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The idea is that you are limited in the number of turns (out of ctrl), so if it was just arrow keys, for example, every press would be counted. But by holding extra button, you can change and choose the direction without losing anything.

But I agree with you that in a lot of cases it seems redundant. So, I think to allow players to change the direction immediately with pressing just the IJKL/WASD, or they can still use ctrl+button. 

Thank you for your opinion, though, it is highly appreciated! I will fix this, without a doubt. Thanks :)

Ahahah, we need to learn to be like this toilet roll — always happy :D
Thank you for playing the game, I hope you liked the game! Have a nice day

Glad to see that you found both of them to be balanced. I'm working on making the game more balanced, so hopefully, it will become a good strategy eventually. Thank you for your support, it's highly appreciated!

Thanks, I'n grateful to hear that from you :) it's something that keep my motivation going!

Another punch to write down for the future, thank you for it XD
But seriously, thank you for playing, I'm glad you were on a roll with the game :)

I'll told my kids that's how the Snake game looked like

Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you had fun with the game, it means to me a lot! :)

Wow, you flatter me ahahah, I'm so happy that you enjoyed playing the game
I'm definitely continuing working on the game until I'll realize everything I wanted with it (the first longer project). Hopefully, it worth it

Once again, I highly appreciate your support, it's a good motivation. Thank you, have a nice day!

This is amazing idea 😮 I must admit, I lost 3 minutes trying to understand what to do just because I was trying to connect them the other way around (the name to a key). Not sure if it's only my problem, maybe it is :D

But the idea is neat. And more importantly, the execution of the idea is well done. There is a good learning curve because I was wondering why do I need the left movement if I can use only right and jump, but it was so smart to introduce the left movement on the 4-5 level, I liked this sudden realization that I messed up 😂 

At first I thought it's annoying that I don't see the actual level because of the UI, but then I realized that's actually good (since you are not sure which controls do you need). Very original and polished, enjoyed playing the game a lot!

I have no idea where did you find the music with this funny chipmunks sounds, but it was a great choice, it sold the game for me :D

One suggestion would be to either increase the speed of falling down to the void, or make the ball respawn quicker. I felt it was unnecessary long. Also, I still didn't get if grey/brown jumpers were randomly activated or by me. It wasn't as clear to understand

Although, the concept is very fun. Without a joke, this is totally a game that I would play a lot (and burn inside a lot too), because it reminds me golf games. It's always frustrating to miss the end by a little distance, but so rewarding when you do :)

Very engaging game!

If I were the soldier in the tank and I were to see those spiders in real life, I would destroy the tank by myself, omg XD

First of all, I'm not sure what was the reason, but for the first 3 tries, my "2" button was not interactive. It didn't respond, so I wasn't able to choose the weapon. Gladly, it worked after I died 3 times. I think there is some kind of a bug...

Second of all, the sounds are pretty nice and fitting separately, but together they didn't go well. I mean, if a lot of spiders are together, the player will hear the sound from each one of them, which was too loud and distracting. Also, the volume for an explosion sound was loud too, I think.

Overall, though, I liked the idea of a game a lot! The game really managed to hold my attention and feel intensity all the time. I would love to see more games/of this game with similar mechanics. Good submission!

Yeah, that's my biggest mistake. The problem is that the character actually follows... the row where the red indicator is. For some reason, I didn't even think that it would be intuitive and smart to look at the character himself, not the red tile. I've already fixed the problem, but I'll update the game once the ratings are over (I don't want to download the separate game)

I'm sorry for that, but I'm glad you still had fun with the game! About the goal: at first it wasn't even the game with random generation, I was running out of time, so I changed the initial idea of proper levels to random XD
I'll continue working on the game and adding much more. Your comment Is highly appreciated :)

I'm glad you were having fun with the game! I already fixed the controls a little, but I don't want to download a separate game for an update. So, I'll update the game with better controls once the ratings are over. Hopefully, the unnecessary difficulty will drop a lot :D

And thank you for complimenting the art style and sound design, it was so hard to finish at least something in 48 hours. Seems, it kind of worked out. Thanks again, I appreciate the feedback!

Thank you for playing the game and sharing the opinion! I'm currently working on both of these things, especially changing the follow system of a character (he actually follows the red tile with the arrow, but I didn't realize that people will assume he follows his own row, my bad).
Anyways, I appreciate your opinion a lot, have a nice day!

It sounds even funnier than "poop collection" for my game XD
P.s. I will reveal your hidden relationship with dentists... just wait...

