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Eggjam February 2021
Submitted by hexalspace (@hexalspace), uaq — 3 minutes, 36 seconds before the deadline
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interesting! very meditative. It’s fun to try and improvise a song that stays in one key/mood/whatever, given the restrictions of the crumbling islands. I wish I had a bit more control - maybe being able to jump to the next note early, or speeding up/slowing down the tempo with the mouse wheel?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

a fun creative expression through a simple gameplay element is what we were going for. There’s definitely more we would have liked to do including more variable jump timings and harmony rocks that could hit another stone at the same time! 

I had fun trying to go up in a major/minor scale. And getting a feel for when I switched keys. Sort of hard without the usual fret board/piano roll to familiarise myself with though! 

Thanks for having a go and letting us know how you went :) 


Stone is an interesting music game experiment. It doesn’t have the high tempo of other music games to give you challenge and instead it’s a zen experience with a slow beat.

Playing around with X to mute the note to turn your whole notes into eighth notes made it a fun, relaxing little music experience.

Eventually, I was hoping for more ability to change the sounds. Like if the stone I landed on selected a bar and I was piecing together generative music – obviously a much harder approach to get right.

Looks nice too.


awesome! Yeah we had some big ideas and had to keep our scope down. We both saw it as a learning opportunity and in that sense I know I got a lot out of it. There’s more I would like to do, but we’re still figuring out our appetite for it. 


A lovely experience that has both a pun and user generated music, two of my favourite things together at last!

P.S. The executable didn't run out of the box (missing DLLs) but ran fine with love.exe.


Thanks for the heads up, I repackaged up the .exe with the needed DLLs so hopefully that fixes it!