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I liked this idea. Juggling the different packages and pick/drop order was a fun optimization problem.

The interface made that gameplay cumbersome and frustrating: looking at a courier required clicking their packages tab and their profile tab, no view of all courier + new packages at once. Not sure if that’s part of the challenge. I liked the imprecise location of the couriers as an intentional awkwardness, but I think you want other things to be streamlined.

I only played enough to realize why wisdom matters and then my week ended after two days. :D

You’re right, it is very slow. I’ve sped up the player enough to outrun the platforms which should make it less frustrating and feel more empowering.

Thanks for the feedback!

Glad you stuck with it enough to reach that mastery point. The web version still lags so much that it makes it hard to reach tight control, but I guess I’m satisfied with where I was able to get within the jam.

Thanks for playing!

This was fun. Great subtle tutorialization. Good difficulty curve.

I found it a bit frustrating that I couldn’t break the grapple and sometimes it grabbed something offscreen, but I love the contrast between floaty and grapple.

Really generous checkpointing helped a ton.

Nice work!

I won! This was awesome!

At first, I found the “only use potions in combat” frustrating, but I theory crafted it as the enemy’s attacks showing you how to cut harder or dodge better and got over it. Venturing deeper into the cave to fight more and more intimidating creatures and then growing in power (over 50 ATK 50 DEF) and slaughtering everything was an incredible arc. Fog of war was a great choice to give mystery to the cave and I love the readability of the enemy design.

I died several times before I figured out how to balance health loss with “learning” so I could buff my character up. At first, I was trying to get potions and retreat to easier enemies, but I think once I figured out how much a chicken got me and kept an eye on my hp, it was smooth sailing (but my rampage was still engaging).

I didn’t pay much attention to enemy atk/def values to calculate how many hits I could take – my formula was initially stay above 1 and after some maxhp became stay above 8. I wonder if getting hit for 4 damage would make the game more interesting or overload me with math (presumably that was possible, but my def got up fast enough that I don’t think I lost more than 2 in one hit). I guess it would have been welcome towards the end.

Well done! One of the most impressive jam games I’ve ever played.

The game hung for a while for me after going through a door, but eventually loaded the level after a few minutes.

I haven’t played Legend of Grimrock or even older 4-way dungeon crawlers, so this was a novel experience for me. The ability to look around away from your facing direction is interesting, but makes the gun seem overpowered. Dual-wielding is fun (but awkward on a touchpad).

I played through to the third level. The potion effect is wild although I immediately wanted to pick up my dropped item.

Stone is an interesting music game experiment. It doesn’t have the high tempo of other music games to give you challenge and instead it’s a zen experience with a slow beat.

Playing around with X to mute the note to turn your whole notes into eighth notes made it a fun, relaxing little music experience.

Eventually, I was hoping for more ability to change the sounds. Like if the stone I landed on selected a bar and I was piecing together generative music – obviously a much harder approach to get right.

Looks nice too.

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Got 10/10!

It’s interesting how the maze obscures what’s around the corner so you’re travelling around finding things and mentally keeping track. It’s like an alternative version of the classic game Memory.

I wonder if texturing the walls would draw your attention even more down hallways. Or how you could expand on this to add other mechanics: puzzle, using pieces for unlocking, collapsing sections of the maze, …

Really great arcade game.

Art is simple but effective. Although I don’t understand the swords and didn’t realize what the power ups did until I picked up rollerskates which replaced my no walls power up – for a few levels before, I thought I’d played 9 levels without realizing the ends looped around. haha.

Fun and challenging and does a good job of introducing new obstacles as you progress.

Made it to level 15.

This was a nice little space shooter with a ton of style.

I wished for some way of angling my shots, but I could see that coming as a powerup after absorbing a breach.

Nice work! I’m impressed at how good it looks and smooth it feels.

Beat a grandmaster puzzle!

Watching the balls split at the end is a very satisfying win to the puzzle.

I found the random + row/column requirement + number of tiles felt too difficult to strategize. I tended to play until I was half out of tiles and then start thinking hard. But pushing to the harder difficulty levels, I really got into the strategy.

Weirdly, in my memory some of the puzzles are more than 3x3, but it looks like all difficulties are the same. I guess it just seemed more daunting…

Great work!

I’m not familiar with Saint-Exupéry outside of Le Petit Prince, so I’m not sure if I lacked the background to get a clue to where to go, but I wandered the desert for a while and kept finding water to keep me alive. But it didn’t seem I was going anywhere so I eventually stopped getting water so I could live up to the title of the game.

I tried again and attempted to find bread crumbs to follow – spirits in the right direction, etc. But no luck there.

On a whim, I tried one last time, found the nomad (don’t know how to interact), pickaxe (smashed lots of rocks for nothing?), divining rod (not sure if there was a way to use it), and myself quickly followed by death? (An apparition seems like a nice touch right before you die. It was an exciting cascade of new stuff, but eventually felt like nothing changed – now I walk through rocks but I’m still lost.

