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Your character is out of your control so you must alter terrain to get to the end
Submitted by DragonHeart000 (@rileyshumway) — 7 minutes, 54 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The main character is out of your control and you must use the environment to guide them where you want to go.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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This game is very cool! I enjoyed it, i love the visuals, with a bit more polishing it will became Amazing! good job! rated! please check out my game too :D


Thanks! There is certainly some things that we wish we could have polished more but we still got a lot done! We plan on making a post jam version at some point.

I'll be sure to check out your game when I'm off of work!


Loved the main mechanic, with a little bit of polish this could be a pretty fun game to play. The art was pretty good too. 


Thanks, we didn't get to spend nearly as much time on polish as we wanted to. We were really working down to the wire on this one.


I really like the concept of this, I can see what you are aiming for. Unfortunately the game crashed a couple of times so it became frustrating to play. I also managed to put my rock down and couldn't get back to it. I understand that the placement is part of the puzzle, but there is not way to undo or go back to try the puzzle again without having to completely restart. 

I like the look of everything, and the music while loud is nice. You really need to be able to access the settings menu from the pause menu in case you want to adjust something mid game. I can see the potential in this and I like the idea of manipulating the environment instead of the character, but sadly I think the execution is lacking a little. Give this game some work and some polish and it could be great

Developer (2 edits)

I know we were talking in discord when you wrote this but I still feel obligated to respond to all comments.

Thanks, part of the content we had to cut to release it before the jam ended was a time rewind. There were a  few gameplay ideas with this but I also feel it would serve as giving you an undo option quite nicely. In a full release we will likely try to include this. As for the crashes I've found it has crashed a bit more than expected. There are a few reasons for this all of which will be taken care of in a full release should we put one out. Part of it was just trying to make the game look so good that optimization suffered and there were no options to make the game look worse to run better.

I'll lower the default volume next time. As for settings in game that was because we had two different programmers on main menu and in game pause menu. Totally something we should have fixed though. Sadly we didn't have the time for it. 

There are a lot of things I want to do to bring that execution back up and get it more polished. I think my team managed really well and we were able to get a really cool product out but we may have been a bit too ambitious. The original goal was first 24 hours spent on the core game and the following 24 spent on just polish. It ended up not being that clean.

Anyway, thanks for the feed back and hopefully if we full release it then it'll be a lot better. I did quite like your feedback on needing an undo feature and how that works really well with one of the ideas we had but cut.


Everything except the terrain looks really really good. I love the wind animation. I couldn't figure out what to do after getting to the house. I think I needed a key but couldn't find it anywhere. I can't believe you made so much in just two days. 


Thanks, yeah the terrain texture we should have put a little more work into, the idea was to cover it all with grass but that KILLED the optimization (even on higher end computers) so the texture didn't get covered up as much. 

(Spoiler paragraph) As for the house, you're actually supposed to continue up, past the well, then there is a hole in the ground. If you fill that hole with a rock your character can pass over it. From there you'll find a small cave with some trees and another rock blocking it off, break the trees and move the rock (or break the rock too but in this game having more rocks is generally better) Inside that is a key which goes to a gate nearby. Open the gate and you can continue to a new cave that leads you to the next level.

Unfortunately for the version that was submitted to the jam we forgot to include the json with all the dialogue which is why you see none on the first level and since the dialogue that plays at the end of level 1 is also missing it does not load level 2 correctly. Same thing for level 3. We plan on uploading a post jam version later with that bug fixed and a few others as well.

Also, I too am really impressed with what we managed to do in the time frame. My team really did a good job. I also got 4 hours of sleep during this whole thing because of how much work we had. lol


Interesting game, I liked the graphics but It was a bit hard to understand.


Thanks, we should have spent more time on the tutorial. Once you figure out how the game works it's a lot better but in a jam with over 5k games to rate no one is going to spend the time to learn how it works.


The presentation is amazing, but the character just stood around. Sorry man :/

Developer (1 edit)

You're supposed to destroy the trees blocking your path. As the instructions said at the start, right click to break and left click/drag to move stuff around. The character at the start is trapped so you have to let him out. 

Thanks on the presentation comment though! We put a lot of work into making it look good!


really fun, music was great also!


Thanks, I'll be sure to let the composer know you liked his music that he made for this game jam!


I like the idea a lot, I couldnt guide the player to really go anywhere it seemed like there was nothing but 2 dead ends? Either way the music and idea were really cool, if you end up building the project farther maybe consider filling the world with bunch of miniture things to destroy while the character is moving onward, give constant interaction in some form.


So one of the parts the game needed more attention put to was a tutorial. I presume one of the dead ends you were talking about was blocked off by a giant hole. You're supposed to fill the hole with a rock so the player can move over it. It's not the most intuitive to be honest.

There will be a post jam version with some updated levels, tutorial, and most importantly we will actually package the dialogue.json file that didn't get packaged into this build. There's actually a whole elaborate story with dialogue boxes and all but because that didn't get packaged that system broke which has been detrimental as it now causes crashes sometimes, you don't get to see the story, and other systems that relied on it are broken too such as going to level 2 and level 3.

I can tell a lot of hard work went into this and the art and modeling are great however I could not get past the starting screen without my character turning around and going backwards. I tried to use the rock to guide him however it seemed unable to.


The character is out of your control so he goes where ever he wants. You have to limit the options of places he can go. The best way to do that is blocking of entrances to different areas and opening up ones to new areas. I do wish we could have had time to make a tutorial but we didn't even have time to patch a game breaking bug that popped up with 30 minutes to spare. Right now in this version only the first level is playable even though there is more than 1 level.

Had we had time for a tutorial we could have made the controls a bit easier to understand.


Pretty but I don't think I understood the controls 


What part of it was confusing? We didn't have time for a tutorial so I can see how it may be a bit hard to learn.


Until the third try I didn't see that you could drag rocks around. Until then I pretty much thought character just moved randomly and you had to deal with it. Also sometimes the drag just wouldn't work. This could turn out to be a really fun game with some tunning though!


Yeah, I think in the post jam version I'll disable being able to destroy rocks and just out destroying and moving on left click. It may be more intuitive then.

As for dragging not working what were you experiencing there? I hadn't found any issue with dragging rocks. I do know sometimes people will out the rock in what they think is blocking the area but actually miss a bit and there's no clear way to tell other than the guy is still going there. Is that what you're talking about or did you have another issue with the rocks that I never caught?


I think it's the one you might be describing