nicely polished game!

Since there is a way to lose 10 seconds it would be nice if there was a way to gain time too. Maybe I just suck and never found out how to gain time. There could be something like if you hit 5 with one shot you gain 10 seconds. That would make trying to set up huge bounces more enticing and allow very skilled players to get really high scores by getting more time.

I'm back rating games again!

I love it!

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oh wow, I can't believe I missed that. Gonna try it again now that I know that.

Yeah it was for sure a fine proof of concept! Mechanics were working well, just the level design is what needed the most work.

How I have spawning working right now is that there is a spawn rate which goes up throughout the game and every time an enemy spawns it picks one room at random to spawn in, then it picks one spot from the predetermined spawn points in that room to spawn at. So yes it is very random with spawning which can lead to it not being as interesting at the start if you get very unlucky and have a bunch all spawning in the same room, however, at the end it's kinda a non-issue as there are so many spawning that there is almost always at least one in a room. I could try implementing a pattern to see how well it works out though.

Yes, the time showing up like that is a bit annoying, it has to do with how I was making the timer. With a bit more time this can be solved, I just needed that time during the jam to work on more important things. As for the negative hp, I originally had it just go to 0 and not bellow but I really like being able to go to negative numbers; it makes you feel a lot more powerful when you get a critical hit on an enemy and see their hp go to -15.

Also, I just checked out your game and left a comment on it! :)

Nice original game. I did like how every character's ability could only be used once. It felt like I didn't really need any character other than the key. Every level I was able to get though with only one ability using the key character the whole time. I think if you designed the levels so you'd actually need to use more than one character that would really help or even if you made it so ALL of your party has to get to the end so you gotta open up paths for the other ones, like the jumper can go over a wall and open a door with a switch there then the key could unlock something in there but now the bunny is stuck on the other side so you gotta find a way to get him out. I feel that stuff like that would really improve this game.

That's a really good idea of having some enemies that require a bit more coordination to kill with like what you said about having to hit them at the same time on two different screens. That is for sure something I will experiment with!

I've tried making a fair amount of changes to prevent people from feeling the best way of playing is just spamming and running around, this is something I certainly need to tweak a bunch till I can get it to feel right. I thought having the 1.5x damage multiplier you get for not attacking for 2 seconds would be enough but it was not. Originally there were going to be much more advanced weapons stats with ranged weapons, slow but high damage weapons, and fast but low damage weapons, however, I didn't have time to implement this. Perhaps once I do implement it then this issue will be resolved.

I'm glad to hear that the armor being tied to the weapon worked so well. I wanted to make players make tough choices like you said you did where they would need to chose some higher armor or higher damage which risks dying. The coins were actually added for the express purpose of forcing the player to have to actually move around the level rather than standing in once place so really good to hear that was working.

Very original idea, I do like the idea of using past you to help yourself out. It was really difficult though and on levels where you had two of the same color it would be easy to lose track of yourself. Also, having to wait so long when you failed got kinda annoying. If you polished it up some more it would be a fun little game though.

Planned on finishing up rating games after playing some games with my friends but it's almost 3am so I am heading to bed and will do any that I have not done yet here and any more that show up whilst I am asleep when I wake up.

Actually, I know it's not very clear but if you wait 2 seconds after a hit your next hit will do 1.5 times damage so if you line up all 4  to have the enemies chasing you then you can kill all of them in a single hit with that strategy. From my testing it's way more efficient to do it this way but it's not intuitive nor the easiest way and as such yes, you're right more tweaking is needed.

I think most importantly I should have made it more clear that's how you do a critical hit. Right now I just have a visual indicator of when it happens by having some particles swing out of the sword to make it look like you're swinging it through the air much faster. It also says it in the description on the games page but I doubt most people read that. Other than that the only way to tell is by looking at how much the enemy hp goes down.

Maybe this just isn't enough of an incentive to not just spam your sword. I want spamming to be able to still happen because when I made it so you were forced to take time between your hits it felt sluggish. Maybe I could do some sort of ramping damage so first time you wait 2 seconds it's 1.5x damage then next consecutive one it's 2x damage and keeps scaling till you do an attack too fast. There's a lot of different ways I could attack this issue. Thanks for bringing it up!