Evocative pixel art – simple but does well to convey the desert.

I read too much into the title and I played for a while avoiding the enemies and trying to grow my void hole until it finally reached me and I died. haha.

I really like how the shield crabs change up the way you play. I found the game very easy, but it seems to ramp up. But I made it to wave 12 before I started playing recklessly and hit the void on the next wave.

Love the background tint changes on wave transitions. Generally has a great look.

Nice work.

Woah, you must have really built up some speed… Or I have a gap.

Thanks for playing!

WebGL build has input lag that made the timing to grab bars too hard. In these final hours, I just put in a workaround to try harder to find a bar to grab that makes it more playable. Still harder than I’d like : (

Thanks for playing!

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Keyboard play is real tough. I found that gamepad didn’t work if another webgl game was open and holding on to the gamepad.

WebGL build has input lag that made the timing to grab bars too hard. In these final hours, I just put in a workaround to try harder to find a bar to grab that makes it more playable. Still harder than I’d like : (

Thanks for playing! Glad you made it into the void.

Edit: I just realized what you meant about WASD. I’ll be sure to support arrow keys next time!

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This page has good PageRank, so I thought I’d add my experience:

I had the same problem on a different jam. Game was published, page public, but not pickable. I recreated it with a new project without filling in all the fields and was able to choose that one.

I think it didn’t show up in gamejam picker because I’d initially set Public with “Don’t show in search”. I didn’t do that on the second and it worked.

(Also, my second project had the same name as the first. When I added it, both were submitted to the gamejam.)

Are you supposed to be able to run up walls?

I can get most of the bottom rings by charging at a wall and jumping at the last second to bounce up, but it feels like I’m missing a charge up speed button that would let me use curved ramps to run on walls and ceilings.

As far as I can tell it’s just wasd + space?

The look of this game is really novel. I love your bright world and fluffy character. That 3D effect is wild.

I made it far enough to get hunger, but not spiders (!). Just like snake, I’m not good enough to keep going and restarting kills my joy.

Regardless, nice work.

Looks fantastic. I love the style and most of the sounds fit pretty well too.

I found the puzzles weren’t very challenging and didn’t give any appearance of having multiple (possibly wrong) solutions. Some were obvious at first look, some required a bit of moving and then became obvious. I stopped playing at level 12 because I’d had enough and wasn’t hooked to play more. (But this is also the second puzzle jam game I played in a row, so maybe fatigue.)

The first time I died from unlocking a lock box and then possessed walking off the map was a great moment.

The mechanic seems pretty unique (although “Out of Reach” is another jam game with a very similar concept) and fits the jam theme really well. It’s also really well presented and I feel like I always understood what was going to happen.

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I actually finished it! Nice to finish a puzzle game for once ;-)

I love how well this meshes with the theme. I like the look of the key caps and love how the duplicate ones already placed on the board get pressed when you use that direction. I like the night theme and the greyscale palette – I think the music goes well with it. Overall, feels very unique.

The puzzles are pretty challenging, and usually you can’t just mash your way through them. You can waggle around and make a little progress, but usually you do some thinking to solve them. Also does a great job slowly revealing the puzzle elements (keys, dupes, teleporters) to ensure you understand them before you have trouble working with them. But it does this tutorialization without getting boring.

Great work.

Took me a long time to understand how to play because I couldn’t tell if it was a puzzle game or (slow) action game. But I also didn’t read the instructions closely (I found the game from your reddit postmortem).

Now I get it: It’s a puzzle game where you can make a limited number of deviations in a bot’s route to try to get it to a radio dead zone.

The idea is neat, but running out of moves and having to watch the rest of the path play out is frustrating. Being able to rewind time would help a lot.

I think the semi-realtime nature works against it. If instead of a time limit, the player hit space to skip a tick, then it would feel more strategic. Requiring reflexes doesn’t seem to improve the gameplay.

I got stuck on the level with a single green square and after a few tries, wasn’t engaged enough to figure out how to use my inputs to trick the driver into helping me (which I assume is the solution). I think the loop is too frustrating to keep me playing.

Looks really nice though. And I think it’s a good match for the theme. (I gotta admit, the semi-realtime nature definitely fits with the jam theme.)

This is my first game uploaded to itch, so haven’t tried getting it to work with the itch client. I think I have to wait until voting is over to fix that.

I guess next time, I’ll have to test it on a fresh PC after uploading.

Sorry :(

Enter should work.

If one of the kid hands got up to share fast enough, you might lose the game but the kid hands don’t get updated during the intro screen.

Sorry :(

At first I held QAZ and got a broken message screen, but you just hold one at a time to select the menus.

My high score on hard was 13 (most of my scores were negative).

I like the idea. At first I thought it was a typing game but I was failing too fast even though it looked like I was shooting the Blarg. Eventually, I read the text at the top and understood what was meant by “keyboard twister”: I need to hold the keys until they turn to white skull Blarg.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a gaming keyboard so the game requires me to press more keys at once than my keyboard will recognize being held at once.

