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Submitted by Nelife, Lymze (@lymze_creations) — 12 minutes, 8 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Your grenade launcher is out of control and shoots randomly. Don't blow up people!

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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The game looks great and is super juicy. I would have integrate the opening/closing doors in the gameplay loop. Maybe you would need to solve a simple puzzle in the room before being able to open them? Otherwise you feel like you have no agency.


Hey that's not a bad idea! I am already improving it a bit, I added a lot of polish, like shadows under grenades and characters, an animation when pushing the objects rather than teleporting them one tile. And a teleporting animation when entering / leaving a level.

I though I could make it a game inside a weapons factory or something, and making this one of the different kinds of missions. But puzzles to open doors is a great idea and I'll definitely look into it!

This game is nice but it frusteded me to sometimees. But i still play it beacause its a lot of fun with tooo Many Greandes


This is one of the games that would make me go crazy and frustrated, but I'll still play it cause it's fun and challenging! I think adding much more types of grenades will be a lot of fun, so that once the player gets used to the mechanics, he or she will always need to adapt to new types of grenades. 

Also, the art style used for a game is amazing, seriously. And you have one of the best thumbnails for a game, it attracts the attention well. The game is under-appreciated, though, but let it not distract you from continuing working on it, because it's extremely good and has a potential! Best of luck


I like the concept! Your art is very good, and I liked having to try to aim my grenades while locked in a room to not kill myself.

Are the grenades supposed to kill civilians? I feel like it'd be a lot more challenging but more fun if it did.

I wish the doors were explained in the tutorial, I didn't understand why I couldn't go through the horizontal doors at first because all I saw was the lights. And it also wasn't clear to me that I could push things, I was confused why I was being slowed down.

Sometimes it felt like the controls were being unresponsive, and I had a lot of issues with the game freezing and lagging.

Otherwise, good job!


Yeah, I kind of find it funny to watch them fall into the ground. I am currently polishing the game, and I'm thinking of having the explosions push objects and civilians aside one tile. While I'm writing this, maybe I should go overboard and have explosions push them far away? Maybe kill the civilians if the grenade blows up on their own tile, but push them if it explodes beside them.

Yup, the doors are a bit unclear at first. Maybe we will add another explanation screen for them.

I also improved performance. Some assets were copied unnecessarily, and in the version submitted for the jam, grenades don't really despawn, after exploding they stay in memory and just not being shown.

Thanks for the comments!


I had a problem with understanding how the doors work...after that it was really fun :) 


Very interesting game. Took a moment to get the hang of how to navigate about and understanding how the doors cycle, but once I did, it was pretty fun and intuitive.

I did have some problems with install via Clickteam, so anyone having issues check out this post which helped me get it working.

Also, be warned everyone, the AUDIO IS SUPER LOUD, turn down your headphones real low before starting!


I reached until the fourth level, and it was damn fun! Though, I would like to have the controls not be snapping, to the tiles as I move around. Anyways, nice job!


Yes, more free controls might have felt better, but integer positions are so much easier to manage than floating ones!


It's a five stars for me.

I did arrived to a level where I could not find the exit though.

I love the floor destruction. it gives a strategic feel where you sometime have to budget the space left.

Plus who wouldn't love a Monogame game!


Some levels are pretty hard, and require you to go through a "critical path", meaning you can get a lot of dead ends.


Game is pretty cool, but gets a bit stale after a while


How long did you play? I expected people to play 5-10 minutes and get to the next game.


around 15 minutes


I beat it! Great game guys, that grenade launcher is a tricky mistress!


Good job! We're aware the game can be quite hard. 

The grenades are tricky, especially when the doors trap you in a small room, and troll you by not opening for a while. Door changes are made at regular interval, and each door has 50% chances of being open or closed. Having all doors closed for 4-5 cycles can definitely happen. At least when it does, you respawn quickly and can get right back into action!


This was really fun. You nailed the theme. The game art was nice. I liked the story and its art too.   Once those chairs started piling up, there was an extra puzzle aspect that I appreciated.

I wish there was an option to retry a level. Maybe that's not necessary, since I found a shortcut. Esc from the start screen appears to be an instant win.


Game art is definitely really nice. All credits go to Lymze. It's the second year we team up (the guys running around are improved versions of the main character for our first game, Lele)

I'm still surprised he could make SO MUCH nice sprites and screens so quickly.

He even made some more I didn't have the time to include in the game, like some conveyor belt animations that would have been really nice, and would have made the levels a little less bland.


Hey that was fun! So manic, it really fits the theme. It's very intuitive and the controls and concept becomes clear very quickly. I like the way that the floor is your "health".


You dig your own grave :D


NOTICE: We changed the last level last minute to make it a bit easier. But the bitmap file used to load it has its colors corrupted, and has no walls (which makes the last level much easier than intended.

For the full experience, the fix is located here: