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Fun game, I really like the art style and the concept. Very cool!

Thanks a lot!

I'm glad you liked our game. I also appreciate you pointing out the digging up house's bug :)

Thanks, Glad you enjoyed it!

Funny game, I like the idea. for a Out of Control mechanic you sure came up with something really unique. Well done!

Thanks, glad you found it enjoyable!

Great art style, nice sounds, fun game. Well done!

Nice art, fun game. Well done!

Really nice game, I love the concept and art, the mechanics for turning, and the overall style. Well done!

Interesting game, I liked the graphics but It was a bit hard to understand.

Cool game, not hard to use at all. Interesting concept for Out Of Control.

Awesome game, I found it really fun and enjoyable till the end. Good job!

Awesome game, I love the style of art used and the audio isn't overwhelming or annoying. The game is great.  We also made a game similar to this,

Interesting take on out of control, great game!

Fun game, I like the concept, its unique and challenging. Well done!


Im glad you thought that

Thanks :D

Cool idea, very chance based. Unique and fun game.

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot!

Awesome game, I liked the fact that things would fly everywhere. Fun and enjoyable to play. Great job!

Very cute game, I like how realistic the cats behaviour is.

The visuals are really good, And the movement energy bar is a nice touch.

Cool unique idea, the missiles not stopping is a fun mechanic and its a nice challenge. Well done!

I like the Idea, The art is really nice. But I had no clue what to do on the 2nd level.

Its a very unique game with a very fun mechanic, I enjoyed the music and the sound design even though they were created beforehand. The graphics were nice and low the low poly theme went well with the sounds. fun game, well done.

I think that the game is really unique and creative, the dialogue is interesting and funny, the jokes on minecraft and pokemon and ratatouille were really good, awesome art style and very out of control. Well done!

Great art style,  Kinda hard to follow the game.

Nice art and funny graphics, the controls switching by color is unique and a nice challenge. Fun game!

Nice art, its difficult to handle the reverse controls at first but its rewarding to pass those dang birds.

I think its a cool concept of out of control, since human beings are very spontaneous and unpredictable. I think the animations are nice as well and the mechanics work well for reloading and killing things.

I really like the water and health mechanics, really nice detail added in there. The game is nicely polished and has nice art,  fun to play and very cool!

Thanks, Cool moose likes murder burger as well!

I found that the levels became very similar after playing for a couple minutes, But the Idea's really good.

The art/Sounds were really good. The only thing I didn't get, Was how it related to Out of control. But other than that, Very enjoyable game :)

I like it, But it's a little bit hard to get where you want with how slippery it is.

Cool game, nice graphics, hard to control but rewarding when you win.

Cool Graphics, fun gameplay.

I liked the art style and gameplay, unique and fun.