If you could rate my game that would be great! I'll rate yours too. Also, if you have any feedback I'd love to hear it. It's not necessary but with the responses I have been getting so far to it I am thinking of polishing it up and making it into a full game so I'd love to get as much feedback as I can!

Very interesting and though provoking game. Also, VERY original! Great job!

Just played it! Nice game. Rated and commented on it.

This is for sure the best 1 ammo type of game I've seen on here. I love that you did some really creative things with the one bullet such as bringing it back to you to also kill enemies and being able to tp to it. Most one bullet games just have you run up and grab it but you took that and turned it on it's head. Well done!

Very original idea. I think it would be better if levels were created by you instead of randomly generated because I had some REALLY easy generated ones.

Honestly been looking for a decent chess game like this where I can just have a friend and I take turns on the same pc. This might do for when I wanna throw in a twist. Pretty nice game!

I feel piercing enemies would be a good addition. I am not a big fan of the instant recalling since it allows you to spam without really thinking about your arrow count making it no longer feel like a one arrow game. Forcing the player to still have to recall the arrow even after a hit would keep the one arrow feel.

Originally I planed much more variety in weapons but that is not something that got into the game before time ran out for the jam. If I do take this game farther then that will 100% be in the game.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it enough to call it one of your favorites here! I was worried that 4 screens would make the game too noisy but it's been well received so thank you!

Nice game, I enjoy bouncing shots off walls to kill enemies. One hp makes it pretty unforgiving.

Yeah, there really is a lot of places I could take this and since it's been so well received I'm considering doing more with it! I'm happy that you enjoyed it! Also, checked out your game and left a comment! 

Fun game, really loved the audio! I kinda wish that when recalling the arrow it would do damage to things it hits on the way kinda like in Titan Souls where you have a bow with one arrow and can shoot it out to do damage and have it do damage on the way back.

Interesting idea, I am not sure how we are supposed to know some of the characteristics of people, for example if it says chef or something I never saw one with a chef hat or anything. Would be interesting to see that put into the game some more. Maybe you'd have a video instead of static images where they do some stuff they like and you gotta pay attention for them cooking or something. Just an idea that may make it more interesting. 

I was thinking of adding an online leader board for kills and such but didn't have enough time. You saying how many kills you got makes me wish I had. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it and had fun! 

Glad you had fun! Thanks for checking it out and rating it!

Very nice game! I really like it! I'd love to see you do more advanced puzzles; you could have some really good puzzles with this!

Good to hear you had fun! With all the positive feed back I have gotten it's certainly something I am considering polishing up, adding a few features that I didn't have time to get in, and releasing as a standalone game.

Nice little game. The physics felt kinda floaty, I'd have raised the gravity a bit more but not needed. I did notice it says "Press R to reset" but when I pressed r it just skipped the level for me instead. I was able to get a time of 0 seconds by spamming R.

Pretty neat game though!

It would be interesting but might make it too easy and I would need to make it so players wouldn't just let the 3 others die and only play one since then it's even easier still.

I had to jump up and go quite far right (I am assuming it works on the left too) to get around the spikes.

It certainly did. One thing I would be interested in seeing added is having the enemies target you instead of just wandering around. It may make it a bit harder so you could limit it to just one enemy type comes after you. Maybe even make another that runs away from you so you end up chasing it into dangerous places. There is a lot you could do with it!

Glad you had fun!

I did actually tweak the hit detection a few times during this jam. I kept trying to make it more and more generous to you since you're having to control 4 players at a time and can't be super accurate the whole time. I guess I tweaked it a bit too much.  As it is right now when you attack the sword hit box and your hit box will do damage to enemies (originally it was just the sword). You also can't get hit by an enemy for 0.5 seconds after you hit them and they can also not hit you for 0.5 seconds after they spawn. I did a lot of stuff like that and tweaking those numbers till I got something that was not super brutal since you won't be able to pay enough attention to a single character to be able to withstand brutal.

I'll have to do some more tweaking of it of course if I want to make it a full game so thanks for telling me it doesn't seem right to you. I'll try to keep on tweaking it.

Interesting game! Very sneaky doing 1 pair for the theme. I feel like if you made the game get harder as you go (not sure if it does yet, I only got up to 84) then it would be more interesting. As it is right now once you get the idea of the game and get into a rhythm you can just go forever. I did notice that if you jump around the spikes at the bottom then you fall forever, you should add a check to see if the player is too far downward and then restart the game if they are.