Sure, I'm excited :)

I like the motivation, keep it up!

The game has a very original and interesting concept. I loved the tutorial at the beginning, because after reading the description I was like "then I'll just try to avoid them as much as I can." But then I realized I need to become faster sometimes and I was like "Oh, I see, that's cool."

One thing I would change is the speed. I understand it was the main purpose of the game, but it becomes uncontrollable way too fast. Just getting upwards is super challenging. I get it that you had 48 hours, and you made a great job for such a short period. I'm just saying for the future that it is too unbalanced sometimes. But overall, I liked the chilling music, the gameplay and visuals

P.s. the face of the rock, though. It sells the game ahahah

Hey, I'm just curious if this game was inspired by Celeste's PiCO game because the controls (arrow keys + c + v) were so intuitive for me just because I played Celeste before. If it was intentional, then that's smart, if not, then it's still smart ;)

I'm so impressed since the game, the art and music were done in 48 hours only... Everything looks so polished. I also liked the enemy that was shooting me from the top downwards, it was unexpected for a platformer, actually, and made the game much more interesting with all these things. 

Enjoyable game, and visually appealing, great job!

Wow, the game feels so good! The camera shaking, visuals, mechanics, all of that is combined so well, making the game unbelievably polished for a jam. And the potential of expansion is obvious: more planets with different effects on the player, more possible routes,  more visual styles after completing a certain amount of levels... And yeah, the frog's face makes the game, good job XD

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a bug, but I believe the game is still fire! Just by adding a proper ambience/different music for a game, and the game will feel as a finished game.

Everything is intuitive, and the tutorial is so well done (since it's not just the big screen at the beginning, but the actual in-game tutorial. The art is very nice, attractive and pleasing, but most importantly, it established a right mood for a game about heist! It's impressive for a game jam in 48 hours. All animations are so clean, I don't get it how could someone do that in 48 hours. 

I would love to play a full-version of this game, to be honest, it's good. I'm satisfied from playing the game :D

This is one of the games that would make me go crazy and frustrated, but I'll still play it cause it's fun and challenging! I think adding much more types of grenades will be a lot of fun, so that once the player gets used to the mechanics, he or she will always need to adapt to new types of grenades. 

Also, the art style used for a game is amazing, seriously. And you have one of the best thumbnails for a game, it attracts the attention well. The game is under-appreciated, though, but let it not distract you from continuing working on it, because it's extremely good and has a potential! Best of luck

The only two thing I want to recommend is to show the players that all he needs are A, D, spacebar, because I didn't realize it was changing the controls between them (well, it is kind of obvious, but I just didn't get it immediately). And maybe increase the difficulty, because it was really easy to destroy an entire column of enemies simply because they didn't shoot me back.

Apart from that, it's a simple yet solid game with a fitting musical theme, and greatly polished for it. Great job!

If you decide to upgrade the game after the rating are over, I would recommend you to add different pick ups on the road (probably it's kind of obvious, but anyways). It might be a common element of similar games, but with the random speed feature, it will create a good constant dilemma of "should I go for it or no?" This seems as a funny concept for a mobile game, though, and the fact that the game is more unpredictable, but not random, makes it well balanced. Enjoyed playing your game!

I bet you were paid by dentists so that they can show this game to their clients. I'm still not sure why it was created, but that's why I love it. The best content we can get from the game jam XD
P.s. The sounds make their job, seeing how they were made would've been hilarious 

The game is a far relative of the Watch Dogs ahaha. But I like the idea of controlling others' cars without being their drivers. I think the game has a potential to be expanded into different genres, even full crazy puzzles (not sure how that goes but anything's possible). But seriously, if you decide to expand the game, then good luck, it's a fun game with a nice executed idea

I liked the cute visual design of the game, everything looks charming. But, I still think the number of visual elements on the screen from the fire should be decreased, too many particles/effects cause me to be distracted too much (but who knows, maybe it's intentional). But overall, you made a good job at differentiating the fire from other objects through the opposite colors. Good job!

Hmm, the thing is, I don't think that the controls are bad if you have the mouse, but playing it on laptops is hard. Surely, I would prefer if those cards could've been chosen with keyboard input (1, 2,3), and if it makes the game easier, then maybe they will have a delay before implementing/or just make the spaceship faster. BUT, maybe it was intentional to not use the keyboard, and in this case, I'm fine with that. I was still able to get over many obstacles normally. 
Also, I found it strange that I could go to the left completely and keep going, although nothing was there. Probably, you know about that too and you were just restricted with time to block this zone somehow. But anyways, interesting game, and I liked the customization!

