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Thanks for the heads up, I repackaged up the .exe with the needed DLLs so hopefully that fixes it!

Woh, mind a bit blown when the flames started really "spreading", haha, pretty cool!

Very interesting game. Took a moment to get the hang of how to navigate about and understanding how the doors cycle, but once I did, it was pretty fun and intuitive.

I did have some problems with install via Clickteam, so anyone having issues check out this post which helped me get it working.

Also, be warned everyone, the AUDIO IS SUPER LOUD, turn down your headphones real low before starting!

Cool lil game! Definitely found it pretty tough, wished my dude could move a lil faster, but the challenge was pretty solid!

505 is my top score baby!

Lovely lil game, really enjoyed the music and visuals. It was tough to tell when to push my luck and try for some higher up reputation folks, and often when I did I would fail. Might have been cool to have a little more insight into how likely it is to succeed when taking a shot. Or maybe how far away the shot was taken could give you some extra chance (trick shot buff, haha).

But overall cool concept and great aesthetic!

This seems like it should be a red win but it's not. Is this intended?