Regardless, the concept was immediately elevated beyond typing and tangling your fingers across the keyboard was interesting. Would be nice if there was more to it: if the position of the Blarg or the position of the keys meant something so you could more quickly finish off a few in a row.

When playing, I didn’t understand the connection to the theme. I guess it’s like “awkward to control makes things get out of control”.

The menu looked pretty nice and seemed like a good idea to prime you to hold the keys. I guess it didn’t work for me because the lasers don’t have glowing feedback like the menu keys. Also, I didn’t notice the “start”, “howto”, “credits” text – I guess because there was so much other keyboard text that they didn’t stand out.

Nice work getting different difficulty modes in! It’s nice to be able to start with Easy and then play on Hard to really understand the finger tangle.

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Looks like my explainer text disappeared.

Gamepad Controls: A to start. Sticks move your hand and phone. A taps on phone. RB shoos the kid hands away and gives you a boost.

Keyboard controls: Enter to start. wasd and arrow keys move your hand and phone. Space shoos the kid hands away and gives you a boost. But I forgot to bind “tap on phone” to keyboard, so you can only win if a kid hand hits share at the right time.

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I played with my son (age 5) and we made it to the boss (on easy)! Although I thought we were going to the shop, haha. I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to the sign I picked. We didn’t win. He did great at night before, but got really panicked at dying so many times. It was very hard to revive him and get him to go refill his health. Especially when he’d die next to the cart and so I’d be kiting a huge mob to him that don’t follow me away after I rez and run. Maybe we’ll get it next time…

For solo, refilling my wood supply was a big drag. Maybe it’s partly because upgrades cost wood and I was always buying all the ones I had the gold for – but that drained my wood supply. I found I was ignoring enemies at night because I was trying to get all the wood I could see. And I don’t think I had enough logs during the day to fill my need for wood.

I tend to wait at crossroads and get all the wood on that screen. Maybe that’s hurting me in the long run because I should be moving forward to more fruitful areas instead of letting the day progress, but it’s hard to fight the hoarder’s urge.

Launching the game through the itch desktop client (on Windows) just opens a folder containing some .dat and .ifl files for the game.

Is there supposed to be an .exe?

My virus scanner shows no history of quarantining one.

This is one of the most well-made games I’ve played on itch. Art is nice, control is good, mechanic feels novel (kinda like HL’s VIP or other “push the cart” modes in FPS games).

I played with a gamepad. Unfortunately, I only played solo and found the rush of enemies a bit much and it felt like a grind getting resources and getting through the night. I never made it out of the green forest area. But I’d like to try multiplayer and see how well we do.

Nice work!

My biggest complaint with the game is that you have to press A to cycle resolutions but there’s no way to go back, so if you overshoot, you have to cycle through all of them again. (I wasn’t sure if there’d be a 60 Hz mode after the 59 Hz one.)

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1 Add the games to our libraries individually, even if they are not downloaded, when in a bundle.

They don’t yet support hiding, so manual adding may be their interim solution. I’m pretty happy to curate my bundle additions instead of filling my library with stuff I don’t want to look at.

2 Make the app aware of what we’ve downloaded in the bundle download pages

This would be nice but not really that useful? Like if there was #6, would you really need this?

3 Support multiple downloads being initiated at the same time

You mean clicking install on multiple games? Or clicking Download on multiple pages on the bundle page? (Both work for me.)

5 Make the Bundles page easy to get to from the landing page on the app.

It’s unfortunate that “Bundles” are not under Library, but once you’ve added everything from a bundle maybe it’s not useful. You have to go Explore > username dropdown > My library > My purchases > Bundles.

However, I wouldn’t want a top-level item in the app for this bundle – especially after #6. Maybe “bundles with unclaimed items” under library?

6 Add some sort of bulk download button

If you go to the bundle download page ( and Click download), you’ll see this note:

Note: We will be updating this page soon, we know it’s difficult to navigate so many games. We know you want a button to add show everything in your library. No need to reach out. Any new games added to the bundle will automatically show up here. Thanks!

Seems like that’s the most important bundle-related thing they’re working on. Or at least the main thing they’ve publically and prominently promised.

8 Please inject your JSON parsing server hamster with steroids

I wonder if you’re getting JSON-RPC timeouts because you’re trying to click so many games? I did a couple pages on and off over the course of a day (just looking for interesting games – not everything) and never hit any problems like that.

Nice puzzle game. I like the look of the tiles and the concept seems neat. Currently pretty rough for newcomers due to unclear rules:

  • No legend for tiles. It’s not too hard to figure out that the lighthouse is the ocean, but the uncertainty might turn people off.
  • At first I thought corn acted like trees. Maybe use clearer language for “flood tiles” and “dyke tiles”.
  • Would be great to have a hunger visualization like the water one. Similar to other commenters, I didn’t understand why I always save 0 villages and thought they could either share corn or one would claim the corn and let the other starve (instead of both starving).

I still don’t understand why my top right village wasn’t saved:

Regardless, thanks for the experience.