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Poops got Out of Control — 'CTRL' to clean them up!
Submitted by AtymTima Games — 5 minutes, 40 seconds before the deadline
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Poops got out of the control. The player uses CTRL button to change directions. This CTRL button can run OUT (Out of CTRL).

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

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i like this idea, but i found it hard to control.

i dont get why i have to hold control to change direction. its basically the snake game but with extra button presses.


The idea is that you are limited in the number of turns (out of ctrl), so if it was just arrow keys, for example, every press would be counted. But by holding extra button, you can change and choose the direction without losing anything.

But I agree with you that in a lot of cases it seems redundant. So, I think to allow players to change the direction immediately with pressing just the IJKL/WASD, or they can still use ctrl+button. 

Thank you for your opinion, though, it is highly appreciated! I will fix this, without a doubt. Thanks :)


Love that little toilet paper face 


Ahahah, we need to learn to be like this toilet roll — always happy :D
Thank you for playing the game, I hope you liked the game! Have a nice day


Nice twist on the snake classic! The game looks really good and the character being a paper roll ties perfectly with the mechanics! Good job!


I'll told my kids that's how the Snake game looked like

Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you had fun with the game, it means to me a lot! :)


Wow, you could say you're on a roll  with this.


Another punch to write down for the future, thank you for it XD
But seriously, thank you for playing, I'm glad you were on a roll with the game :)


I had so much fun, great job!! 


Thanks, I'n grateful to hear that from you :) it's something that keep my motivation going!


Nice balance of out of controls and strategy required. Its a little hard but in a good way.


Glad to see that you found both of them to be balanced. I'm working on making the game more balanced, so hopefully, it will become a good strategy eventually. Thank you for your support, it's highly appreciated!


This game fits really well with the theme for this jam. I always felt out of control, although it didn't feel unfair. The art style and sound design really complimented the game as well. This was really hard but I had a great time playing it.


I'm glad you were having fun with the game! I already fixed the controls a little, but I don't want to download a separate game for an update. So, I'll update the game with better controls once the ratings are over. Hopefully, the unnecessary difficulty will drop a lot :D

And thank you for complimenting the art style and sound design, it was so hard to finish at least something in 48 hours. Seems, it kind of worked out. Thanks again, I appreciate the feedback!


Pretty cool game! The concept fits really well with the theme.

 The controls were a bit difficult to get used to but actually not a bad concept I tihnk. For me the main problem was the toilet roll slightly 'drifting' - sometimes I let go of the key when I expect the roll to turn, but then he drifts into the block infront and that was a bit frustrating. So maybe more of a 'snappy' control with the same mechanic. 

I also was a bit confused by the achievements screen. And also I think some kind of goal with elvel design would be cool :)

Anyway, great job!


Yeah, that's my biggest mistake. The problem is that the character actually follows... the row where the red indicator is. For some reason, I didn't even think that it would be intuitive and smart to look at the character himself, not the red tile. I've already fixed the problem, but I'll update the game once the ratings are over (I don't want to download the separate game)

I'm sorry for that, but I'm glad you still had fun with the game! About the goal: at first it wasn't even the game with random generation, I was running out of time, so I changed the initial idea of proper levels to random XD
I'll continue working on the game and adding much more. Your comment Is highly appreciated :)


Your game is well made (especially considering its only your second game), and generally quite well polished but I just couldn't quite get the hang of the controls. I also found the music to be a little loud. Simple fixes at least! Good going :)


Thank you for playing the game and sharing the opinion! I'm currently working on both of these things, especially changing the follow system of a character (he actually follows the red tile with the arrow, but I didn't realize that people will assume he follows his own row, my bad).
Anyways, I appreciate your opinion a lot, have a nice day!


Hilarious, responsive and innovative. Uses the theme in a way I hadn't yet seen and in a way that adds to the players enjoyment rather than to frustrate them. I'm sure if you were to continue working on it it would become extra polished and could be a real gem, but the point of the jam I think is the proof of concept and the design which I think were fab in this instance, nice work!


Wow, you flatter me ahahah, I'm so happy that you enjoyed playing the game
I'm definitely continuing working on the game until I'll realize everything I wanted with it (the first longer project). Hopefully, it worth it

Once again, I highly appreciate your support, it's a good motivation. Thank you, have a nice day!


Yea, I'm sure you've already heard this critique a few times, but this is a good game with bad controls. I feel like I've been giving that critique a lot today, so don't feel bad. "Out of control" was a hard theme to do without it turning into something like that.

Still, I'd love to play this game again if you update the controls to be easier. Great job.


Hey, I don't feel bad, I actually believe that is the whole point of a jam — to learn from mistakes and the honest opinions of those who actually play the game :)
And I appreciate that you'd liked to replay the game. I'm going to eventually add improvements to a game after the rating is over, and I'll start with updated controls and fixed bugs. So, I'll update the controls as soon as I can. Thank you for a comment, I appreciate it a lot!


I liked the resource management aspect of the game. I thought the control was a bit strange with how it the roll would turn on the red tile selected. The roll would also sort of cut corners on the turns and I missed a poop once because of that.


For some reason, I didn't even think that most people will intuitively look at the character, not the red tile. I guess, I really need to learn to save some time for testing... The corner thing was kind of intentional, but I guess I didn't expand the collided enough to being able to collect the poop hmm. Thank you for letting me know, didn't know that! I'll fix that. My huge appreciation for sharing this info with me and for playing the game, I value that a lot!