Yeah, I figured it was the time limit. But it just made the game so much sad, the feeling of hopelessness when you can't even save your cat... XD 
Best of luck to your team!

Oh I see, then I can imagine the game being even better with proper sound design etc. :) 

I think most people already commented on how original and cool the concept and the game itself are. So, I just want to add that although the game fits the theme and is executed great, if you ever consider expanding the game, make sure to not over punish the players. When the main concept is "as better your at the game, as bigger the punishment will be" can quickly to lead to the decreased motivation to play the game. You made quite a good balance to make sure it won't happen in your game, but still, be careful with that. Maybe, you can add some more rewards for actually playing without mistakes as much as you can. But overall, the concept is great, the execution is even better, and the colors used for visuals only add to the game. Nice one!

Hey, I don't feel bad, I actually believe that is the whole point of a jam — to learn from mistakes and the honest opinions of those who actually play the game :)
And I appreciate that you'd liked to replay the game. I'm going to eventually add improvements to a game after the rating is over, and I'll start with updated controls and fixed bugs. So, I'll update the controls as soon as I can. Thank you for a comment, I appreciate it a lot!

One big suggestion would be to have a better/faster yellow zone with more visual feedback on whether it's turned or not. I wasn't sure if they work at all all the time.

Also, although I didn't get what was happening in the game at first, once I got used to that, it was nice. I would admit, the sound design and maybe shake cameras to know if my ship collided with a meteor will help a lot to know if I'm actually in a bad situation or not right now. Without it, I didn't feel the sense of danger. But overall, the game is original and nice for sure, keep up with great work!

Wow, such a good modeling for a game in 48 hours, and it's put together so cool. I'm just about to pick up 3D, so it is cool to see a variety of what people can come up with so quickly. The feeling of speed was good, I must say. Definitely, a very interesting submission!

The best thing about this game that really saves from getting mad at being killed by snow rocks is the fact that they don't kill you if you barely touched them, only if they smash the character. Not sure if this is intentional or not, but if it is, my appreciation for saving my nerves ahah. I mention that because many games kill instantly from a smallest touch (including mine, though), but not yours. The game itself is interesting, although I'm not sure what is the purpose of F besides opening the doors. At first I thought I don't like the fixed camera, but then realized it was a linear level design, so it was fine. Overall, liked it!

I was a little confused if is there any strategy to save the cats most of the time, because I really wanted so badly, but aliens were so persistent ;(
One thing that I didn't like is that there wasn't a way to save the cat from the alien who took one (or was it, and I'm just small brained?)
But overall, the sound design was on point, the visuals establish the atmosphere well, and the idea is original but sad (in a good way). Surely, adding much more elements can turn the game into something much less repetitive, but for a game in 48 hours, your submission is great!

Oh I feel myself so stupid, I was so bad at game and died so many times until I realized that I can smash enemies easily (I guess I got used to the fact that usually the player is the one who is crushed from touching others). Once I realized that, the game turned from nice  to really good! 

If you ever considered to expand the game, then more enemy types/obstacles/abilities will surely add even more fun to a game. Although, I might admit that it already is enjoyable. 

The art is cool too, and that's why I think I would prefer if you showed the actual screenshot from the game on your thumbnail. I think it could've attracted more people to play your game (my subjective opinion). But anyways, continue making games, it was good!

P.s. does the game have sounds? I didn't have them but probably it was just my PC

This game is literally the visualization of me rushing to finish and submit the game before the deadline XD
Jokes aside, the models are simple yet quite aesthetically fit the game's atmosphere and would look perfectly for mobile. Sure, more of them and polish will make the game less repetitive, but for only 48 hours, it's pretty neat. I like infinite runners, and your game definitely is a good representation of the genre (especially with all the "out of control" concept)

For some reason, I didn't even think that most people will intuitively look at the character, not the red tile. I guess, I really need to learn to save some time for testing... The corner thing was kind of intentional, but I guess I didn't expand the collided enough to being able to collect the poop hmm. Thank you for letting me know, didn't know that! I'll fix that. My huge appreciation for sharing this info with me and for playing the game, I value that a lot!

Yeah, I'm working on new sounds and music that will be way less aggressive but still fast-paced enough. It might take some time, since the gameplay and controls are the priority now, but eventually, I'll update the sound design too!

I appreciate the feedback, looking at others' opinions and suggestions is truly crucial for me. Thank you!