Feels like a cool re-interpretation of snake with the theme in mind - simple and fun.

The sounds threw me off a little bit but other than that it's pretty solid, with no corn in it and of a healthy color. Cheers!


Yeah, I'm working on new sounds and music that will be way less aggressive but still fast-paced enough. It might take some time, since the gameplay and controls are the priority now, but eventually, I'll update the sound design too!

I appreciate the feedback, looking at others' opinions and suggestions is truly crucial for me. Thank you!


I like the concept of being a toilet paper roll and cleaning up poop, the person in the previous comment said it's snake with extra steps, I think that could be said but also it has it's own concept to it as well. 

I think the only thing that would've made this better is if the direction keys WASD and IJKL so that the player can use either hand for direction/Ctrl button and if the game rules were explained in a different way. I like the main menu explanation but also it kind of comes off as a wall of overwhelming text. 

I subscribed to your YT channel, and posted a comment as well. I was very surprised to learn that you just started making games not that long ago, you have a knack for it!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hmm now when you said that (about using both controls) I realized it was a stupid decision to remove WASD completely XD *facepalm*
About the main menu: I totally agree with you. The problem was, obviously, that I was running out of time really badly. I literally finished this UI 5 minutes before the deadline... I guess, next time I'll need to save more time for that.

And hey, I've seen your comment and already replied to you. Hopefully, you've received the reply. It's so cool for me to hear that you liked the game, that's all what makes me happy ahah. Thank you for the support, and welcome to the community of the channel!
I'm curious to see what you've done for your game, btw :)


Well that just sounds like Snake with extra steps.

Jokes aside, I feel like the overall movement of the, uh, toilet paper roll could be tuned a little as I ran into walls a few times without even going in their direction, the "Drifting" I guess you could say, made the game a tad too hard in my opinion.

It took me a few tries to get adjusted to the gameplay but it works well, thought I would have liked some more visual feedback when collecting things.

The presentation is nice and simplistic and the game works like a charm, nice work!


Ahaha, the funniest thing about the joke is that it was completely unintentional and non-ironic recreation of the Snake XD

The main problem with the current movement of the roll is that he follows the row where the red arrow is, not where the character himself is. But I just didn't assume that it's more logical for people to think that they need to look at the character. It was a bad gameplay decision from my side, but it will be fixed, without a doubt (as well as controls themselves).

I wanted to add more visual feedback so badly, but I was completely running out of time :( But it was kind of expectable from the very first jam.
Thank you for sharing your opinion about the game, your suggestions will be taken into consideration for improving the game further. I highly appreciate them :)


Nice take on the Snake formula! Being able to run out of controls was a nice touch and made the gameplay more strategic as you had to think ahead.

I also enjoyed the sudden appearance of Santa Poop! :D

Good job!


Finally, someone appreciated the Santa Poop, the rarest and the best character of the entire game :D He was basically born after my brain just thought "well... why not?"

Thank you for playing the game and for such flattering kind words, it's pleasing to know that you liked it! Have a nice day :)


Hey nice game! The controls took a little bit of getting used to but after a few times of hitting the wall right away I got the hang of it. I really like how you can really run "Out of CTRL" in this game! It really is like an advanced version of snake. Very good job!


Poops: I am the main villain of the game!
Walls: let me introduce myself...

I'm happy to hear that you liked the game, and especially that the controls became easier with time for you. I'll start with a tutorial next time, so that nobody will be stuck, trying to understand how does the movement work. Anyways, thank you for a comment, it's nice to see another truly valuable opinion :)


Hey, LFJ Saracen here, Liked your game, it’s fun and entertaining. It could also be my manchild brain going ‘haha poop’.

Developer (1 edit)

Aahaha, you literally described how did my brain come up with the idea at 2 AM

Thanks for playing the game. I’m glad it was fun for you even if it was the man child brain’s function. Hopefully, I’ll able to develop something from this idea so that it doesn’t solely rely on this element of unexpected use of theme. I appreciate the comment!


Very interesting concept. It reminds me of snake with some spin-off mechanics, which I thought were cool. The art looks nice, too. I will say that it was a bit hard for me to control sometimes, but it got a little better with some practice. Nice work!


Actually, it’s funny how I’m unintentionally and non ironically recreated the Snake game, i’m so glad it has some twists, at least 😂 so, I’m glad that people like the idea

I definitely think that my main problem with controls was that I did not have time to explain how does movements work. I’ll work on both tutorial + polish and upgrade of controls to make them feel better. Thank you for sharing your opinion, I highly appreciate it!


This game looks amazing ! GG for making all that in 48 hours :D
The gameplay is also very fun ! Thanks for the game


For some reason, I haven't seen anyone saying GG outside the actual games, but it makes so much sense in this context ahahah.
And hey, I'm flattered, really glad you liked the game. My appreciation for you for playing and telling your thoughts in the comment, means a lot :)
P.s. by the way, did anybody tell you that you look like Brackeys on your Ava image? Sorry for a random question XD thanks again!


Haha no one ever said that to me ^^ but i'm belgian so maybe we don't have the same references X)


Who knows, maybe Brackeys doesn't want to reveal his true origins...

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